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Mike Adams (AE4FB) Defines Himself


Organizer of Zapatista Rebels, propagandist for the Rand corp.; friend of CIA spies in Central America; off the reservation spook; drug dealer; conspiracy theorist; professional criminal; drug pilot; foul mouthed racist; proud of immoral acts, underworld associates, undermining African Americans, drug dealing, being a draft reject, and perpetual psychiatric patient.

Mike Adams is the last 'leader' of the Possum Net which disintegrated when net participants discovered Mike's a racist, a pathological liar, and a conspiracy theory whack-job whose overbearing control issues prevented participants from expressing any opinion in disagreement with Mike's opinion. The last straw for most former net members involved Mike's overt harassment of Laura Smith of the FCC, and his ongoing partnership with pedophiles and jammers like Karol Madera and Donald Anderson.

Mike Adams Ridiculed on QRZ.com

For some reason (humor?) QRZ.com lifted the ban on Mike Adams, but it wasn't long before he made a fool of himself again. Imagine that. Adams, who is of Polish extraction on his mother's side, glamorized the Polish paranoid schizophrenic murderer, Ted Kaczynski, just as he has glamorized and glorified Karol Madera, who, like Kaczynski, is gender uncertain, Polish, delusional, and has often called for the death of Americans using remotely detonated roadside bombs.

Michael DeWitt Adams, AE4FB writes: "His (the Unabomber's) Manifesto was decades ahead of almost everyone on ham radio or in Academia. If he had just used a drone and Hellfire Missiles on his victims the collateral damage [SIC] not have counted."

Fat Bastard was praising the Unabomber in this thread which ran for 9 pages while attempting to interpret Adam's schizophrenic biography on QRZ.com here.

Apparently, because he never matriculated at any college or university, due to his laziness and massive ingestion of mind altering chemicals, FB fails to realize Kaczynski's delusional/homicidal ramblings are completely derivative, and that dystopian novels have existed for centuries. Like Orwell, Burroughs, H.G. Wells, and many others, Kaczynski posited that technology would lead to the downfall of civilization. With people like Karol Madera and Michael Adams at the keyboard, it may yet come to pass.

Banned for Death Threats

In February, 2016, Mike was banned by QRZ.com for writing that several Americans 'need killing' while praising his good friend Karol 'Psycho' Madera, the housebound recluse in Canada who calls on others to kill police and Americans. Mike 'Fat Bastard' Adams has parroted Madera's terroristic threats for years, aiding and abetting Madera's hoaxes, and even conspiring to murder a police officer, according to one former net participant.

Those familiar with Fat Bastard claim he's clearly 'off his meds again' and 'talking crazy.' The Sheriff in Houston county, Alabama was called regarding the unbalanced fat man's online terroristic commentary. Adams widely advertises his phone number and email address [ 334-984-0799 exomike@centurytel.net ] asking people to contact him with complaints, threats, and accolades. Mike seems to be heading down the same path as other mentally ill Madera followers like Brandon 'Zombie Killer' Duke and David 'Klonopin Kid' Tolassi.

In December, 2012, Mike reported he had disbanded the Possum Net; and that he lost some weight; saying he was down to 311 pounds. He also said a cadre hired by the FCC, ARRL, and a three-letter-agency, was paid to bother his group of 3 followers on 3833 and as a result, it was useless to continue.

Apparently, Mike fails to understand that calling Karol 'Psycho' Madera his friend, while making frequent appearances on 14.313 was more than enough to precipitate jamming of his radio activities for the simple reason that so many amateurs despise Madera and anyone associated with him.

In November, 2012, Mike reported that he went to Viet Nam for the Rand Corporation. He said RAND was in charge of PHOENIX which (according to Karol Madera) was a secret program designed to kill Canadians and North Vietnamese sympathizers. Mike also reported that he was responsible for delivering hunting rifles to soldiers in Viet Nam because they were unable to get sniper rifles of their own. As a result, Mike reported, he was so popular that he was able to commandeer helicopters for his personal use, despite being unable to join the service due to his 4F designation.

Mike reports he lives on $800 a month from his social security check (apparently RAND doesn't have a pension program) and Mike had to borrow money for food, because he spent his monthly handout on phone calls to Karol Madera in Canada. Suggestion for Mike: Cut out the calls to Canada and the booze and Vicodin and buy some healthy food!

Mike is still depressed and delusional but he said he was referred to a new psychologist in October. Hopefully he or she will upgrade Mike's meds to Thorazine and Michelob because his Budweiser/Prozac combo's definitely not working...

Listen as Mike Adams (AE4FB) discusses his view of President Barack Obama. Adams says, and we quote, "I'm going to tell you about Obama, and I don't mean this in a racist way... He's a good Nigger who sucks rich white dick (laughter) and that's what the deal is."

According to numerous reports, Mike Adams, an elderly racist and conspiracy theorist, has been directed by Karol Madera to file complaints to Congress, the FBI, and any other organization with a 3 letter designation. According to one tipster, Madera has specifically instructed Adams to file complaints about Laura Smith and her superiors at the FCC, telling Adams and his small group of friends to issue strongly-worded complaints about the behavior of FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith, her boss Mike Moffitt, and anyone in the 'Bully Gang.' In other words, anyone Madera dislikes who may have complained about Adams and Madera's overt racism and threats.

Madera Positions Decoys

Karol Madera has again returned to NimBusters.org, a dark corner of the Internet. When Madera wants to float a lie, he arranges for posts on NimBusters, then says, "Lookie here; see what I found!" He has done this all over the net. He asks his group of psychopaths to plant lies and defamation on Internet forums, using false names, then he harvests the quotations, placing them on his blog as "genuine" commentary.

On the air, Mike Adams has repeatedly followed Karol Madera's lead, quoting Madera and blaming the FCC for "leaks" involving complaints he's made to that agency. To quote Adams -- "The FCC leaks like a damned sieve." Adams has whole-heartedly adopted Madera's belief that there is a conspiracy to silence his late-night, mildly anarchistic poetry. Karol Madera encourages the growing distrust Adams displays, which tends to further Adams paranoia, and Madera's plans and schemes, which have included humiliating and harassing Laura Smith and other FCC staffers who have published the truth about Madera and his friends.

Possums Eat Their Own

Many "Possums" are turning against Mr. Adams due to his hostile stance toward the FCC, not to mention his reliance on crazy conspiracy theorists like Karol Madera (VE7KFM) and Thomas Friess (KC0EBM) the anti-Catholic, Anti-Government conspiracy theorist and supporter of the notorious convicted pedophile, Tony Alamo. Karol Madera's promise to join the Possum net has virtually assured that Adam's will be jammed by numerous, unidentified jammers who hate Madera and anyone associated with him.

Godless Attacks!

One of Mike Adams' acquaintances, known to Possum Net members as "Godless" (KD0BCF) is so fed up with Adams (AE4FB) nonsense, that he wrote the following to Adams in a widely distributed email:

"Your fucking stupid ass paranoid theories about "professional" people being paid to "take down" the Possum Net is fucking retarded. A theory from the mind of a megalomaniac. The idea that any serious organization or government entity cares about the stupidity in orbit around people like yourself or Trish or Curtis & other fools is simply over the top, paranoid, delusional nonsense. Your enemies are people that are sick of you and your antics, not professionals or the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, FCC, ARRL, Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines, Russians, Nepalese or aliens.

YOU'RE NOT IMPORTANT, you're a loser, trailer trash, as YOU told me on the phone a couple of days ago. Get over your "bad" self; all of the rest of us have. Anyway, I'm sure that you will think this is rude; it is, but guess what? You get what you give!"

Part Two

"I still say that most of the people (90%+) on your list never read any of the crap you send out anyway. It clogs their inboxes until they just end up hitting delete. I've been on the list and off it so many times that I've lost count... anyway, I'm sure I won't lose a second of sleep over it. By the way, have you paid back Crusty the money you owe him? Of course you haven't. I don't care about your group or your list or your NPCI crap. Most of it these days seems to be crap put out by bloggers... bloggers that are likely middle-aged or older overweight losers that spend their lives in their mother's basements wearing slippers and speedos... believing in every single conspiracy theory they're fed.

You're pathetic, your group is pathetic & you are obviously in rapid physical and mental decline. Many people have noticed recently that your speech is constantly mumbled, you start and stop thoughts frequently, have trouble putting complete sentences together, forget what you are trying to say or forget important things that you wanted to say.

I've tried to get along with you but it's impossible. No one is allowed to disagree with you on anything... EVER. No one is allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours... EVER. It's obvious that your position is weak, otherwise you wouldn't mind someone voicing a different opinion. You're as bad as some whacked-out religious nut.

Anyway Mikey, I've lost all interest in you & all of the retards on 75m. I rarely turn my radios on in the evening anymore at all. Just about the only time they do get turned on these days is just before dark to work some DX on the upper bands. You represent the worst of what is wrong with ham radio. I'm sure that whatever rag-tag group you have left will eventually tire of you and your antics... I did so long ago.

You should sell your expertise in "operational trade craft & secrecy" to the CIA... I'm sure that they would jump all over the opportunity to snag an asset such as yourself... or maybe not.

Did it ever occur to you that some of these "experts"... particularly the foreign ones, might be receiving financial compensation from nations that would enjoy seeing the U.S. government embarrassed? Possibly Iran as one of many possible examples? I've lost count of the number of French experts I've heard screaming conspiracy. Does the United States not have any "reputable" experts capable of coming to the same conclusions? Are all of them part of the coverup?

You have no problem seeing that a handful of "reputable" climatologists disagree with the other 99% in their field in regards to global climate change and it's root causes because they are bankrolled by big oil & coal companies. Why couldn't the same be true of 9/11 conspiracy theorists and "experts?"

In closing Mikey, your group would be better served if you weren't such an asshole. You have some good qualities but they are smothered by your really nasty & rude, bad qualities. It's a shame, but as I've said... I just don't give a flip. Soon no one else will either.

I still find myself laughing out loud about how much value you put on the material you send out to your list. You act as if no one would know anything if it wasn't for you... as if you are the only source of any reliable information or truth out there. This is all part of your megalomania. You've quietly become a joke Mikey. Someone said, "Send in the clowns!"... enter Mikey and "HIS" group."

Stay tuned for more hilarity...

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