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This page contains audio clips pertaining to Karol Florian Madera of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3 and a few of his known criminal associates. Karol Madera can be reached for comment at (250) 383-4242. Madera's radio station callsign is VE7KFM. This audio index is inappropriate for children under 18. Unless otherwise noted, recordings were captured over the air.


FCC Official describes Canadian operator as "several fries short of a happy meal"


May a Darky blow your head off some evening!

Roadside Bombs for America's sons and daughters

I recommend you shove a fence post up his rectum

"Maybe America is the Devil"

Glad 9/11 happened

Threat against American Ambassador

Wishing a #6 detonator up someone's rectum

Jehova's dead, Christ is ailing, Allah is in the ascendancy"

al Qaida, Bomb, Revolution (aired in early 2006)

Regarding America in Iraq: "The sooner you get your teeth kicked out your asshole the better"

al Qaida, Bomb, Revolution (after an angry public condemned the original)

"Anarchists Unite"

Roadside bombs

Advocating the use of sniper rifle against law enforcement personnel

Advocating the assasination of George Bush?

"When you go to a knife fight, bring a gun"

Advocating a hidden suitcase nuke as a deterrent to law enforcement personnel

4 RCMP personnel murdered: "Sometimes that has to happen"

Madera asks a man to ship him a sniper rifle

Wishes Americans roadside bombs

Advocating violence via a .308 Winchester

Discussing Americans: "May al qaida shove their teeth out through their asshole"

"I hope you have a coronary and die" (about a man with heart problems)

Says he'll fight to the death

Roadside bombs again

Wishes an American roadside bombs

Advocating killing RCMP personnel

Advocating revolution

Threats against an elderly man

I hope his teeth are shoved out his asshole

I will pay for the bolt cutters.

Fantasizing about victimisation

Joking about the Virginia Tech Massacre

Advocates roadside bombs again

Discusses his "scatter gun"

Discussing America: I hope your teeth are shoved out your asshole

Judges who sentence the wrong man to death should be shot

Wishes American soldiers the peace of the grave

Madera calls the US Ambassador "persona non grata" in Canada

David Tolassi says he and Madera are hiring hit men

Discussing Gary Lunn, MP

Vague threat regarding Gary Lunn, MP


"The provisional wing of al Qaida should be good enough for the darkies amongst us"

Refers to a Native American woman using racially offensive terminology

"Get your hate propaganda here!"

Glorifying hate speech

Advocates killing those he considers mentally defective

Hook nosed swarthy Jew

Discussing Nazis, says, "Sig Heil!"

Nazi slogan meaning 'work shall set you free'

Anti-semitic remark about 'cheap Jews'

He's a (Jewish) mentally defective bipolar who should have his appendages removed

Discussing Jews and sounding like a Nazi

A philosophy describing the average man as meaningless

"George ~ The Spic ~ Zardecki"

A man from Trinidad is a "suckboy and a little darky"

Once you go black... she will be my first colored woman...

More degrees than a Mexican has initials

Advocating Nazi style eugenics

Anti-semitic commentary

More anti-semitic commentary

Anti-Muslim remarks

More anti-Muslim remarks

A Nazi inspired lobotomy and a circumcision

A Jewish bipolar in Miami who deserves to be shot dead

Ridiculing a grieving father

Hears about the death of someone's mother, wants to start a necrophiliac's club

Madera's friend: "The only thing on TV is niggers playing with their balls"


"I'm a graduate of the largest faggot law school in Canada"

Lies, "I'm more of a lawyer than you are, the only thing I didn't do is suck cock"

Homoerotically arousing!

You deserve a 2 by 4 up your rectum

Telling someone to perform oral sex on an FCC official

Homophobic insults again

Suck off Riley (again)

"The American Bar Association -- a bunch of cock suckers..."

Discussing performing homosexual acts on an FCC official

The "Faggot Communications Commission"

Soliciting oral sex from another man

Recommends learning how to suck and blow

Asks another man to "suck it"

Blasphemers and Cornholers Net

I would like to circumcise him

Circle Jerk

"We've legalized the cornholing method of intercourse"

Madera's friend Sid discussing "faggots and queers"

Madera discussing sex with men, again

Abnormally focused on a 15 year old Canadian Boy

Still abnormally focused on a 15 year old Canadian Boy


Mrs. Zardecki's Tits

Son of a bitch!

To Mr. Zardecki: I even like your wife; she doesn't have big tits


"Impeach the son of a Bitch"

"American fucktards"

Insulting Americans again

"Asshole, for you in America-Speak"

Calls Americans "right wing whackos"

Americans have shit for brains

To America on the 4th of July: "I hope they stick a Roman Candle up their ass and light it off..."


Caught using VOIP whilst maliciously interfering, then lying about his ability to hear a correspondent

Lies: "My chief of police stands to attention when he sees me"

Lies: "I was commissioned by Industry Canada"

Lies about Jim Laursen

Lies about Maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry Canada

Lies (again) about the Minister for Industry Canada

Identifying as Radio Canada

Admits association with license fraud

Brandon Duke, a fugitive, says he is living with his good friend Karol Madera

A correspondent's phone is heard ringing through Madera's computer speakers indicating he uses VOIP to facilitate jamming

Running 3,000 watts

Transmitting noise while calling himself Radio Canada


David Tolassi asked to stop radio harassment

Madera's signal fails the "good engineering" quality test

Madera talking to illegal operator/fugitive Brandon Duke

Brandon Duke talking to Madera, retransmitting police frequencies, and transmitting without a license

Brandon Duke illegally talking to Madera on the radio

The infamous ID

Crying about possible loss of license

"Sometimes you have to call a spade a fucking shovel"

Brandon Duke sings Rammstein's "Stripped"


Madera describes himself as being "mentally defective"

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