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The Licensee Formerly Known as K1MAN

October 2, 2015 -- The Mighty IARN Activates for Hurricane Joaquin

Mr. Glenn Baxter, the former K1MAN, does not have a valid amateur radio license. However, he claims the FCC is in violation of law and that the FCC erred in dismissing his license renewal application. In his view, he should have been have allowed to continue operating until a petition he presented following two trials about his violations of FCC rules had been properly resolved.

Sans license, Glenn Baxter's familiar K1MAN tape-loop was heard for several hours on 14.275 MHz recently, featuring information on making preparations for hurricane Joaquin. Earlier, Mr. Baxter was heard consulting with rejected law society applicant Karol Madera [VE7KFM] in Canada, regarding the FCC's rules. Leaving references to the blind leading the blind aside, former FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth stated, regarding Madera, a mentally unbalanced al Qaida proponent, "The things that that person [VE7KFM] says over the air would end up getting somebody in jail down here. The threats. He's threatened to kill half the Canadian government and they still don't care." Madera has also claimed responsibility for personally arranging two investigations by recently 'displaced' FCC employees.

Baxter seems to be daring the FCC to take action against him. In operating without a valid license, the law would seem to indicate that Baxter is an illegal pirate on 20 meters and an intruder on the amateur bands. Section 301 of the Communications Act prohibits operation of a radio station without a license. Bulletins are permitted by licensed amateur stations, but in this case, the FCC might view Baxter as an unlicensed broadcaster who is illegally interfering with licensed amateurs in volations of Sections 301, 333, and 501.

In fact, William Flippo of Florida is an amateur radio pirate who was tried on eight misdemeanor counts under Sections, 301, 501, and 333. He was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment and a fine of $25,000 for transmitting without a license and interfering with amateur radio transmissions. The sentence also included one year of supervised release and mandatory mental health treatment. The misdemeanor case began in July 2,000, with an initial judgment in 2002. The case file was finally closed nine years later, following an appeal which was dismissed on a technicality. Flippo might have been sentenced to 5 years in prison, but the Magistrate allowed the terms of imprisonment to be served concurrently. Use of the criminal court was possible because Flippo, like Baxter, operated without a license.

According to an FCC Enforcement Bureau webpage, "The Commission takes enforcement of Section 301 seriously. Parties found operating radio stations without FCC authorization will be subject to a variety of enforcement actions including seizure of equipment, imposition of monetary forfeitures, ineligibility to hold any FCC license, and criminal penalties."

The foregoing penalties, which could include monetary forfeitures and the potential seizure and auction of equipment by federal Marshals under Section 510, would be in addition to the already adjuticated, $10,000 civil administrative penalty against Baxter, which the FCC has, thus far, failed to collect.

Is Baxter Aware of the FCC's Secret Storeroom of Unseen Petitions?

Glenn Baxter is a well known theoretician in FCC conspiracies, landed UFO's, and Einstein's errors in time travel theory. In examing the Baxter case, one wonders if Baxter has heard of the FCC's secret coding system for unpopular petitions. If not, here's 'the rest of the story,' as broadcaster Paul Harvey was wont to say.

Read it here.

September 22, 2015 -- Baxter Promises "A Black Eye for the FCC"

Glenn Baxter says he's on the air and he has no intention of leaving the air. Listen here. According to Mr. Baxter, "The FCC often denies due process of law and simply ignores such pleadings that might not suit their legal purposes." Baxter's statement is undeniably true and has been echoed countless times by the courts and by the FCC's own Commissioners, both past and present.

Baxter continues, "What they have done instead is illegally apply the Red Light Rule and illegally dismiss my renewal application (followed by illegal license cancellation). The statute states that the Red Light Rule cannot by used while there is a legal challenge to the subject matter in question, in this case the $10,000 fine. This is not a FINAL action and is not appealable to the D.C. Court of appeals. Thus, due process has been systematically denied."

"Following the cancellation of the K1MAN license, the administrative 'judge' terminated the K1MAN administrative proceedings. With that, the FCC has painted themselves into a corner. And so, I legally operate daily on 20 meters and give the FCC a well deserved black eye with each contact that I make. Payback is a bitch!"

Mr. Baxter can be reached at glennbaxterpe@aol.com and you can read his entire essay here.

Due Process Denied

So sayeth Glenn Baxter, who has filed two petitions before the FCC which he claims prevent the FCC from dismissing his amateur license until they take final action on the petitions. On August 6, 2014, Baxter told the FCC that he is on the air and he will remain on the air, until the FCC takes final action on the two petitions he put before the FCC. The authority Baxter claims is rooted in the right to petition government for a redress of grievances embodied in the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

"Congress shall make no law ... abridging ... the right of the people ... to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." The concept is also inherent in the 14th amendment as part of the "due process" clause. The FCC could ignore Baxter, as they are doing now, or they could seize his equipment in an "in rem" seizure because he has no license to operate and is therefore an outlaw on the air. At that point, Baxter could sue the FCC for the return of the equipment, etc., ostensibly because the FCC failed to rule on his outstanding petitions. It seems clear the FCC's ignoring Baxter because his operation cannot be heard by most amateurs and because it doesn't seem to be causing problems, other than the black eye any scofflaw gives any organization in a presumed position of authority. Another theory is that the FCC doesn't really care about Baxter anymore. They seem to have their hands full with Congress at the moment, and with the juggernaut of extremely talented and high-priced attorneys who are poised to destroy the FCC's net neutralization plan. Not to mention the poorly supported amateur cases, which have yet to be heard in court.

See Baxter's Petition(s) to Redress Grievances

The FCC has dismissed the renewal application and the license has been canceled, retroactive to 2007. Before becoming licensed again, Baxter would first need to re-file an amateur radio license application and pay his $10,000 fine for interference to other people's radio transmissions.

For another aspect to the story, see k1man.com and these notations.

FCC to ALJ - Please Stay Hearing and Stand By For Dismissal of Renewal Application

The FCC has asked ALJ Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel to stay the non-renewal hearing in the Baxter case. This stay will allow the FCC to dismiss Baxter's license renewal application, due to the fact that Baxter is a notorious deadbeat Baxter failed to pay his $10,000 fine as ordered by the FCC. If ALJ Sippel grants the commission's request, the FCC will dismiss Baxter's renewal application and Baxter will no longer have an FCC license document in the ULS and therefore, he will have no authority to transmit. In response, Baxter is widely expected to file a nonsensical pleading with no basis in law, blaming everyone else, while accepting no responsibility for his own actions.

The document

Loser Laments License Loss

Judge Cautions Baxter... Again

A funny thing happened on the way to Baxter losing his amateur license. He was exposed as perhaps the most inept pro se goofball to ever attempt to defend himself before an administrative law judge. Correction: When calculating incompetence, Baxter can't hold a candle to his old friend Karol Madera.

The document

ALJ Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel - Overnight Hero to Thousands of Amateurs

Following the latest Order in the K1MAN case, an unprecedented wave of appreciation for Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel arose, seemingly overnight. Born in 1938 and raised in Queens, NY, Judge Sippel received a scholarship to Brooklyn Prep, run by the Jesuit Fathers. Thereafter, he graduated from Holy Cross and following graduation from Albany Law School, Sippel became a Marine and attended Officer Candidate School and Infantry Leadership School.

Judge Sippel is a retired Marine officer, Marine Defense Attorney, and a graduate of Albany Law School, where the celebrated Thomas F. Guernsey (cousin of amateur operator, Michael E. Guernsey) was President and Dean for many years. Judge Sippel has a long and distinguished history of service with the FCC.

Listen to this exclusive interview with Chief Administrative Law Judge, Richard L. Sippel of the FCC:



Judge to Baxter: Excuse Me Sir; You Have a Fool For a Client

Glenn Baxter (K1MAN), received a straitforward and uninhibited wake-up call from Chief Judge Richard L. Sippel.

Baxter had previously asked the court for documents related to his complaints about other amateurs, who Baxter claimed had "intentionally and maliciously interfered" with him by "anticipating" his bulletin, e.g., making the ridiculous and unfounded claim that by operating on a frequency Baxter intended to occupy and ignoring Baxter's irrelevant schedule, they were breaking FCC Rules. Not only were they "breaking rules," but in Baxter's "mind," they were committing felonies, simply by being on "his" frequency before he intended to commence operating. Suffice to say, Chief Judge Sippel responded to Baxter by setting the record straight in an extremely candid manner.

"Wrong remedy; fails to cite authority; outlandish proposition; proclaim bullishly; abject failure; frivolous motions; waste of the Commission's time and resources; foolhardy requests; a result of his own failures; theatre of the absurd; not only without merit but also constitutes unprecedented abuse of process and disrespect for this proceeding."

The Chief Judge concluded by writing that Baxter "need only examine his own failures... to realize honestly that any injury was self-inflicted." The Chief Judge then strongly urged Mr. Baxter to "retain an experienced attorney ... so that he may avoid further foolish missteps." Finally the Chief Judge Ordered that "Glenn A. Baxter's seriatim motions... ARE DENIED in all respects."

And Speaking of Foolish Missteps

In a response to Chief Judge Sippel's Order, Glenn Baxter (K1MAN) told Judge Sippel via email and registered mail, that his recent Order is "illegal" and that the Judge is "personally in alleged criminal violation of Sections 333 and 501 of the 1934 Communications Act, as amended." Baxter continued, "This matter will be taken up with the D.C. Court of Appeals, the Justice Department, and Congress in due course."

According to 47CFR Part 97.23, Baxter's license could be revoked immediately, due to his alleged failure to maintain a proper mailing address with the FCC. Other remedies for Baxter's foolhardy actions could include sanctions for contempt. Baxter ended as follows: "Your petitioner requests the FCC to summarily DISMISS the K1MAN Hearing Designation ORDER and turn the alleged felonies related thereto over to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution."

Baxter Loses 1st Circuit Fight

Glenn Baxter has lost the fight over an FCC imposed $10,000 fine in the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals. The panel of 3 Judges, including Chief Judge Lynch and Circuit Judges Toruella and Thompson were in unanimous agreement in affirming the District Court's decision to uphold FCC charges of willful or malicious interference with other radio transmissions in violation of the Federal Code of Regulations, 47 CFR Part 97.101(d) and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry in violation of 47 U.S.C. section 308.

Read their decision: Here

Court to Baxter - No Oral Needed - Thanks Anyway

Glenn Baxter was informed by the court today that oral arguments will not be needed in his so-called case against the government.

Baxter's latest attempt at Clarence Darrowism will be judged on the merits (or lack thereof) as contained in his written submissions.

Speaking of Baxter's amazing legal prowess, we inadvertently stumbled across one of many possible reasons for Baxter's 'retirement' from teaching back in 2000-2001. According to a newspaper in Maine, Baxter was let go (fired was the word they used) after only 2 months on the job. He sued -- practically everyone, as usual -- and the outcome was the same as we've come to expect from the portly and litigious Hobbit from the Great Pond.

In some people's minds, being fired and being retired are one and the same. Can a Nobel be far behind?

DOCUMENTS are Here, Here, and Here

Baxter's Latest Endeavor

When not playing old and distorted tapes on 14,275 kHz Baxter has been haunting time, space, and relativity forums, much to the dismay of other forum participants. Here are two typical responses to Baxter's sophomoric offerings:

"Everyone has the right to wallow in ignorance but most don't make a fetish of it and publish papers to prove it." and "This is simply wrong. All accurate measurements of the speed of light produce the same value. Are you sure Scientific American published this? It is filled with errors. If you're going to post this sort of thing here you should be willing to explain what is implied by them. Failing that, I will just assume that these are just somebody's joke."

Recently, Baxter published a sworn affidavit about his experience with a "landed ufo" which visited Great Pond in Belgrade, Maine this winter, according to Baxter. Surprisingly, Baxter failed to approach the aliens. It is unknown whether or not Baxter invited the aliens to his August Physics Colloquium.

Attendees are cordially invited to dinner in Portland on Friday evening, August 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to informally meet and to also discuss physics. Please register for the colloquium (free) and/or the dinner (off the menu) by sending an E-mail to institute@k1man.com -- It is unknown at this time, with which "institute" Baxter is affiliated.

Baxter Appeals $10K Judgment to 1st Circuit

Baxter, once again proceeding pro se, will ask the appellate court to review the $10,000 judgment against him and the dismissal of his $50,000,000 lawsuit against the FCC.

Federal Court Backs FCC -- Baxter Owes $10,000

The court concluded that summary judgment was appropriate for willful or malicious interference with other radio transmissions in violation of the Federal Code of Regulations, 47 CFR Part 97.101(d) and failure to respond to an FCC inquiry in violation of 47 U.S.C. section 308.

See the judgment here

This judgment paves the way for the FCC case against Baxter's FCC license renewal. In January 2011, the FCC scheduled a Hearing to determine whether his license should be renewed. The burden of proof rests with Baxter. Now that the Federal District court has determined that Baxter wilfully or maliciously interfered with others and that he failed to respond to an FCC inquiry, Baxter's burden has become exponentially heavier.

Court Dismisses Baxter's $50M Counterclaim

Glenn A. Baxter is officially a 3 time loser. Like Baxter's September '83 and July '99 cases against the FCC, this federal case is now history too. Baxter says he will appeal, but if his appeal resembles his other efforts, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

By law, the court is required to interpret a pro se plaintiff's complaint liberally. In other words, the court has to look at the pro se litigant's case in the most positive light, filling in the blanks, as it were, guessing at what the litigant may have been trying to say.

Read the Document

Apparently, Glenn Baxter's pro se pleadings were so poorly constructed that the court was unable to intuit any set of facts entitling Baxter to any of the relief he sought.

There has been widespread speculation that another non-lawyer, Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) of Saanich, British Columbia, may have had a hand in helping Baxter to mis-construct his case against the government. Unless Mr. Baxter confirms or denies these rumors, we may never know.

USA Asks for Summary Judgment in Baxter Case

The US Attorney in the case against Glenn A. Baxter has asked for summary judgment. The amount was reduced from $21,000, in part, due to the fact that the FCC Agent who witnessed the violation in question, has since passed away.

Summary Judgment Document

The request for Summary Judgment cites the following, and we quote:

I. Summary judgment is appropriate if the record shows "that there is no genuine issue as to any material fact and that the moving party is entitled to judgment as a matter of law."

II. Baxter Willfully and Repeatedly Violated FCC Amateur Station Rules

III. Baxter's Forfeiture Amount is Reasonable and Appropriate


WHEREFORE, for the foregoing reasons, the United States respectfully requests that the Court grant summary judgment in its favor.

With numerous FCC agents, and over 1,000 pages and articles in evidence against him -- not to mention the neatly transcribed audio recordings of Baxter's alleged violations of federal law -- his is a daunting task, indeed.

Walter Cronkite Deeply Regretted Lending Baxter His Voice

Legendary anchorman Walter Cronkite, the face of the 'CBS Evening News' from 1962 to 1981 and called 'the most trusted man in America,' died at age 92.

Rest in Peace Walter.

Today we look back at Walter Cronkite's views on amateur radio, and what he called his "regrettable involvement" with the recently reactivated IARN/AARA bulletin service.

Walter Cronkite, the famous CBS broadcaster, had a long history with ARRL, and his work on their behalf may be found today on their excellent page documenting his life and his passing.

Walter Cronkite stated, in writing, that he had personal experience with Baxter's lack of ethics, and through his attorney, Ronald S. Konecky, Cronkite claimed that Baxter misused his voice and his image, among other things, and he made a demand that Baxter cease and desist.

Baxter's Legendary Refusal to Cooperate

Baxter refused to accede to Cronkite's demand, and Cronkite subsequently decided to forgo court action. According to Cronkite's longtime administrative assistant, Cronkite was unwilling to devote funds to a court action which would bring publicity to Glenn Baxter. Cronkite referred to Baxter as "that odious little man" along with other, more personal "endearments" which will remain unpublished.

For the record, Cronkite also stated, "When Baxter approached me, asking me for an audio ID, I believed that Baxter represented ARRL. It was only later that I realized he had misrepresented himself and his organization, and by that time Baxter had the ID, and of course, he refused to stop using it."

Cronkite's Attorney Writes to Baxter

Page two of the Attorney's letter to Baxter

Baxter allegedly misusing Cronkite's voice.

Baxter's alleged misuse of Cronkite's image.

Walter Cronkite's letter about his experience with Baxter's lack of ethics.

Baxter Writes the FCC

On June 20, 2009, Glenn Baxter wrote to the FCC asking about his 2005 license renewal. This seemed to signal the return of the Baxter bulletin. Let's review Baxter's history, for those readers who are unacquainted with Glenn Baxter and his bulletin service.

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN and the FCC

In March, 2006, Glenn Baxter was the recipient of a $21,000 Forfeiture, which was levied by the FCC. Baxter failed to pay the fine, as ordered. Since the FCC has no power to collect the fines they assess, the fines are turned over to the U.S. Attorney who has responsibility for the collection of debts owed the Federal government which are administratively uncollectible.

The U.S. Attorney for the District of Maine, sued Baxter and won via summary judgment in January, 2012. As of January, 2012, Baxter's fine remains uncollected.

Here, you can read the Forfeiture Order levied against Baxter.

Between 1985 and the present, the FCC and other governmental agencies have received hundreds of complaints regarding Glenn A. Baxter.

Baxter has claimed that his organization, the International Amateur Radio Network (IARN) is "The world leader in Amateur Radio Emergency Communications."

In 2006, Baxter informed his listeners that he would remain on the air until physically taken off the air. Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) of Saanich, BC, advised Baxter to use a .308 Winchester in the defense of his property, in case the government tried to collect the fine levied against K1MAN.

Beginning in July, 2009, Baxter's bulletin resumed. However, the schedule was erratic, the signal was weak, and the audio marginal, at best.

What is Baxter's Current License Status?

Baxter's License was "offlined for Enforcement Bureau action.". His license expired on October 17, 2005. Baxter's license remains in limbo. His application for renewal has not been granted, and his application has been set-aside. However, he may continue to operate until the FCC acts on his license renewal application. We emphasize again, Baxter is legally allowed to operate on the amateur bands, and he is legally allowed to operate a bulletin station.

Baxter's 'set aside' letter from the FCC.

Baxter's $21,000 NAL from the FCC.

What Has Baxter Said About His Fine?

Baxter called the FCC's $21,000 fine "silly and anemic" and he says "the FCC is corrupt."

Who Has Defended Baxter?

Richard Whiten, (ex) WB2OTK (now deceased) was an occasional Baxter co-host. Whiten's license was cancelled by the FCC after they received a communication from Whiten requesting the cancellation. Whiten claimed "hackers" had sent the cancellation request. Later, Whiten claimed his wife had sent the request by mistake.

Richard Whiten frequently posted extremely racist remarks on the internet. Whiten's posts were preoccupied with sodomy and other homo-erotic themes. The FCC stated that they received "numerous complaints regarding profanity, obscenity, broadcasting extreme racial slurs, deliberate interference and failure to properly identify" regarding Richard Whiten. Riley Hollingsworth, of the FCC, also wrote that he'd received complaints that Whiten had "played recordings over the air for the purpose of harrassment or deliberate interference."

As previously mentioned, Karol Madera, VE7KFM, of Saanich, BC was also a Baxter co-host. In 2005, Madera became notorious in his own right, by virtue of the violent content, obscenity, homophobia, misogyny, stalking and harassment of women and children, racial and ethnic slurs, and anti-American sentiments he transmits in the vicinity of 14270-14.313 mHz. Madera is also widely known as a pedophile and a military impostor due to the fact that he lied about being a retired Captain (N) and because he has shown an interest in the sexual attributes of young children.

Todd Daugherty of Taylorville, Illinois is a self-acknowledged Pirate. Daugherty is best known for his death threats, solicitation to murder, posing online with deadly weapons, and for hosting and trading animated depictions of children being raped by adults, which he calls "art."

Daugherty, who holds the callsign N9OGL, has referred to the ARRL as the "ASSHOLE RADIO RELAY LEAGUE" and to Riley Hollingsworth as that "little bitchwhore/anti-free speecher." He refers to the FCC as "NAZI SCUMBAGS." Recently, Daugherty posted this fabricated picture of Riley Hollingsworth in Nazi regalia, on his blog. Daugherty is the recipient of two FCC Warning letters, and he was investigated by the FBI for threats made over the Internet. Daugherty was charged with criminal harassment. He is currently serving his sentence in Taylorville, IL.

Donald Anderson, N4TAT (ex-W4JYZ) of Warner Robins, GA is a self-described "convicted drug felon" and "child murderer" who has been cited by the FCC in the past. Anderson has also admitted child rape. Anderson has frequently been heard supporting Glenn Baxter and Karol Madera on the air. Anderson has expressed the opinion that "America is the Devil." Anderson was twice demoted when he served in the Air Force in the 1970's. He was sent to the USAF Special Treatment Center due to Heroin addiction. In 1996, Anderson was convicted of felony possession of schedule 1 drugs with intent to distribute.

Sound Clips: Baxter & Company

Caution, clips contain obscenity, racism, homo-erotic themes, violence, and other topics considered unsuitable for children.

Baxter warns, "I will be on the air until I am physically taken off the air!"

Baxter's co-host, Karol Madera, discusses the deterrent effect of a buried nuclear device in the event a SWAT team visits Baxter.

Baxter's co-host Karol Madera advises Glenn Baxter to Prepare for a Swat Team.

Baxter's co-host Karol Madera tells Baxter, "It is well past the knife fight stage Glenn!"

Baxter's co-host Karol Madera tells Baxter, "Either you deserve a two-by-four up your rectum, or you're stupid."

Baxter's friend and radio co-host Richard Whiten (ex WB2OTK) delivers an extremely racist monologue.

Donald Anderson tells his listeners that he is a child murderer, an opium smoker, and that America is the Devil.

Donald Anderson announces his intent to beat his radio to death with a camping hatchet.

Donald Anderson beats his radio with a hatchet while reciting the words to "Teen Age Wasteland," a rock song by The Who.

Baxter's co-host Karol Madera greets his friend Donald Anderson.

Baxter's co-host, Karol Madera, writes to Bob Sherin, and Others

Baxter repeatedly refers to his website on the air. The FCC called this evidence of 'pecuniary interest.'

Baxter says he does not listen for a clear frequency before beginning his radio show. The FCC says Baxter wilfully interfered with communications in progress.

Who Says Baxter Is Mentally Ill?

Baxter referred to himself as being mentally ill on his website, which is now largely defunct. Here are other statements Baxter has made about himself.

On WWII: "Adolf Hitler was politically brilliant. World War II had many positive effects on our world."

On education: "I ended up with an engineering school 2.35 GPA. I screwed around through my first 8 grades of school. It took me 6 1/2 years to get through 4 years of college."

On the courts: "I was charged by the Connecticut State Police with reckless driving, a serious offence. Judge Pooler came up out of his chair! Mr. Baxter, I don't know what you are, but whatever it is, it STINKS."

On mental illness: "Am I sick? You bet I am, and I am quite proud to be mentally ill!"

Who Has Opinions About Glenn Baxter?

There are numerous unflattering comments on the QRZ website, posted by more than 1,000 individuals, regarding Glenn Baxter. There are (or were) websites devoted exclusively to discussion of Baxter's on-air antics. The vast majority of published comments are negative. Many comments focus on the FCC's allegations against Baxter. The remainder are based on personal observations and experiences with the Maine amateur.

Leo Meyerson

On November 18, 2005, Leo Meyerson, founder of the renowned World Radio Labs, informed the amateur community that he does not support Glenn Baxter, IARN, AARA, or any of Baxter's activities. In fact, Meyerson is incensed that Baxter appears to be using his likeness and image to promote his businesses. He went on to say he has not seen or spoken with Baxter in over 20 years. Meyerson sent a letter to the FCC urging them not to renew Baxter's FCC license.

Leo Meyerson is an acknowledged pioneer in the field of radio, and the founder of World Radio Laboratories and Galaxy Electronics. Throughout his life Leo has been very active in public service. A life member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association, Leo served as a National Director from 1977 to 1987. In 1991 he was named the QCWA Amateur Member of the year and in 1994 he was inducted into the QCWA Hall of Fame. Leo is also a life member of the American Radio Relay League, Society of Wireless Pioneers, and International Mission Radio Association among other associations. In 1980 Leo was elected a fellow of the Radio Club of America, one of the most prestigious radio clubs in America.

The Meyerson Letter

Hap Holly, author of the Rain Report

Hap Holly joined Walter Cronkite and Leo Meyerson on the topic of K1MAN and IARN/AARA. Read Hap's insightful essay here:

An Idea Run Amuck

Fred Osterman

Despite a link to Universal Radio and a suggestion on Glenn Baxter's website that AARA Visa users would receive free shipping, the President of Universal Radio denies any affiliation with Glenn Baxter or his business.

"I can assure you that Universal Radio is not affiliated with Glen Baxter and his AARA. The reference on his website is not authorized. We have tried to get it removed, but have not been successful. Baxter does not listen to anyone it seems. Don't believe everything you see on the Internet."

Fred Osterman, President Universal Radio Inc.

Bob Sherin, W4ASX

Former IARN member and author, Bob Sherin, "Glenn, again I reiterate. At one point you were on the way up, but you took a wrong turn. You are no great thinker, no great lawyer, a poor writer, a poor communicator, a very, very poor ham, and a mentally disordered individual, growing worse."

Vermont Academy

Robert Barr, Director of Advancement at Baxter's Alma Mater wrote, "If even a portion of what [has been said about Baxter] is true, it marks an unfortunate turn of events. I assure you that the positive good works of Vermont Academy continue, despite what circumstances beyond our control might indicate." ~Robert A. Barr, Director of Advancement, Vermont Academy

Senator Elizabeth Schneider, Maine

Referring to a sentiment about Baxter, made by the Maine legislature, Senator Schneider wrote, "A sentiment made fifteen years ago (1985) is not something that validates or endorses a persons credibility and/or behavior. I am sorry to hear that a sentiment is being used in an inappropriate manner. I've never heard of another problem like this. It is possible the way to address this issue is to set a rule or law that prevents people from using sentiments in advertising."

The Manchester Newsletter

Baxter offered a reward for information as to the identity of the publisher of this newsletter. Rambling, disjointed, funny, and defamatory (according to Baxter), the Manchester Newsletter was reposted online (with commentary) by Baxter supporter and self acknowledged pirate, Todd Daugherty, N9OGL.

Baxter and the Ku Klux Klan?

Baxter repeatedly transmitted the phone number of Daniel Carver, the self-acknowledged racist and KKK member over the air. Amateurs who called the phone number heard Daniel Carver's racist answering machine message. Baxter was asked to apologize regarding the incident, but he has never done so. As previously noted, Baxter co-hosts Richard Whiten and Karol Madera are both well-known for delivering obscene and racist diatribes. One internet poster published this creative representation of Baxter's relationship with Daniel Carver.

Daniel Carver's racist message.

Regarding Baxter's association with Richard Whiten, Baxter was informed, "Some truly disgusting racist remarks are posted by your co-host. Will you apologize on your co-hosts behalf?" Whiten's ip address (at that time) was ( and it was definitively matched to the offensive comments posted by mo-fo@hushmail.com an email address known to be used by Whiten.

A few of the extreme racial slurs, homoerotic comments, and general harrassment by Richard Whiten, which were aimed at those who have made offical complaints against Glenn Baxter are still posted here.

Felony Affidavit Complaints

So-called 'Felony Affidavit Complaints' authored by Glenn Baxter were published on the internet where they were viewed hundreds of times by internet users. Baxter's claims were called "defamatory, false, negligent, unprivileged, and actionable" and Baxter was warned about sending these notices by the FCC General Counsel and Ass't. U.S. Attorney, Gail Fisk Malone.

Misrepresentations and Copyright Violations

A complaint was sent to the Maine Attorney General alleging that Baxter's advertisements were in violation of the Maine Unfair Trade Practices Act because they contained misrepresentations, omissions, and practices likely to mislead consumers. Numerous complaints were sent to the FTC, SEC, and Maine Attorney General regarding Baxter's unsolicited commercial email.

As one example, the registered acronym DARE appeared on Baxter's website without permission. DARE is the registered trademark of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program. DARE is in no way affiliated with IARN or AARA.

Baxter often used ARRL's copyrighted work without crediting the ARRL. The uncredited works appeared in several K1MAN bulletins and on Baxter's webpage. ARRL's attorney, Christopher Imlay has written to Baxter regarding these issues.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was asked to investigate the tax exempt status of the IARN in light of allegations surrounding IARN's President and Network Manager, Glenn Baxter. The IRS rdowngraded Baxter's IARN from a public charity, to a private non-operating foundation, resulting in a net loss of 20% deductibility for IARN donors.

Lamonica's Petition To Deny

A Petition to Deny Baxter's license renewal application was filed with the FCC by Keith Lamonica, an attorney who has testified in front of the FCC and in front of the US Senate as an expert witness. Lamonica is also the winner of an ARRL Technical Achievement Award. Other, similar petitions are filed every day in the United States and Canada.

The Petition.

Baxter's Educational and Work History

Baxter wrote, "It took me 5 years to get through 4 year Vermont Academy and 6 1/2 years to get through 4 years of engineering school. I flunked my first stabs at Novice (theory), Tech (theory), General (code), Extra Theory, and First Class Commercial." Baxter says he attended Northwestern University for two years, but he was doing so poorly that he was advised to start over, somewhere else. After leaving Northwestern, he attended the University of Rhode Island where he eventually obtained a degree. Baxter currently has PE licenses in Illinois and Maine.

Baxter said he worked in 2005 as a substitute teacher at a prison school. Prior to that, he was fired from his job at a radio station. Baxter also worked as a radio technician repairing radios. Baxter described himself as head of a watchdog entity interested in professional engineerin g accountability. Baxter was advised that he would not be welcome to advertise in QST unless he could assure the ad manager, Lee Aurick, that he would not overcharge customers and/or make unauthorized repairs.On his webpage, and in formal correspondence, Baxter wrote that he was the Executive Director of the Fire Hazard Reduction Institute (FHRI) and that he is a "certified fire safety advisor."

The Maine Board of Professional Engineers referred to Baxter as "a pedlar of smoke alarms."

Baxter's Most Public Court Cases

Baxter sued for defamation regarding allegations that he threatened his employers at his radio station job. He lost that suit in Maine Superior Court, then he lost his appeal in the Maine Supreme Court.

Baxter lost his 10 million dollar suit against the FCC, and he lost the AM power limit case he brought against the FCC. Baxter lost again to the FCC when the Federal District Court found that Baxter owed $10,000 for violation of FCC rules, including willful or malicious interference to others. Listing all of Baxter's failed law suits would take several pages.

Baxter's Suit Against the FCC.

Baxter sued an attorney for defamation because the attorney said Baxter threatened his employers while he was employed as an Engineer. Baxter lost the suit in Maine Supreme Court.

Who Called Baxter a Child Molester?

Baxter offered a reward for information regarding claims that he is a "child molester," a "pirate broadcaster," and that he is "running a pyramid scheme." The Manchester Newsletter made all of those claims, and more. Baxter's reward for information about the publisher of the Newsletter was the topic of an item contained in Amateur Radio Newsline #1053. Baxter sued several individuals whom he thought may have authored the Newsletter. He lost those suits.

Maine Professional Engineers Cautioned Baxter

The Maine Board of Professional Licensure wrote Glenn Baxter on July 17, 2006 regarding what Baxter called an 18" thick file containing ethics violation complaints about him. The Board cautioned Baxter that he should only use his PE credential when actually doing professional engineering work.

The Board found that Baxter had employed his professional engineering credential on reports entitled "Engineering Reports" when in fact their substance did not constitute professional engineering. In addition, the Board found that Baxter had employed his PE credential in conjunction with other titles such as "certified fire safety advisor" which were unrelated to professional engineering.

The Board suggested that Baxter's habit of using his PE credential while doing work unrelated to professional engineering might erroneously appear to to the lay person as investing Baxter with additional expertise or credibility. Baxter's response (among other things) was that the Board was attempting to stifle his freedom of expression. In July, 2009, Baxter once again used his PE credential, contrary to the explicit instructions of the PE Board in Maine.

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