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Who is William F. Crowell, W6WBJ?

Bill Crowell's amateur license expired on March 12, 2007. The FCC has called Crowell for a Hearing where he will need to explain why his license should be renewed. In the Hearing Order, released February 12, 2008, the FCC stated the following:

"...the record before us indicates that Crowell has apparently willfully and repeatedly engaged in and continues to engage in unlawful Commission-related activities, including, but not limited to, intentionally causing interference and/or interruption, transmitting music and one-way communications, and using indecent language on amateur frequencies. Based on the information before us, we believe that Crowell's apparent past and continuing course of misconduct raises a substantial and material question of fact as to whether he possesses the requisite character qualifications to be and remain a Commission licensee."

The Hearing was scheduled for October, 2008, but Crowell has offered various motions, most of which have been overruled, resulting in the Hearing schedule being pushed to a furure date. In late December, 2008, the Presiding Judge in the Crowell case (Arthur I. Steinberg) released multiple Orders, here, here, and here, thoroughly considering and resolving multiple discovery-related motions. Most of Crowell's objections were overruled as having no legal basis. The judge further stated that Crowell cited no authority supporting his position. Crowell's objections relating to six of the interrogatories were sustained. Crowell was Ordered to produce the documents requested by FCC before January 30th, 2009, or within a mutually agreed upon time frame.

Thereafter, Crowell filed a Request for Appeal, in which he sought permission to appeal all of the discovery orders. According to the FCC, the appeal was not timely filed. As such, the FCC has called Crowell's request "procedurally defective" and the FCC has filed a motion asking the ALJ to dismiss Crowell's request, on that basis.

In a Motion filed on February 3, 2009, Crowell has asked the new judge (Richard L. Sippell) to Censure, Suspend or Disbar FCC Attorneys attached to his case. The attorneys listed in Crowell's motion are: Kris Monteith; Rebecca Hirselj; and Judy Lancaster. Crowell used an email addressed to Mark Morgan as part of the basis for his motion. We suspect this Motion will be about as successful as Crowell's previous motions.

Readers may recall a rather curious note which Crowell sent to website administrators at qrz; arrl; eham; and others, stating the following:

"The League has been extremely unfair to me by printing, as if it were the truth, the Commission's pronouncements about my supposed Part 97 violations and "bad character". I have repeatedly denied these allegations, but you have refused to print my denials. You have seriously and gratuitously hurt my reputation within the amateur community. Would you please have the common decency to print prominently, as a news report, the fact that (after the issues were fully briefed and it became clear that the Commission's case was based on a complete mis-statement the amateur radio law) the Enforcement Bureau has agreed to cancel the hearing in my enforcement case. Thank you for your attention to this matter. William F. Crowell, W6WBJ 1110 Pleasant Valley Rd. Diamond Springs, CA 95619 (530) 295-0350"

Crowell's statement was briefly published by qrz.com, then removed, after it was discovered that there was an existing Order for a continuance of Procedural Deadlines and of Hearing, pursuant to further examination and ruling on disputed discovery issues.

The Hearing will be held at some future date. As previously mentioned, the new ALJ assigned to this case is the Honorable Richard L. Sippel.

The information on this page is somewhat stale. The FCC deposed Crowell and both sides have filed status reports as ordered. Rest assured, we'll cover MAJOR developments on the Home page. Contact the principals for more information. Bill Crowell can be reached for comment at: retroguybilly@gmail.com

Judy Lancaster can be reached at Judy.Lancaster@fcc.gov