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Karol Florian Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3, is a pathological liar. His hours-long rants have been accurately described as schizophrenic, obscene, profane, antisemitic, misogynistic, homophobic, sado-masochistic, racist, supportive of Islamic terrorists, and "Nazi inspired." There are a dozen supporters of this deranged fool playing tape recordings and submitting fraudulent reports to authorities on his behalf. Donald E. Anderson, Brandon M. Duke, David J. Tolassi, Joseph F. Goldberg, Michael D. Adams, and several others have a long history of negative interactions with law enforcement and/or the FCC.

Madera's philosophical mentors are Laura Knight Jadczyk who is described as "a batshit insane blogger and crank, who calls herself a scientific mystic and PaleoChristian Shaman," and Joseph Goebbels, who was once described as having, "a high intellectual varnish covering the emotional world of an adolescent." Madera wholly adopts their teachings, then adds a few of his own, primarily that anyone who disagrees with him is a homosexual psychopath, and that he has a right to lie, defame, and concoct outrageous tales about himself and others, because he attended law school 25 years ago, without ever having been admitted to practice law, following his ouster from the Victoria Real Estate Board, where he was ejected for making threats.

July 2015 -- FCC Agent/Attorney Riley Hollingsworth Confirms: Canada Has a Big Problem in VE7KFM

Discussing FCC attempts to work with Industry Canada about the notorious Fruitcake in Canada who befriends unidentified stations who maliciously interfere with others, and convicted drug felon, Donald Anderson (N4TAT), and the latest NAL recipient David Tolassi (W4BHV), Hollingsworth said: "To put it bluntly, it seems that Canada just doesn't care.... They have a person [VE7KFM] up in Canada that's been a big problem for this country and for the Canadians for years and years and years and they've done nothing about it. They just don't care. The things that that person [VE7KFM] says over the air would end up getting somebody in jail down here. The threats. He's threatened to kill half the Canadian government and they still don't care. We do work with Industry Canada. I was never able to successfully work with them in the amateur area because they just hide behind free speech and they just don't seem to care. Now maybe the situation's changed in the last few years; I don't know... We just can't regulate stupid."

Fruitcake in Canada Responds to FCC Special Counsel Emeritus

On August 1st, 2015 Madera responded to the FCC's former special counsel for amatauer radio. In response to ex FCC Agent Riley Hollingsworth's opinions about Madera, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) called Riley Hollingsworth: a cocksucking asshole and a bipolar who has shit for brains; a mimic; a mental defective, and in regard to Hollingsworth's statements about Madera's well documented threats, Madera said; "Fuck you Riley and you're next!"

Listen as the Fruitcake Attacks!

Madera said he would not stop at killing half the Canadian government, but would snuff all of them. Madera ranted incoherently, as usual, all the while chanting 'Allah Akbar' and referring to himself as 'al Qaida Northern Command' in his conversation with George Zardecki (AC9KU, formerly N9VTB) of Chicago. As always, Madera is internally and externally inconsistent. After railing against the FCC, Madera calls the FCC "subject matter experts" which by definition, must mean that Riley was right about him all along. Of particular interest to anti-terrorism officials are Madera's statements about killing members of the Canadian government. Of interest to the United States Secret Service are Madera's statements about 'remodeling' the White House.

Recent FCC Special Counsel's Comments About Madera Are Accurate

Hollingsworth is correct. Here are several examples of Madera & co's disgusting diatribes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Canadian officials at Industry Canada have ignored Madera, considering him a fruitcake, although he and his supporters have made several terrorist threats against American officials, citizens, and infrastructure. On a nationally syndicated news program with approximately 4 million unique monthly visitors, Tom Whatley, one of the principals in the Digital Forensics Group in Florida, confirmed Hollingsworth's assessment and referred obliquely to the "Fruitcake's" status on the 'no-fly list' which is due to his numerous threats against Americans and American infrastructure, not to mention his staging of several hoaxes which were investigated by federal agents in Canada and the United States. Whatley also referred to Brian Crow, an expert on Madera specifically, and a counter-terrorism expert in the Digital Forensics Group, who has been a victim of Madera's hoaxes and who has been critical of Madera's threats for the past decade.

On the afternoon of June 9, 2015, Madera reported that he was asked to speak to a group of Muslims due to his anti American views regarding the U.S. military presence in lands traditionally inhabited by Muslims. Madera said the group offered free lunch and carfare. According to news reports in Canada, the group is funded by known terrorists, including Michael Zihaf-Bibeau, who attended services at the venue mentioned by Madera. The BC Muslim Association, who allegedly invited Madera to speak, has been long associated with Wahhabi lone-wolf terrorists. Our recorder writes: "Apologies for the poor quality of the audio. Madera's signal is typically very weak until after 7 PM Central time." Listen as Madera discusses his invitation to speak about American militarism at a BC Muslim Association Mosque. Madera is speaking with convicted drug felon, heroin addict, and child rapist, Donald Anderson, N4TAT.

For example, Madera's good friend Brandon Duke received a 55 year jail sentence for attempted murder of a police officer, as counseled by Madera.

Madera's friend and confidant, Todd Daugherty, received a much shorter sentence for threatening to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois. Daugherty was also charged with a 3rd degree felony for aggravated assault, regarding threats against his police chief, as counseled by Madera.

David Tolassi was arrested for criminal trespass, assault, and battery, in a case of domestic abuse, after his wife reported that he struck her 20-30 times in the back with a closed fist while in an Alcohol and Klonopin induced stupor. It had been recently rumored that Tolassi was monitored by the FCC while jamming and making death threats against two other men. This rumor was confirmed when Tolassi received a $1,000 notice of apparent liability for failing to identify his transmissions. The FCC said they could have assessed an NAL against him for $16,000 per day for the continuing civil infractions. Tolassi's recent actions are in addition to threatening to shoot two men in the head and a separate threat to set off a fertilizer bomb at the Dayton Hamvention. The FCC planned to take action against Tolassi regarding those threats, but they "lost the evidence" somewhere between Gettysburg and Washington D.C..

Michael D. Adams of Dothan Alabama, also a member of the Madera gang, threatened to set himself on fire and to have Laura Smith of the FCC fired, unless the FCC acceded to his demands. This was obviously a clear case of extortion, squarely meeting the FBI's definition of terrorism. Unfortunately, the FCC has repeatedly failed to consult with federal partners concerning these matters, making them the laughing stock of several federal agencies who are actively involved with genuine criminal acts. These disordered toadys (among anonymous others on the radio and Internet) form the core of Madera's threatening and fraudulent mischief makers.

State Department: Karol Madera Cannot Fly Over U.S. Territory & Cannot Fly On U.S. Carriers

Representatives of the U.S. State Department have reported that Madera is on the U.S. no-fly list and that he is subject to immediate arrest if he enters the United States. Madera, described as being Schizophrenic, is reportedly a member of Laura Knight Jadcyck's Church of Revived PaleoChristianity. This, on a webpage about cult members, where Madera is listed by the Administrator as a "person to avoid." Members of the church subscribe to notions of a Reptilian-Alien Takeover; Jewish Puppet-Masters; The Judeo-Christian Cult in Control of America; COINTELPRO; George Bush's Role in 9/11; claims that Psychopaths Rule our World; etc.. As you might suspect, this religion involves a "consciously channeled" source from the future -- a race called the Cassiopeans, living outside our solar system....

The American Embassy in Canada, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are well aware of Karol Madera's frequent threats. Agents of the United States Diplomatic Security Service have indicated that Madera is subject to immediate arrest, if he ever attempts to enter the United States, due to his threats against the US Ambassador to Canada, in 2005.

Department of Homeland Security Supervisor -- Karol Madera is extremely mentally ill

My name is James Hiers. I work for the Department of Homeland Security in a supervisory role here in Texas. Prior to that I was a Coxswain (boat pilot or driver if you will), a Boarding Officer (law enforcement officer), Rescue Swimmer, and Duty EMT for the U.S. Coast Guard. I also served with the Kissimmee Police Department in Central Florida for 3 years. I'm a family man and a working guy. I guess you could say I've been in public service for most of my adult life. I also operate an amateur (ham) radio station. My amateur call sign is KE5WRT. I've enjoyed amateur radio and I've found almost all amateur operators to be sane, friendly, knowledgeable, positive people. There is one notable exception (VE7KFM) Karol Florian Madera and I'll get to him in a moment. I have to stress that this person is an anomaly - he doesn't represent Canadians, Canada, the Canadian Forces, or amateur operators in general. He's a bad apple and a rarity on the air and frankly, I believe he needs psychological help. In my very first interaction with Karol Madera, I learned that he is extremely mentally ill. He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air. He seems to hate the U.S. government and most Americans in general. After he attacked me and began to stalk and sexually harass my 11 year old daughter, I researched the facts independently and I found that the facts are in agreement with the web page at VE7KFM.com which exposes Karol Madera for what he is; a fraud, a pathological liar, a child abuser/molester and a military impostor. My advice would be to avoid this operator at all costs. Do not encourage his anti- American rants, and above all, do not engage him in conversation! He's a loose cannon and he is a danger to himself as well as to others in his community. As Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is as stupid does" and "That's all I got to say about that." God bless! James, KE5WRT Any questions? I'm good on QRZ.

July 2015 -- Karol Florian Madera's Former Best Friend Outs Madera as a Homosexual and Alcoholic

=====>RECENT NEWS====> Karol Madera Jams 14.313 MHz. Member of Madera Klan rcvs $500k Bond for Rape of 10 Year Old Child! Madera Displays Sexual Interest in 11 yr Old Child, Child Rapist Supports Madera, Solidarnosc for Polish Child Molesters Child Sex Abuse Crisis in Poland's Catholic Churches Polish Catholics Rocked by Child Sex Scandal Poland's Archbishop Slammed - Says Children Ask For it? Polish Sex Abusers: 100% Catholic, 20.6% with Mental Disorder, 36.8% Alcohol Abusers Wrestling Coaches Over-Represented in the Pedophile Community? Confidentiality Ends Where Peril Begins

We get eMail

Willy writes: "Today, May 20th, 2015, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) was once again on the air, counseling others to do great bodily harm to citizens of the United States. Karol told JAMES V LYSEN of 14933 250TH AVE, GLENWOOD, MN 56334 (KD0LA) that he needs to string piano wire between the trees/bushes of his yard to deter people from trespassing. Once again, Karol doesn't have the moral capacity to see the harm from using such a tactic. Imagine a group of kids, playing tag, or another running game, coming in contact with one of these wires? At the very least, the wire might sever an artery, worse, it could decapitate a child, or amputate a child's limb. Sick, sad, and twisted, Karol Madera."

"Reminds me of the time about 10 years ago when Karol Madera told Baxter to use a .308 Winchester or a 7.62mm sniper rifle against a SWAT Team moving against Baxter. Then there was Madera's threat to anally rape the American Ambassador to Canada. Karol Madera wasn't allowed to practice law, Jim, and there's a good reason for that. First, he's mentally ill, second, he's a pedophile, and third, he's a moron!" (Comment heard over the air.)

Artists and Architects Call for Madera's Removal

Mark writes from Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, New York City: My uncle's a ham radio operator, and I have to say, I'm appalled by some of the things I've heard from Karol Madera. I have many gay friends and I don't support gay bashing or homophobia. I don't support anti-semitism or Islamic radicalism and as a student in New York, it's frightening that Karol Madera has called for dirty bomb attacks, to be staged from the Empire State Building. Anyone who would do that kind of thing is seriously mentally disturbed and I can't endorse it. Please ask Canadian authorities to remove Karol Madera from the airwaves. Thank You.

Laura writes from Peterborough, Ontario: My uncle is an amateur operator. I lived in western Canada for years and it's a wonderful place to paint and make art. I don't know much about the ham radio hobby. As far as I can tell, it's supposed to be about experimenting and creating goodwill. Anyone who calls on al Qaeda to kill Americans is a sick puppy. That includes Karol Madera. The constant talk of cock-sucking, and attacking people's families, and lying about them, really needs to stop. I've seen 5 year olds with more maturity. My partner and I have a young toddler. She's a beautiful little girl. I don't want to live in a world where sick stalkers like Karol can make a webpage attacking families and children. The thought of him discussing an 11 year old's "tits" is nauseating. Ditto for wanting al Qaeda to anally rape a 10 yr old boy. I hope Karol can get good psychiatric treatment and medication before he's arrested for making terrorist threats. Karol Madera ought to be taken off the air as soon as possible. I just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks!

Madera Arrested/Jailed for Rape of 10 Year Old Child

Regarding the ongoing saga of Karol Florian Madera -- Schizophrenic Canadian amateur radio operator who bills himself as "Radio Canada." He operates a station on the high frequency radio bands and makes it his aim to slander U.S. citizens nearly every day over the airwaves. He has threatened the U.S. ambassador to Canada and a 13 year old boy from Minnesota, and expressed hopes that someone would deploy roadside bombs against Americans, and stated he would give Al-Qaeda aid and comfort. Mr. Madera also has a website that slanders those he identifies as his enemies, most of whom are American amateur radio operators.

Another pedophile in Klan Madera, has been charged with 1st degree felony rape of a 10 year old child. There's a long history of pedophilia in the Madera family. A Toronto amateur operator who has known the Madera family for years, previously stated that Maciej Madera, father of Karol Florian Madera, was a raging alcoholic who took 'certain liberties' with his son Karol.

As a result, VE7KFM gravitated away from traditionally masculine roles, toward 'other' activities including the amateur dramatist club and memorizing English idioms of the Victorian era. Karol Madera has been described as being "a pedophile" and "a latent homosexual" and "gender uncertain" for years. In the words of WW4D, a Mason, Shriner, and member of the Knights Templar, "All he wants to do is talk about sucking a cock!"

Ousted From the Victoria Real Estate Board

Following failed careers in the military, real estate, and the law, Madera settled down on Vancouver Island, residing in a crumbling shack in an area known as the 'San Francisco' of Canada. Madera hasn't had a steady job since he was ousted from the Victoria Real Estate Board, in June, 1989, following threats he made against board members, who were forced to call the Victoria Police, in fear for their lives. The Board sent notice to Madera, via their attorneys Pearlman and Lindholm, effectively ejecting Madera from the premises and from his real estate career.

Members of the Board reportedly stated that a 'crazy homosexual' was planning to attack the board, or words to that effect. Madera claimed he was ejected because he was heterosexual, however, the judge in the case, Chief Justice Keith Bracken, did not believe Madera, and Madera was forced to pay board members' legal fees, plus a $1,000 penalty to each participant. Madera then harassed board members for years, but when Madera attempted to become a lawyer, they formed a united front, telling the Law Society in no uncertain terms, that Madera was an unfit candidate.

Madera Gives Advice on How to Plant Dirty Bomb in Manhattan

An internationally recognized website dedicated to breaking news, commentary and analysis, featured commentary about Karol Madera (VE7KFM) on their site, associated with coverage about the attacks in Garland, Texas this week, where ISIS has claimed credit for the "two soldiers of the Caliphate" who fired assault rifles at a crowd of people during an event in Garland, TX. Both of the "soldiers of the Caliphate" died, thanks to Texas law enforcement officers. According to CNN, "two assailants drove up to and started shooting, striking a security guard in the ankle. But a Garland police officer returned fire, killing the gunmen before they were able to enter the building. The encounter lasted 15 seconds and ended with both assailants dead."

The item on the website stated, "We in the U.S. amateur radio community have been warning about a foreign born amateur radio operator who resides in British Columbia, and has been actively promoting the killing of U.S. soldiers, stirring up hatred against the U.S., and even giving advice on how and where to plant dirty bombs! Just a few weeks ago, he gave EXPLICIT plans on how to set off a dirty bomb on a specific floor AND ROOM NUMBER in the Empire State Building! He also gave plans on how to set off dirty bombs over NYC using balloons! He always enters and leaves his transmissions with "Allah Akbar." Those of you with shortwave radios with single sideband can hear him on 14.313 MHz on upper sideband. His call sign is VE7KFM."

The author of the article claims VE7KFM has been on FBI radar for several years and he suggests that Karol Madera is being used by authorities as a kind of "flypaper" to catalogue the violent, mentally deranged, and drug-and-alcohol addicted, and criminal personalities who have attacked United States interests, here and abroad, and who may be planning further attacks.

Domestic Terrorists, Woman Beaters, Addicts, & Ne'er do Wells

Madera counts among his friends and followers a list of domestic terrorists, mentally ill misfits, and noxious ne'er do wells:

Brandon Duke - Jailed for 55 yrs for attempted murder of police.

David Tolassi - Threats to murder Americans and a federal agent, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction, charges for criminal trespass, and assault and battery on a woman.

Donald Anderson Confessed to rape of a 14 year old child, convicted for possession of a controlled substance w intent to distribute, discharged from Viet Nam and sent to treatment for heroin addiction.

Michael Adams - Threatened to light himself on fire to effect FCC policy, co-authored a shooting hoax to effect a Canadian licensee, discussed and planned sniper attacks at the Dayton Hamvention and elsewhere, used extortion tactics against FCC officials Mike Moffitt and Laura Smith.

Whitney Tritch - Documented military impostor who broke into a protected computer system using false credentials, who also lied to a federal agent at the FCC, and to the Michigan Courts, in attempts to fraudulently effect the outcome of FCC and court proceedings.

Joseph Italiano - Repeatedly played altered tape recordings to fraudulently influence FCC actions against a licensee and received an official Warning from the FCC regarding those fraudulent recordings.

Todd Daugherty - Threatened to blow up Consolidated Communications in Illinois, threatened to use radio equipment on air-to-air, and air-to-ground frequencies to crash airplanes, threatened to blow up FCC licensee's homes, threatened to murder children by shooting them in the head, solicited hitmen to murder Americans, convicted of criminal harassment, placed on house arrest for threatening his female probation officer, twice charged with felony threats.

Mark Morgan - Multiple inpatient psychiatric placements for false complaints about child sex-slavery involving six innocent men.

- Several other mentally ill and drug addicted criminals, too numerous to mention.

Karol Madera, Donald Anderson, Todd Daugherty, Brandon Duke, Michael Adams, Whitney Tritch, and several others, all have sordid histories related to chemical abuse, or pathological lying, or psychiatric disorders, and/or crimes of violence against women and children. Karol Madera threatened to sexually assault FCC agent Laura Smith on many occasions.

Madera also displayed lust for an 11 year old child. In fact, a Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security reported Madera for sexually harassing that 11 year old child. Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats against the staff there. In the Spring of 2013, an RCMP/CSIS liaison in Victoria asked for help in the investigation of Karol Madera and also enlisted witnesses for Crown Counsel.... A participant in the Canadian investigation stated, 'What really got the ball rolling on the investigation was the fact that Madera called Saanich Constable Kathleen Brandsma at home, 2 days after she attended his residence investigating a complaint from a female neighbour. Apparently Madera threatened the Constable on the phone, using 'colorful diction.' (This is how Madera refers to his filthy diatribes).

Stalking (and murdering?) Canadian Women

Complaints were made to police regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of two females. One complaint was submitted by Saanich Police Constable Kathleen Brandsma. The other complaint against Madera was made by Patty Saelens of Parksville, British Columbia. According to Ms. Saelens in Parksville, Karol Madera was present and photographed on the site where the stalking occurred and she has been positively identified as the stalking victim in that case.

In our segment, "Stalking Van Isle Women" in our archive, the man in the passenger seat of the small car is Karol Madera. He was photographed while he was parked on the property of Mrs. Saelens who reported him to the RCMP for stalking and harassing her.

Madera's modus operandi was shockingly similar to that of the killers in the Lindsay Buziak case. According to the stalking victim in the official police report, Madera used a woman accomplice who claimed to be "scouting movie locations" while she took pictures of the victim and her business. (See our Lindsay Buziak segment below).

Madera later posted pictures of the female victim on his web page, with disgusting and false sexual commentary about her. The Saanich Police advised the woman's husband to contact RCMP about the "intimidation and criminal harassment" related to Madera's "creepy behavior" which Saanich Police Sergeant John Price described as unacceptable.

Karol Madera's Comments About the Lindsay Buziak Murder

Saanich Police Detective Sgt. Marko Berton was the lead investigator in Saanich PD file, labeled as # 2013-5030. The RCMP/CSIS liaison is stationed at Island HQ on Blanshard St. Victoria, handling Terrorist security files of Police interest. CSIS/RCMP are also interested in previous incidents where Madera has stalked women locally. Sgt. Jim Price at Saanich PD is aware of those incidents, along with Cst. Kathleen Brandsma, and they are also aware of the fact that Madera has claimed responsibility for murdering a young real estate broker named Lindsay Buziak.

Regarding the murder of Lindsay Buziak, Karol Madera has unequivocally stated, "I don't know if she had big tits or not, I was so busy stabbing her, I can't remember." Madera worked with the murder victim's father Jeff Buziak, in the late 1980's, when Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats. At that time, Bev McIvor of Remax/Camosun was a member of the board. McIvor stated for the record, "He sent us the most horrible, sexually threatening emails. We had to obtain police protection, due to Madera's threats." Bev McIvor, like the murdered Lindsay Buziak, also worked for Remax/Camosun.

Longtime Madera Supporters Beat Women & Abuse Drugs

Now, David Tolassi, a long time Karol Madera supporter, has been revealed through official documents as a substance abuser and a woman beater. Naturally, David is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, however, the documents speak for themselves. David's wife may drop the charges, as battered women often do, however, we have heard David, day after day, slurring his words and uttering threats. None of the witnesses who have reported David's threats have withdrawn their complaints, and it is hoped Jane Tolassi will not seek to have the criminal charges dropped. We believe that it is only through the intervention of law enforcement that David will stop abusing drugs and alcohol, and stop uttering death threats over the air. In allowing the charges to reach the court, Jane may save her own life, or the life of another future victim.

News article about the Tolassi arrest

Catoosa Couty Jail Report February, 2015

The calm before the storm

David Joseph Tolassi (W4BHV) a staunch supporter of Karol Madera (VE7KFM) was booked into the Catoosa County, Georgia jail for criminal trespass, assault, and battery, just after 8PM on the eve of his 66th birthday, on February 18, 2015. According to the Sheriff's Office, Tolassi was held on $3,000 bond. Tolassi is well known to the amateur community as someone who causes interference, engages in broadcasting, and fails to identify his station. In 2007, Tolassi threatened to shoot Riley Hollingsworth and Brian Crow in the head at the 2008 Dayton Hamvention. Tolassi also threatened to mail anthrax to Bob Albo (K1KBW) in 2005. Tolassi was investigated by the FBI for his alleged role in a conspiracy with Karol Madera, to mail fake anthrax to Canada in 2007, when Tolassi embarked on a cruise, leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tolassi also threatened to set off a fertilizer bomb at the Dayton hamvention, leading to yet another FBI investigation, and Tolassi was fired from his job at Dynacorp in Vermont, shortly before an improvised explosive device was detonated at the gates of the plant where Tolassi had been employed. Like most of Karol Madera's supporters, Tolassi has a long history of terroristic threats, mental illness, drug abuse, and violent behavior. Tolassi's latest incident of alleged wife beating finally led to his arrest and incarceration by the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department.

In 2015, a $20,000 reward was posted by Karol Madera (VE7KFM) leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who mailed him white powder from Fort Lauderdale in 2007. It doesn't matter that "Button Dick" doesn't have $20,000, much less $20. Less than 24 hours after Madera posted his reward, David Tolassi (W4BHV) admitted he was in Fort Lauderdale in 2007 making a gay porn film with convicted felon Brandon Duke and Dr. Joe Goldberg, the former Pirate, EA1AET. Tolassi said they were literally surrounded by white powder, which was supplied by a drug dealing associate from Venezuela. Brandon Duke is already in prison, but if Tolassi and Goldberg are ever arrested and convicted for the fake anthrax conspiracy, Tom Whatley said he wants his share of the $20,000 reward. We found it interesting that Karol Madera waited 8 years before posting his reward. Listen here

Just the Facts

[1] Karol Madera is a chronically unemployed (since 1990) ham radio operator and a full time pathological liar. He is not a lawyer and has never been a lawyer. He is not a successful graduate of RMC in Kingston, Ontario. He is not a retired Naval Captain. He has never been a member of the Canadian Navy. He is not a pilot. His claims are false, fraudulent, and completely bogus.

[2] Karol Madera is nothing more than a sad and delusional old man, suffering from a mental illness for which he refuses to seek treatment. Madera was reported by a Senior Supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security for stalking and sexually abusing pre-teen children. The DHS Officer stated, "He acts like a child molester and a pedophile on the air." That's an understatement. Karol Madera has a long history of sexual harassment of both women and children.

[3] Madera is typically on-the-air more than 12 hours a day, each and every day. He concocts lies and schemes, including extremely elaborate hoaxes, in order to defame and embroil his targets in legal difficulties. He also affiliates himself with Islamic extremists and he frequently incites murder. His accomplices are typically mentally ill, addicted, criminals, who have frequently broken the law in furtherance of his demented plans. The American and Canadian governments (with the exception of some FCC employees) are well aware of his schemes, hoaxes, and terroristic threats.

[4] The Military Police in the Kingston, Ontario Regiment have stated in official reports to the Saanich Police Department, and others, that Madera did not graduate from RMC and that Madera never served in the Canadian military. Here is the phone and FAX number for verification of this fact: (613) 541-5010 extension 5648 or via Fax (613) 541-4482.

[5] Transport Canada reports Karol Madera is not and has never been a licensed pilot, commercial or otherwise. Here is their contact info: 800 Burrard St., Suite 620, Vancouver, B.C., V6Z 2J8, Tel: (604) 666-5571 or via Fax: (604) 666-4839.

[6] The Victoria Real Estate Board indicates Madera is neither a realtor nor a broker because he was ordered by the attorney's for the Real Estate Board to leave and not return, after police were called due to threats made by Madera. Madera sued over the incident and he lost those suit(s), paying damages and attorney's fees. Here is the VREB contact info for verification: (250) 385-7766 Fax: (250) 385-8773.

[7] Pearlman Lindholm is the law firm which presided over Madera's removal from the Real Estate Board and his subsequent legal defeat(s) following Madera's incompetent suits against the board. Counsel appearing against Madera were Monte Prior and Michael Scherr. Contact them here or at 201-19 Dallas Road Victoria, B.C. V8V 5A6; Telephone (250) 388-4433; Fax (250) 388-5856.

[8] The Supreme Court of Canada rejected Madera's 'i-wanna-be-a-lawyer' lawsuit which was due to Madera's rejection as a candidate for the Law Society. Here's the link to the Official Canadian Court Decision discussing the Law Society's rejection of Madera as a candidate after numerous affidavits were presented stating that he was unfit for admission. Madera is not now, nor has he ever been a lawyer. In addition, here are a few more failed cases brought by non-lawyer, Karol Madera, in small claims court. Not to mention his drunken cousins, Vaclav and Ladislav.

[9] Although he claims to live in Victoria, BC, Madera actually lives in seedy Saanich on a 4 lane highway in a junk-strewn 100+ year old shack that has lost $14,000 in assessed value in just the past year. A look at this 'luxurious' dwelling is available here.

[10] The contacts listed above are posted so that you may avail yourself of the truth about Karol Madera. If you find yourself supporting Karol Madera after your own independent research, and after perusing our previous issues and recordings, you're probably a mentally ill drug addict and a criminal, or, you've survived a partial lobotomy.

NOTE - One currently serving member of the CDN Forces wrote about Madera's obvious lies: "It takes 15 yrs to achieve the rank of Captain in our Navy... and that is with an absolutely perfect, spotless record... so perfect in fact, that I have never heard of it happening. I have thoroughly investigated Madera's claims. He was never in the Canadian Navy, period."

Clearly, the FCC and ARRL are powerless to stop Karol Madera. However, YOU can stop Karol Madera by using the following links and telephone numbers:

Click to email Industry Canada, B'nai Brith, and the Saanich, BC Police Industry Canada (888) 780-3333 - Saanich Police (250) 475-4321

B'nai Brith Hate Hotline at (800) 892-2624

US Embassy

Visit VictimLink BC and call 1-800-563-0808 Report hate crimes

Report child exploitation and child luring

Karol Madera (the accused) can be reached at (250) 383-4242 or in person, at 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC, V9A 2B3

Radio Canada - No Affiliation with Madera

Employees of the real "Radio Canada" have contacted us to let us know, "Our attorneys have been in contact with Industry Canada about his misuse of our name. Madera has no affiliation with us, further, he is not employed by us, nor is he entitled to use our name, or marks in any way, shape, or fashion."

Noted author, and real estate professional, Captain David G. Rathgeber, owner of the Realty Research Group, LLC, has also contacted us to let us know that Karol Madera has used his marks without authorization. "I don't know Madera, but he is not affilliated with my business, Realty Research Group, and I'll be following up on this with my attorney."

Madera's Failed Lawsuits and Other Funny Fuck-Ups

You can read about a few of Madera's ridiculous lawsuits on our legal page. His sad and crumbling homestead is a fitting testament to to his so-called intelligence, education, and business acumen. Here, you can check out the studios of his "radio canada".

Speaking to Madera's notorious reputation in his own community, a past President of the British Columbia Real Estate Board, where Madera was once employed, said this about him:

"He was a horrible man who wrote the most disgusting, sexually perverted letters to us. He threatened us. Our solicitor called the police and we had him locked out of the building. We actually had to file a protection order against him. He sued us. He said we were a secret society of the alternate persuasion. It was a harassment suit. He lost and he had to pay $1,000 to each of the defendants, plus court costs, and fees. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he wasn't admitted to the Law Society."

A fellow law student who was admitted to the British Columbia Law Society (unlike Madera) is now a member of a prestigious Victoria firm. He had this to say about Karol Madera:

"I personally wouldn't worry about what Karol Madera has said or written. In my opinion, no one takes him seriously. If anyone were to take him seriously, that person would also have to be off his rocker, as they say. So, this is why I wouldn't worry about it."

An amateur radio operator in British Columbia recently notified the RCMP after Madera obtained a picture of the man's wife and began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her. Madera was investigated for harassment and stalking. During the investigation, police officials in Canada disclosed the fact that Madera is listed in the Canada-wide police database (CPIC) as someone with a signifcant history of mental health issues. In the database, there is also a notation about Madera's failure to pay the taxes on his home.

Instead of looking for meaningful work in order to pay his societal debts, Madera apparently prefers to sit at home, getting drunk, calling on al Qaida to maim and murder Americans, and spewing obscenities and racist remarks over shortwave radio.

As a further indication of his deteriorating condition, a neighbor of Madera's said that for 3 weeks in the summer of 2007, Karol Madera had a cardboard, hand-made sign taped to his door. The hand written sign read: "Fucktards beware. You have been warned." We are not sure if he was referring to B'nai Brith, RCMP, or CSIS, all of whom Madera has threatened, at various times.

Incitement of the Mentally Ill & Counseling Murder

Madera has been recorded and reported for making threats against a US federal agent, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, and others. He has repeatedly incited others to murder or maim individuals in the United States. Madera spends hours on the air, attempting to incite the mentally ill to murder Americans. We speculate that Madera incites others, simply because he lacks the courage to carry out his own convictions.

For a period of several months in 2007 and 2008, Madera used a marine radio, and he had a habit of transmitting the internationally recognized maritime radiotelephone alarm signal. This signal consists of two sinusoidal audio tones of 2200 Hz and 1300 Hz transmitted alternatively. This signal is similar in sound to a two-tone siren used by some European emergency vehicles. The purpose of the radiotelephone alarm signal is to produce a distinct warbling sound to draw attention to a distress broadcast, or to activate automatic devices relaying the alarm. The radiotelephone alarm signal is to be used only in a dire emergency, including when a person has been lost overboard and the assistance of other vessels is required. Following successful complaints to the US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and Industry Canada, Madera ceased transmitting his auto alarm.

Malicious and Intentional Interference

Madera has a longstanding habit of interfering with others, communicating with unlicensed stations (pirates), broadcasting obscenities, threatening murder and mayhem, and slandering others. Much of what Madera does with his radio station is defined as "harmful interference" in the United States.

Under 47CFR97.3(a)(23), Harmful Interference is defined in as follows: "Interference which endangers the functioning of a radionavigation service or of other safety services or seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly interrupts a radiocommunication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations.

Industry Canada's Jim Laursen Said...

"All of ham radio is superfluous...it is talk for the sake of talk. Although most would find comments attributed to Madera to be stupid, in poor taste and mean spirited...what is free speech? This or any of the frequencies do not belong to anyone, despite him thinking it is the Polish frequency... I have talked to other agencies and their feeling is that it is a case of name calling / CB antics and immaturity and not worthy of their time / further investigation."

You can review a few of the incendiary recordings related to Karol Madera, in our extensive audio files.

Karol Madera can be reached for comment at: Karol Florian Madera, 3040 Tillicum Rd. Saanich, BC, V9A, 2B3. Phone: (250) 383-4242. or via email.