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Who is Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM?

Karol Florian Madera of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, V9A 2B3, has been called a liar, and worse, by dozens of people. He's been called obscene, profane, antisemitic, indecent, misogynistic, homophobic, sado-masochistic, racist, and his hours-long rants have been aptly described as, "Nazi inspired." Ironically, Madera says the FCC busted two hams last year in order to... wait for it... safeguard Madera's free speech and the speech of a convicted drug dealer and self-admitted child-rapist! Not only that, Madera said the FCC agent in charge of the investigation was a fellow Pole, named David Dombrowski, who received his information via intermediaries operating through the FCC agent's brother. Isn't that the strangest story you've ever heard?

Employees of the real "Radio Canada" have contacted us to let us know, "Our attorneys have been in contact with Industry Canada about his misuse of our name. Madera has no affiliation with us, further, he is not employed by us, nor is he entitled to use our name, or marks in any way, shape, or fashion."

Noted author, and real estate professional, Captain David G. Rathgeber, owner of the Realty Research Group, LLC, has also contacted us to let us know that Karol Madera has used his marks without authorization. "I don't know Madera, but he is not affilliated with my business, Realty Research Group, and I'll be following up on this with my attorney."

Karol Madera, the provisional leader of a group of mentally ill criminals heads up the notorious "Tinfoil Hat Gang" -- a motley crew devoted to using the Internet and amateur radio in an effort to propagate Karol Madera's bizarre delusions. Despite the fact that the FCC Special Counsel publicly referred to him as a "fruitcake" and "several french fries short of a happy meal" Madera insists upon ranting for hours, on or about 14.275 mHz.

You can read about a few of Madera's ridiculous lawsuits on our legal page. His sad and crumbling homestead is a fitting testament to to his so-called intelligence, education, and business acumen. Here, you can check out the studios of his "radio canada".

Speaking to Madera's notorious reputation in his own community, a member of the British Columbia Real Estate Board, where Madera was once employed, said this about him:

"He was a horrible man who wrote the most disgusting, sexually perverted letters to us. He threatened us. Our solicitor called the police and we had him locked out of the building. We actually had to file a protection order against him. He sued us. He said we were a secret society of the alternate persuasion. It was a harassment suit. He lost and he had to pay $1,000 to each of the defendants, plus court costs, and fees. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he wasn't admitted to the Law Society."

A fellow law student who was admitted to the British Columbia Law Society (unlike Madera) is now a member of a prestigious Victoria firm. He had this to say about Karol Madera:

"I personally wouldn't worry about what Karol Madera has said or written. In my opinion, no one takes him seriously. If anyone were to take him seriously, that person would also have to be off his rocker, as they say. So, this is why I wouldn't worry about it."

An amateur radio operator in British Columbia recently notified the RCMP after Madera obtained a picture of the man's wife and began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her. Madera was investigated for harassment and stalking. During the investigation, police officials in Canada disclosed the fact that Madera is listed in the Canada-wide police database (CPIC) as someone with a signifcant history of mental health issues. In the database, there is also a notation about Madera's failure to pay the taxes on his home.

Instead of looking for meaningful work in order to pay his societal debts, Madera apparently prefers to sit at home, drinking, calling on al Qaida to maim and murder Americans, while spewing obscenities and racist remarks over short wave radio.

As a further indication of his deteriorating condition, a neighbor of Madera's said that for 3 weeks in the summer of 2007, Karol Madera had a cardboard, hand-made sign taped to his door. The hand written sign read: "Fucktards beware. You have been warned." We are not sure if he was referring to B'nai Brith, RCMP, or CSIS, all of whom Madera has threatened, at various times.

Madera has been recorded and reported for making threats against a US federal agent, as well as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, and others. He has repeatedly incited others to murder or maim individuals in the United States. Madera spends hours on the air, attempting to incite the mentally ill to murder Americans. We speculate that Madera incites others, simply because he lacks the courage to carry out his own convictions.

For a period of several months in 2007 and 2008, Madera used a marine radio, and he had a habit of transmitting the internationally recognized maritime radiotelephone alarm signal. This signal consists of two sinusoidal audio tones of 2200 Hz and 1300 Hz transmitted alternatively. This signal is similar in sound to a two-tone siren used by some European emergency vehicles. The purpose of the radiotelephone alarm signal is to produce a distinct warbling sound to draw attention to a distress broadcast, or to activate automatic devices relaying the alarm. The radiotelephone alarm signal is to be used only in a dire emergency, including when a person has been lost overboard and the assistance of other vessels is required. Following successful complaints to the US Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and Industry Canada, Madera ceased transmitting his auto alarm.

Madera has a longstanding habit of interfering with others, communicating with unlicensed stations (pirates), broadcasting obscenities, threatening murder and mayhem, and slandering others. Much of what Madera does with his radio station is defined as "harmful interference" in the United States.

Under 47CFR97.3(a)(23), Harmful Interference is defined in as follows: "Interference which endangers the functioning of a radionavigation service or of other safety services or seriously degrades, obstructs or repeatedly interrupts a radiocommunication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations. Under US law, Amateur operators in the United States are not required to yield a frequency to unlicensed stations, unidentified stations, or any station actively engaged in harmful interference.

The American Embassy in Canada, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are well aware of Karol Madera's frequent threats. Agents of the United States Diplomatic Security Service have indicated that Madera is subject to immediate arrest, if he ever attempts to enter the United States, due to his threat against the US Ambassador to Canada, in 2005.

Where Industry Canada is concerned, Jim Laursen, in Victoria, has stated:

"All of ham radio is superfluous...it is talk for the sake of talk. Although most would find comments attributed to Madera to be stupid, in poor taste and mean spirited...what is free speech? This or any of the frequencies do not belong to anyone, despite him thinking it is the Polish frequency... I have talked to other agencies and their feeling is that it is a case of name calling / CB antics and immaturity and not worthy of their time / further investigation."

You can review a few of the incendiary recordings related to Karol Madera, in our extensive audio files.

Karol Madera can be reached for comment at: Karol Florian Madera, 3040 Tillicum Rd. Saanich, BC, V9A, 2B3. Phone: (250) 383-4242. or via email.