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Karol F. Madera: Notorious

Karol Madera's violent, threatening, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, diatribes have been heard all over the world, leading to numerous satirical items being posted about him on the Internet.

Karol Madera, VE7KFM, The Fruitcake

Madera, described here by FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, Esq., as a brain-damaged fruitcake illustrates why Madera is persona non grata in the world of radio. The rest of the story can be found on our AUDIO, VIDEO, and LEGAL pages, courtesy of the Victoria Real Estate Board and the Law Society of British Columbia .

Karol Madera is a Fruitcake

Madera's false complaints to Industry Canada, the FCC, and numerous law enforcement agencies have been routinely dismissed and his subsequent complaints ignored. Conversely, Madera's friends and associates have been confined to psychiatric facilities, jailed, fired, fined, and Duke, Castle, and others have lost their FCC licenses.

Karol Madera is... "the Unmentionable"

Karol Florian Madera is often described as a "a world class liar"; "that moron from Canada"; "the Fruitcake"; or simply, "Pig Vomit," on Internet forums where people discuss hate propaganda, racism, and congenital stupidity.

An Opinion, by Jim Thomson, VE7RF

Jim Thomson, VE7RF, discusses incompetence at Industry Canada, while referring to Karol Madera as "the Unmentionable."

The "unmentionable" [KAROL MADERA] lives across town from me.. and is one of the 6 x hams in town, that's on HF. The other 1,150 hams in town are vhf/uhf types... since IC in this town does NOT support hams installing towers, never did, and never will, and will side with city hall every time. City hall here does an 'end run' around the regs by demanding exhorbitant fees for building permits for ham towers.

The "unmentionable" phones the local IC office.. and asks... 'what is the standard for diction on ham radio' ? and was told.. " the SAME as broadcast TV". "unmentionable" takes that to mean he can use the F word, and say anything else he wants. Local IC office has screwed up...

Karol Madera, VE7KFM Congratulates Laura Smith

Following Laura Smith's announcement of the adoption of a child, Karol F. Madera of 3040 Tillicum road, Saanich, BC, Canada, called her a dumb cunt, stating he intends to put the boots to Laura.

Madera's disgusting remarks speak for themselves:

Apparently furious that FCC Agent Laura Smith has recognized him as a fraud and a liar, Madera called Mrs. Smith a dumb cunt.

Madera went on to say "Laura can suck his cock anytime."

Karol Madera, VE7KFM -- Disgraced Failure, and Fraud

Karol Madera, VE7KFM has sent dozens of unsubstantiated, false complaints to the FCC. As we have reported, on numerous occasions, Madera is a notorious and self-described liar.

As expected, 2009/2010 witnessed the dismissal of Madera's numerous defective complaints, as well as all of the complaints Madera sponsored through the auspices of his mentally ill friends and criminal supporters. Before 2020, a further wealth of evidence will be publicly presented regarding Madera's fradulent machinations. Note: There is a plethora of well documented official evidence of serious mental illness and criminality concerning Madera and his associates.

We are confident in our description of Karol Madera, VE7KFM as a liar, a fraud, and a failure. In one of many examples of fraud, as heard in the previous link, Madera stated that he "awarded himself several ranks" while in the military.

Karol Madera states that he lied to a Senior Officer about his rank, and that he fraudulently obtained benefits above and beyond his rank, while serving in the uniform of a Canadian officer. Madera's admission constitutes fraud in every military service in the world.

Madera has refused to divulge the details of his claimed separation from the Canadian Forces, but in addition to lying about his rank and duties, he has distributed several different versions of his so-called career to several different people. According to those who have listened to Madera for half a decade, he was trained as a weapons officer, a carrier pilot, a signals specialist, a librarian, an intelligence officer, a signals officer, an Aide de Camp for two different Generals who cannot be located, who carried the nuclear football, and etc. You get the picture.

The "Unmentionable" Lives Up to His Moniker

For the past several years we've monitored the disgusting antics of Karol Florian Madera (VE7KFM) of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, British Columbia (along with a few of his demented and criminal associates).

A recording of Karol Madera on September 14, 2010, features Madera doing what he does best, e.g., sounding like a brain-damaged, repressed homosexual. Note: In the preceding recording, Madera tells a US licensee, "You have a duty to identify when you enter a conversation."

Madera's lying/wrong, as usual. The FCC requires licensees to identify every ten minutes, and not "when entering a conversation" as Madera stated. The FCC has reiterated the adequacy of this rule in official communications at least twice in the past three years.

Madera's latest misinterpretation of law is reminiscent of his idiotic belief that a US PO Box, vacation home, or work address is an "illegal or fraudulent" form of address. In fact, the FCC requires only a mailing address where the US post office can deliver mail, which may or may not be the same as the transmitter address. These faux pas are especially humorous, considering Madera's claim that he was "trained in the law."

Karol Madera, VE7KFM -- Just the Facts

#1 Madera failed in his attempt to become a lawyer in British Columbia.

#2 Madera failed in his appeal related to becoming a lawyer in British Columbia.

#3 Madera is widely known as a pathological liar and fraud.

#4 Madera was thrown out of the Victoria Real Estate Board for making threats.

#5 Madera failed to prevail in his bizarre sexual discrimination lawsuit against the Victoria Real Estate Board.

#6 Madera failed to prevail in his bizarre amended lawsuit against the Victoria Real Estate Board.

#7 Madera was investigated by RCMP for complaints related to harassing and stalking women in British Columbia.

#8 Madera's incitement to murder is part of an ongoing FBI investigation.

#9 Madera is widely regarded as a thief and a pedophile.

#10 Madera cultivates relationships with the mentally ill, inciting them to commit crimes, including murder.

#11 Madera is regarded as a racist, a bigot, and an affiliate and supporter of al Qaida and ISIS/ISIL.

Karol Madera can frequently be heard spouting lies, slander, and delusional conspiracy theories on the 20 meter band and the Internet.

You can read more about Karol Madera, VE7KFM on our page devoted strictly to his lunacy.

Highlights of Madera's Madness

Devoted readers may recall that Karol Madera is well known for calling on al Qaida to murder Americans with roadside bombs.

Karol Madera is also known for his violent rhetoric, his racist rhetoric, and his cheer leading for al Qaida.

In fact, Madera has frequently called on al Qaida to murder and maim American citizens.

Former FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth, currently American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Atlantic Division Assistant Director,stated the following at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention:

"There is a very poor operator in Canada. Canada considers him a fruitcake and they're not taking him seriously... It's an international problem and it's not our jurisdiction. We're talking to Canada, we're working with them, but they consider the fellow to be several French Fries short of a Happy Meal and they're not going to put a lot of resources in it, apparently. Use the big knob, go somewhere else... the world is ugly enough. We can't regulate stupid!"

A Growing Number of Canadian(s) Say:

Karol Madera is a Military impostor and Fraud!

On Monday, November 7, 2011, Canadian, Andrew Walker, reported that he investigated Karol Madera's record and found that he is a military impostor with absolutely no record of service in Canada's military.

Walker says he contacted archival services in Toronto regarding Karol F. Madera at 1-800-856-8488 and they informed him that Madera did not serve with the Canadian armed forces.

"You're Lying"

Walker told Madera: "You're lying about being a Canadian soldier, which you are not. I just got off the phone with the Canadian Forces and you are not, indeed, you have never served with the Canadian Forces."

Walker continued, "Actually, the girl on the phone asked me why I was asking, and I said, well, there is someone who's been impersonating, saying they served with the Forces [on the air] which they haven't, and they were quite upset about that and they will be contacting Industry Canada." Walker says any Canadian can call 1-800-856-8488 to verify Madera's complete lack of armed forces service history.

Since Walker made his report, at least three other Canadians have also contacted archival services and this website and they all agree with Walker. The archives have NO record whatsoever of Madera having served.

Madera Responds

Regarding the female clerk at archival services, Madera told Walker...

"Do tell her to spread her legs, because I'm going to fuck her."

Madera also said, "Congratulations assholes, this is what amateur radio has become because of you. I hope they shoot the fucking lot of you, and sooner."

Later that day, whilst discussing the event with his friend, Donald E. Anderson, N4TAT (convicted drug felon, pedophile, and fellow military impostor) Madera commented on Walker's findings:

Here... here... and here.

Another Canuck Heard From

Please do not list my name or amateur callsign due to Madera's history of staking and threats.

I called the 800 number first thing this morning and was able to get certain non sensitive information available through the national archives in Ottawa. A clerk will look up computer contained archival info for free, with just your basic identification..... there appears to be absolutely no information that Karol Florian Madera has served in any of the branches of the Canadian Military! That is confirmed!

There is a record of him attending RRMC but no record of him attending or graduating RMC "Canada's equivalent of West Point" ........ most embarrassing."

Corrections Invited

In the event Madera attempts to refute his admissions against interest in the recordings in our possession -- which indicate he is a liar, a fraud, a pedophile, and a stalker -- we hereby invite Karol Florian Madera to use our "TIPS" portal to substantiate his previously claimed service. He can accomplish this by uploading and providing a link to copies of his official documents, postings, awards, medals, service history, photos, memorabilia, and the usual mementos collected by career service members. For obvious reasons, these proofs must be verifiable.

If Karol Madera is able to fully document his previously claimed service, including claims that he once held the rank of Captain, Navy (Retired) in the Canadian Forces, we will so advise. As expected... Nothing heard.

The Center for Media Studies has always maintained that the best policy is not to engage Karol Madera or his cohorts at all, and we don't endorse jamming anyone's radio signals. A legitimate and perfectly legal alternative is to simply ignore Karol Madera, VE7KFM, and to simply talk over and ignore his transmissions whenever he begins to illegally interfere with radio signals. To date, U.S. and Canadian officials have never cited anyone for ignoring Karol Madera.

Karol Madera Incites Murder of Police Officer

Karol Madera, VE7KFM, has once again incited the murder of a U.S. citizen. This time, Madera called for the murder of retired police detective, Thomas Whatley. Madera routinely airs hate propaganda. He calls RCMP, FCC, Industry Canada, and FBI officials "faggots, cock-suckers, criminals, and incompetents." Like Anwar al-Awlaki, who was targeted by U.S. forces for preaching hatred, Madera has continuously incited the murder of U.S. civilians, using his Canadian licence to transmit over international short wave bands.

"An al-Qaida-affiliate nut case"

Douglas Murray, executive director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, a think tank that studies British radicalization, says Anwar al AWlaki's followers "routinely described Awlaki as a vital and highly respected scholar, [while he] was actually an al-Qaida-affiliate nut case."[ 1 ] In similar fashion, former FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, Esq., referred to Madera as "a Fruitcake" and "several French Fries short of a Happy Meal."

Madera has encouraged lawlessness, anarchy, and violence for years. One of his followers, Brandon M. Duke, shot at a police officer in Longmont, Colorado. Duke was sentenced to 55 years imprisonment.

Another of Madera's sycophants, Todd E. Daugherty, was convicted of criminal harassment in Taylorville, IL, while a third, Mark Morgan, of Chassell, MI, was involuntarily admitted to an inpatient psychiatric facility after falsely accusing six men of child sex slavery, at Madera's behest. Madera's sometime radio co-host, Glenn A. Baxter of Maine, is awaiting trial in Federal court.

Listen to Madera's latest incitement here, here, and here.

Luke Waltenbaugh, K3AQ - In the News

Karol Madera's good friend, Luke A. Waltenbaugh, aka "K3 Allstar Qrmer" has denied that his brother Isaiah was involved in the assault of a 55 year old woman; harassment; resisting arrest, and other charges.

Accordingly, we encourage Luke to ask The Morning Call retract the story they printed about Isaiah's alleged crimes on September 21, 2011. Waltenbaugh's formal arraignment is scheduled for December 14, 2011.

Court Docs here

New Evidence on Whitney V. Tritch - Fraud

Please see the N3ZV Page for new evidence related to military impostor, liar, and fraud, Whitney Veon Tritch.

Homeland Security Officer

Details Interaction with Karol Madera, VE7KFM

Karol Madera a disgusting pedophile?

An amateur radio operator who also happens to work for the Department of Homeland Security, has detailed his on-air interaction with Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM.

In his telling statement (also sent to FBI, DHS, FCC, and Saanich PD, among others) he describes the pedophilic commentary Madera used to harass him and his 11 year old daughter. In his official complaint to the FCC, Industry Canada, and Saanich Police, cc'd to the Department of Homeland Security, he describes Madera as an obnoxious and offensive individual who made personal attacks against him. The DHS Officer further stated that Madera threatened his family and asked about the size of his 11 year old daughter's breasts.

The DHS Officer and radio operator then characterized Madera as an insane and bitter old pedophile and a liar who was engaged in bizarre rambling and threats.

Audio Recording: Madera admits his sexual interest in an 11 year old girl.

Audio Recording: Madera refers to DHS Officer's child as "His 11 year old cocksucking daughter."

The Department of Homeland Security Officer further states that after he reported the incident to police Constable Kathleen Brandsma at the Saanich Police Department, Madera twisted the conversation, adding grossly obtuse lies. The DHS Officer adds, I have the whole ridiculous conversation recorded. You can find the original statement here and in the archives of the Saanich Police Department and the Federal Communications Commission, via FOIA.

Madera Stalks and Sexually Harasses Female FCC Official, Laura L. Smith, Esquire

On the weekend of October 8 and 9, in between jamming the airwaves with obscenities, Karol Madera again discussed FCC Special Counsel, Laura L. Smith, whom he has stalked and harassed for more than a year.

Since the autumn of 2005, Karol F. Madera has attempted to persuade a variety of criminals and the mentally ill, to harass, defame, and/or murder those who have made complaints about Madera's radio station.

David Tolassi asked Karol Madera what he should do about complaints made regarding his (Tolassi's) radio station.

Listen to the audio recording.

Madera answered: "Don't worry about it David. If somebody's coming after you, just shoot the son of a bitch. Don't worry about douchebag, Laura Smith; she's jamming a succession of vibrators up her twat because her husband won't service the account anymore, and you can tell her I told you so.... Just do what you want to do. You can't reason with mental defectives David, you've got to shoot them. After all, that's the American way."

A few of the other recordings of Madera sexually harassing, stalking, and threatening Ms. Smith are: Here; Here; Here; Here; Here; and Here.

David Tolassi Defends "CIA AGENT"

Donald Anderson

Friends of disgusting pedophile, Karol Madera

On October 6, 2001, David J. Tolassi (W4BHV) of Barre Vermont (pictured above with wife Jane) began to protest that Donald Anderson's service records were posted online after Anderson began jamming the airwaves with Karol Madera and after Anderson lied about his service record, specifically stating that he had worked for the CIA, killing babies, during the Viet Nam conflict.

Tolassi refused to aknowledge that his "professor" Karol Madera and Donald Anderson routinely slander others on the air, and that his friend Karol Madera has stalked and sexually harassed women and children for a number of years.

Tolassi is the only amateur we know who failed a re-test order by the FCC. The FCC asked Tolassi (formerly WA1BHV) to refrain from transmitting on 20 meters for a period of 3 years, due to his harassment of other radio operators. David Tolassi's history with the FCC can be confirmed by calling FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith at 717-338-2577.

Center For Media Studies (c) 2006~2012. All rights reserved. Copying, retransmission, and reproduction of any item on this site without express written consent of the authors is expressly forbidden and in violation of applicable laws.

Notorious Jammer, WA9KJI, dead at 78

David Castle, Mentor to Karol Madera, VE7KFM

Karol Madera's good friend David Castle, WA9KJI, has passed away at the age of 78. See the reader-submitted David Castle Obituary here.

Castle has been called Madera's mentor in jamming and it's been said that everything Madera knows about jamming, he learned from David Castle, along with Sid 'The Racist' Mahan, K5BLB, and 'Crazy Jack' Gerritsen, KG6IRO, and a few others.

Although Castle is gone, he will not be forgotten. Some of Castle's most famous jamming sessions (like this one) are recorded and hosted on the Internet.

Labor Day 2011

Karol Madera kicked off Labor Day by discussing James Hiers, KE5WRT, with a special focus on Hiers' 11 year old daughter. Madera said he didn't care about Hiers' daughter's age. Like most pedophiles, Madera's first interest was not whether she was of appropriate age for his prurient interest, but rather, whether or not she had "big tits" as he put it.

FCC Official Calls VE7KFM a "Fruitcake"

As FCC Enforcement, Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth famously stated in 2007, "There is a very poor operator in Canada... Canada considers him a fruitcake and they're not taking him seriously... It's an international problem. It's not our jurisdiction... We're talking to Canada; we're working with them, but they consider the fellow to be several french fries short of a Happy Meal... We can't regulate stupid." -- Hollingsworth's comments continue to draw gales of laughter from Amateur Radio Operators all over the world.

Meanwhile, returning to the scene of the crime, as it were, Karol Madera went on to tell convicted drug felon, Donald E. Anderson, about Hiers' 11 year old daughter, saying, "Donny, now you know the story about James... and his 11 year old cocksucking daughter, who seems to have big tits."

Madera's 30 minute diatribe was in apparent retaliation for Hiers' complaints to Industry Canada, Saanich Police, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, regarding Madera's overtly pedophilic comments about his 11 year old daughter.

The Canadian Pedophile

After proving himself to be an unrepentant pedophile with intense sexual interest in an 11 year old girl, Karol Madera discussed his intolerance for "raving queers" who are "a freak of nature."

"They should be allowed to live," he said, "anything above that is gravy." Madera continued, "And they should really, really, not push the envelope, because they are a freak of nature and they should be very careful." Madera then graciously stated that gays "are still humans" and he "wouldn't put them through the chimneys, just yet."

Madera recounted this story to his new constant companion, N4TAT, Donald E. Anderson, of Warner Robins, GA who was convicted of possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute in 1996. Anderson was court ordered to treatment and drug testing, but apparently it didn't "take" very well, since Anderson now says he is dating Angel, a Crack Whore... Listen as Anderson describes his 'cure for humanity' on CB Channel 38, where he calls himself "The Prozac Kid."

Madera Sycophant Greets Visitors

Karol Madera's newest sycophant, Luke A. Waltenbaugh (K3AQ) had some early morning visitors at his home recently, when a Pennsylvania State trooper was punched during a domestic violence call to Luke's home on September 21, 2011.

Isaiah Lincoln Waltenbaugh, a 24-year-old man living at the residence, was charged with hitting a trooper during a domestic call Tuesday morning according to PA State Police. Waltenbaugh was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and he is being held in Montgomery County jail under $10,000 bail. State police from Skippack were dispatched at 7 a.m. to a fight at 3223 Old School Road. They found a 55-year-old woman with injuries.

Mistreatment of Women

Speaking of women with injuries, Luke Waltenbaugh's mentor, Karol F. Madera, is a well known misogynist who seems to hate females of all ages, including 11 year old girls. Madera does not hesitate to display his bitterness and anger on-air.

Madera blames his ejection from the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) on a homosexual conspiracy against him. He was booted from the Victoria Real Estate Board in the late 1980's following an executive meeting where it was decided that he was threatening and that he should be barred from further entry to the VREB premises. Women at the VREB stated that Madera sent them hateful, sexually oriented, disgusting email. There is a growing list of women and children who have been harassed and stalked by Karol Madera.

In retaliation, Madera sued the Victoria Real Estate Board, calling them "secret practioners of an alternate lifestyle" who "conspired to sexually discriminate" against him. Naturally, Madera lost the suit and was Ordered to pay the co-defendants $1,000 each, plus their legal expenses and associated costs. After his dismissal from the VREB, Madera attended UBC, attempting to become a lawyer in Canada. At his Law Society admission hearing, several affidavits and statements were entered into evidence against him. Madera was not admitted to the British Columbia Law Society and he is NOT a lawyer. See our legal page for further details.

Although homosexuals, as a group, are legally protected from hate speech in Canada, none of the Canadians who have heard Madera have (yet) made complaints to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and, quite obviously, Industry Canada cannot be bothered with Madera's numerous threats, pedophilia, obscenities, incitement to murder, and etc.

The Anniversary of 9/11

Madera once again jammed the airwaves with N4TAT, as he berated Americans for their lack of education, sloth, violence, and stupidity. On this sensitive anniversary, Madera asked, "Donny, do you know why people are shooting Americans around the world? Wait for it... because they've earned it."

On the occasion of 9/11, Madera had special words for FCC attorney, Laura Smith. He said, "I think Laura Smith, a douchebag at the FCC, is playing with her pussy instead of paying attention." He told convicted drug felon, Donald E. Anderson of Warner Robins, GA, that he had an offer for Laura. "I'm not going to climb your frame and be critical of your innefectiveness, and total incompetence, actually, if you would send me a video of you playing with your pussy.... If you play with your pussy very teasingly and very erotically... I give you my word as an officer and a gentleman, that I will not mention your incompetence for a month... by the way Laura, if you can give me a little shot of your titties, hopefully with your chest out and nicely profiled, that would be a bonus."

To call Karol Florian Madera an obscene and disgusting pedophile, would truly be an insult to obscene and disgusting pedophiles. Karol Madera is truly a putrid infection in an otherwise enjoyable avocation.

Another KFM Sponsored Jammer Revealed

Where else but 14.313? Luke Waltenbaugh, K3AQ, of Greenville, PA was heard babbling over a period of several hours, without identifying his station, on the evening of July 17 and jamming into the wee hours of July 18, 2011.

Waltenbaugh was previously heard harassing another amateur on 14.272 on the evening of April 22, 2011, again, without using his callsign. Waltenbaugh repeated the usual bogus slander heard from his radio mentor, Karol Madera.

Listen as Waltenbaugh is heard on March 26, 2010 during (The Marconi Net) slandering Laura Smith of the FCC, while parroting the words of Karol Madera.

Propaganda Genius and Liar

Fred Lloyd, the owner/publisher of QRZ.com recently called Madera a "propaganda genius" who is able to "bait people into outrage" and even worse, Lloyd said Madera "has consistently enjoyed every minute of it." Lloyd went on, saying, "His ridiculous press releases about his standing in court against the FCC are a way of making others think that his plight is in the mainstream. Nothing could be further from the truth."

Fred Lloyd is absolutely correct. Madera has been known as a manipulative, lying, sadistic, bait-trolling-bastard for years, and like the sadist he is, Madera enjoys the reaction to his racism, misogyny, and death threats.

We have often heard Madera compared to another propaganda genius, a man he has much in common with. Joseph Goebbels was a frustrated writer and a deformed, would-be soldier who constantly promoted Nazi ideals like eugenics, euthanasia, and sterilization. Madera's propaganda also includes eugenics, euthanasia, and sterilization. The rest is very simple and repeated, ad nauseum.

The Karol Madera Propaganda Handbook

Anyone who has listened to Karol Madera for any length of time will instantly recognize his recipe for fomenting hatred.

#1 -- Through the use of lies, vilification, and other standard propaganda techniques, Madera conveys the idea that everyone who disagrees with him is stupid, queer, corrupt, or a 'right wing whacko.'

#2 -- Using the most forceful and obscene language imaginable, he engages in anti-American, anti-Gay, anti-Jew, anti-government, anti-police, anti-woman rants that sometimes last half-a-day or more. The purpose of these rants is to widen his base of appeal among the angry, the disaffected, the mentally ill, and those most susceptible to his message of hatred.

#3 -- Madera points his followers (criminals, psychopaths, and the very naive) in the direction of his targets, repeatedly invoking his violent mantra -- "Just shoot them!" -- in the hope that someone, somewhere, will carry out his orders, since Karol Madera is much too cowardly to face any of his adversaries himself.

#4 -- Madera goes to great lengths to portray himself as a victim, even lying about "white powders" being mailed to him by his detractors, and lying about the accurate recordings on this and other web pages. At this juncture, all involved Law Enforcement Organizations are well aware of Madera's penchant for lying and deceit.

Like Karol Madera, Joseph Goebbels spent his life idealizing the characteristics of a "racial elite" -- a group to which he did not himself belong.

Propagandists in Training

Fred Lloyd also mentioned William Brendan Shine (K3TP) Madera's occasional QRZ.com mouthpiece, who was banned for the second time from Lloyd's website for posting a "profanity laced diatribe."

Another mouthpiece for Madera was also banned from the forum due to his personal attacks. Dr. Joseph Goldberg (KJ4DVD/PIRATE EA1AET ) of Islamorada, FL made comments ill befitting a licensed physician.

Goldberg sounds inebriated while babbling to himself on the 4th of July as he attempts to gloss over the fact that he operates on a limited license because he operated illegally as the pirate station "EA1AET" while jamming the airwaves with Karol Madera. Goldberg and Shine are the latest of Madera's accomplices to be socially sanctioned, while others have been criminally sanctioned and/or sent to hospitals for involuntary inpatient psychiatric treatment.

Others previously and or currently banned from QRZ.com for posting Madera's malicious and hate-filled propaganda are: Brandon Duke; David Tolassi; Joseph Italiano; Mark Morgan; Whitney Tritch; George Zardecki; Edward Oswald Jr.; Todd Daugherty; and a variety of fake and stolen personas, designed to deceive.

This website came into being in late 2006, nearly 4 years AFTER Karol Madera began publishing his deranged libel on the Internet.

For more evidence of the reactive nature of this site, please see Madera's Life Of Riley which was read on the air and published on the Internet by Madera in 2003 -- several years before this site came into being. Please note, Madera's absurd and irrational idiograph is offered as prima facie evidence that Karol Madera is a Fruitcake who is several French fries short of a Happy Meal. [ (c) Riley Hollingsworth, Esq. ]

Stalking, Threats, Harassment, Since 1989

Karol Florian Madera has been implicated in stalking, threatening, and harassing a number of women and children since 1989. Attorney Monte Prior at Pearlman & Lindholm, counsel for the Victoria Real Estate Board, wrote to Madera, telling him that he was persona non grata at the Board, due to threatening behavior and complaints made to Victoria police about threats and sexually harassing emails Madera sent to women at the Board. After a meeting of the Board, the Board's attorney wrote to Madera on June 2, 1989, stating, "effective immediately, you are prohibited from attending at or entering the Premises of The Victoria Real Estate Board."

In another matter of public record, Madera stalked a woman in Parksville, BC with a female accomplice. The female accomplice stated to the victim that she was "scouting movie locations" as she took photos of the female victim and her property. Madera sat in the car and he was positively identified for the police. Later, photos of the victim and her property appeared on Karol Madera's personal webpages at Shaw.

The photos of the stalking victim on Madera's pages were attached to crude harassment and sexual commentary made by Madera and his criminal cohort. This incident was reported to RCMP and Saanich PD. The use of a female accomplice with a false "cover story" is identical to the M.O. of the murderers in the Lindsay Buziak killing in February, 2008.

Madera is a known associate of several convicted criminals, including at least one drug dealer; one individual convicted of criminal harassment, and; one individual who recently received a 55 year prison sentence for multiple felonies, including the attempted murder of a police officer.

Sane individuals do not take Karol Madera seriously, as he is generally considered to be a boring, delusional, and incompetent blowhard. However, if you hear threats from Karol Madera, and especially if you hear the sexual solicitation of minor children, please consider the safety of the individuals targeted and report what you hear to the Saanich Police and/or your local RCMP or FBI office.

Another Murder in Saanich

Anyone with information about what happened or who witnessed anything suspicious in Colquitz River Park recently is asked to call the Saanich police major crime tip line at 250-475-4356.

In particular, if you have witnessed Karol Florian Madera behaving suspiciously, please call the referenced number with your information.

The body of a young woman named Shannon Rogers was found less than one half mile from 3040 Tillicum Road, where Karol Florian Madera resides.

Is Murder Spree the Work of a Single Stalker?

Shannon Elizabeth Rogers, 26, of Victoria, was reported missing on June 10, 2011. Her lifeless body was discovered on June 12th in the Cuthbert Holmes Park/Colquitz Park area behind Silver City Cinemas at the Tillicum Center Mall. Shannon Elizabeth Rogers is the latest victim in a line of unsolved killings that stretches back to 1986.

Saanich police are still searching for the person or persons responsible for the murder of Lindsay Buziak, a pretty and vivacious 24-year-old real Re/Max Camosun real estate agent who was found dead on February 2, 2008 at 1702 De Sousa Place in Saanich, BC. According to reports, her body had been slashed as many as 47 times with a sharp instrument. Karol Madera has a serious grudge against the Victoria Real Estate Board. See our legal page for details.

Roberta Jean Elders body was found Jan. 31, 2001 in Victoria's Pemberton Park.

Carla Slots' body was discovered in November, 2000 on a logging road near Shawnigan Lake.

Melissa Maureen Nicholson's body was found June 11, 1991 in bushes near Shawnigan Lake.

Kimberley Gallup was strangled in a room at the Colony Motor Inn on Nov. 21, 1990.

Cheri Lynn Smith's body was found Sept. 9, 1990 in underbrush near Munns Road in Saanich.

Chantall Venne was found at the side of Devonshire Road in Esquimalt on Feb. 15, 1986.

The Greater Victoria area experienced a cluster of murders in the early 1990s. Smith, Gallup and Nicholson were killed in a 13-month period. Slots and Elders also were discovered two months apart. In 2008, a new pattern of unsolved killings emerged. Many people wonder if the same person is responsible for these heinous crimes.

Karol Madera's Friend Brandon Duke...

Karol Madera's friend Brandon M. Duke sentenced to 55 years for attempted murder of a police officer

Sentenced to 55 Years in Prison

A judge sentenced Brandon Duke to 55 years in prison Friday for the attempted murder and first-degree assault of officer David Blake last year on Main Street in Longmont, Colorado. Duke initially entered a plea of insanity, saying he believed the officer was a zombie. He pleaded guilty after undergoing a mental health evaluation which proved he had mental health issues, but that he was nevertheless responsible for his actions.

Karol Madera assumed the role of father and mentor toward Brandon Duke, whose own father committed suicide. Madera, via email, radio, and telephone, succeeded in schooling Duke in violence and violent rhetoric from their very first encounter.

Listen to Karol Madera as he asks Duke, "Who is braver, somebody at 23,000 feet, pushing a button dropping a 1,000 pound GPS or laser guided bomb, or a rug-rider with some TNT strapped around his chest... who is braver Brandon, over...?"

Madera has a long history of advocating violence toward law officers. Listen as Madera advises Glenn Baxter (currently being sued by the U.S. Attorney) to prepare for a SWAT TEAM telling him that his preference is a 7.62mm NATO STANDARD round, a Parker-Hale peep site, and a long driveway. Likewise, Madera also told Baxter to consider the deterrent effect of saying he had buried a small nuclear device on his property, should officials come to his home with the intent of collecting his (as yet) uncollected fine.

Summer Edition 2011

Speaking of Violence and Mental Illness

Karol Madera was described as "blasted out of his mind" on the evening of June 8, 2011. According to recordings of the event, at 3 PM, his time, Madera told Donald Anderson he was going to drink some of his own home-brew plum wine.

Several stations commented that Madera appeared to be extremely intoxicated. While in this state, Madera told the heart-wrenching story of how his uncle escaped the fate of his Polish Army unit. While 4,500 Polish NCO's and Officers died in the Katyn Wood massacre, Madera's uncle managed to survive and thrive. In fact, he's the reason the Madera family moved to Canada.

The Case of the Cowardly Uncle

As the story progressed - we must assume it's a "story" since Madera is a prodigious liar- listeners heard Madera describe the 'heroics' of his uncle, who removed his senior sergeant's insignia and hid among the enlisted men while the other NCO's and Officers bravely met their doom at the hands of their Soviet executioners. The word "coward" was heard more than a few times during this tale of 'bravery' from Mr. Madera.

Madera's detractors have suggested Madera's uncle was probably an informer for the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police). By December 1939 the camps had been infiltrated by NKVD informers planted among or recruited from the prisoners. The Poles, in general, kept a united front against the Soviet regime. Some, however - communists and opportunists - joined the ranks of renegades and volunteered to the Guards.

You can read more about the brave Poles who died resisting the Nazis and the Soviets in Poland. We have been unable to locate any historical material listing Karol Madera's uncle among the brave or the dead.

One thing seems certain, Madera's uncle survived only by altering his uniform, hiding his rank, and failing to uphold his duty, his honor, and his military oaths.

Ostentatious Opportunism

In similar fashion, Karol Madera lied about his military rank to gain privileges to which he was not entitled. Apparently, lying, theft, fraud, and dishonor, are prominent features in Karol Madera's family. Humorously, Madera considers himself a WWII historian, but on the evening in question, he altered the terms of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and he vehemently denied that the Red Army had attacked Poland from the east, calling it a big American lie.

Disingenuous Dogma

Following the tale of his heroic uncle and other hogwash too banal to mention, Madera called on al Qaida to "keep fucking hammering" Americans and he asked them not to forget the roadside bombs.

Eham and QRZ threads backfire on Karol Madera

Two threads created to defame various amateurs have instead focused deserved attention on Karol Madera, VE7KFM and his fraudulent friends. This website's VE7KFM.com website link was posted 40 times in the eHam thread, apparently to counter lies by the anonymous and cowardly VE7KFM sockpuppet, RadioBob, who repeatedly attacked Ms. Laura Smith of the FCC.

The article in question was definitively proven to have been founded on misidentification and operator error. Another positive development came out of the eHam thread, when it was discovered that Karol Madera has been lying through his teeth about this website for at least 5 years.

Madera & Friends Caught in Another Gigantic Lie

This site is not owned by anyone living in Pennsylvania; it is not cloaked; it is not fraudulent; it is not designed to look anything like Karol Madera's infamous attack blog, and; in a reference to the most humorous of Madera's lies and sleight of hand -- it is not registered in the People's Republic of China by a woman named Blo Mei!

Instead, this site was demonstrably proven to be registered in the United States, where it resides on a server in Lansing, Michigan, attached to a top-level (.com) domain. All of which proves yet again that Karol Madera is, perhaps, amateur radio's most notorious pathological liar. This site is copyright (C) 2006-2012 and it has been hosted in the United States since its inception. Our U.S. based agent can be contacted on the Internet via our "tips" link or via the following U.S. address, phone, or FAX number:

PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1

C/O ve7kfm.com

Bellevue, WA 98007 US


Fax +1.4259744730

Joseph F. Goldberg, M.D. Exposed as a Hypocrite

Meanwhile, the notorious Dr. Joseph F. Golderg, KJ4DVD / EA1AET was banned from QRZ.com for posting personal attacks when he hypocritically attempted to attack another amateur for supposed on-air rudeness. In the (now removed) thread, various individuals pointed out that Goldberg had been busted by the FCC, purportedly for using a false callsign and that he is currently in possession of a frequency limited license as a result.

One individual posted a tape recording, purportedly of Goldberg, where he used the word "motherfucker" while attempting to disguise his voice and refusing to identify his station, while making threats.

By our count, this is the twelfth time a Karol Madera supporter has been banned from QRZ.com for making false and/or contrived personal attacks against others on Madera's behalf. Madera has often been called a "bait-trolling bastard" for exactly this reason. We hope eHam.net will follow the example of QRZ.com and re-join the ranks of credible discussion forums.

K1MAN case as of July, 1 2011

Baxter has replied to the USA, employing the interesting strategy of using a former FCC employee's unsigned and undated affidavit. Renowned Professor Jonas X. Hasenfus has submitted his take on the Baxter case thus far.

The latest documents are here: Baxter 1 Baxter 2 Professor Hasenfus

According to the Maine U.S. Attorney's office, "Baxter failed to submit specific facts in suitable evidentiary form, to establish the presence of trial worthy issue." The USA notes, 'Baxter entirely failed to comply with Local Rule 56(c) requiring him to admit, deny, or qualify the facts, by reference to each numbered paragraph, and to support each admission, denial, or qualification by a record citation.'

Although Sharon L. Webber, Northeast Region Counsel for the FCC stated in an affidavit that she believes the tape accurately represents Baxter's transmissions on that date, the 'Baxter Associates' broadcasting/pecuniary interest issue was recorded by non-FCC personnel.

The USA informed the court that because the NAL labeled the 'Baxter Associates' matter as Broadcasting, while the Forfeiture apparently labeled it as a second Pecuniary Interest offense, the moving party is willing to drop that matter, asking the court to grant summary Judgment in the amount of $14,000, because "The undisputed facts of record compel judgment for the government."

Relevant documents are here and here.

Donny Anderson, N4TAT - The Prozac Kid

Back to the saga of VE7KFM and his criminal comrades.... Four hours after Madera began to consume an unknown quantity of plum wine, Donald Anderson (N4TAT) known as 'Dumb-Ass Donny' on amateur radio and 'The Dog-Eating Prozac Kid' on CB channel 38 LSB, congratulated Madera, telling him to 'keep up the good work' as Madera began interfering with communications in progress, while spitting and sputtering obscenities and generally making an ass of himself.

Anderson recently gained notoriety as a Youtube Sensation when he was recorded on the CB band ranting about religion, stating that 'the world would be a better place if all holy places were burned and religious leaders beaten on the buttocks until bloody' or words to that effect.

Burn 'Em All

Transcript: "It can all be traced to Religion... Somebody asked me the other day... what would you do to make the world a better place...? That's a difficult question of course. I think I came up with one thing that would be a beginning. That would be, burn the Churches, burn the Synagogues, burn the Temples, burn the Mosques.... burn 'em all baby, burn all the Temples, Synagogues and Mosques!"

Beat 'Em Til They Bleed

"Then these Holy men... the Rabbis, the Mullahs, the Preachers, the Priests... as these Holy men are running from their burning structures, have a crowd outside these burning buildings with bamboo sticks, beating them around the buttocks until they bleed."

Later, on 14.313, Anderson, who has a criminal conviction (Charge 311VGCSA - Indictment 1996 C 22347) for drug possession with intent to distribute, told Karol Madera that he supports him because he hates America and he hates white people, Republicans, and Christians, whom he calls white trash war criminals.

Spring and Summer 2010

Prior to the Dayton Hamvention 2010, Madera discussed his plans for a CQ Dayton Fruitcake Contest, where he planned to "put the boots to Laura."

Madera told his good friend, George Zardecki, N9VTB, that Laura doesn't know it yet, but that he (Madera) plans to create a web page called "Laura's Spreading Her Legs.

At five years and counting, there's no word from Industry Canada as to how long they plan to allow the malicious harassment to continue.

FCC and ARRL Identify Canadian Liar and Fraud

Amateur Radio Newsline Reports

Amateur Radio Newsline (heard around the world on thousands of repeaters, on HF, and on the world wide web) has republished a report of the ARRL's Field & Regulatory Correspondent, Chuck Skolaut, as seen on a web page maintained by the Official Observer Coordinator for the Ohio Section, Rick Swain, with details in an AR Newsline report, below.

Excerpts of the Newsline report can be heard here.

Laura Smith of the FCC advised Skolaut and Swain that the Canadian (Karol Madera, VE7KFM) has been engaging in "a weak attempt" to get others in trouble with the FCC, and that his plan "did not work." Skolaut then passed that information on to the Official Observer corps at the ARRL.

According to published reports obtained by the Center for Media Studies, Karol Madera, VE7KFM has been engaged in a multi-year campaign of malicious lies, libel, slander, false allegations to officials, and threats, including incitement to murder.

The FCC's current advisory is seen as a continuation of the FCC Enforcement Bureau's point of view about the "Fruitcake in Canada" who is "several french-fries short of a Happy Meal." Such was the gravamen of a previous communication in an FCC Forum, about Karol Madera (VE7KFM), by the FCC's Special Counsel, Agent Riley Hollingsworth, at the Dayton Hamvention.

Radio Enthusiasts Disgusted by Karol Madera, VE7KFM

The following is a direct quote about Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

"Why anyone would bother I dont know. After reviewing a webpage dedicated to this morons antics and seeing pictures of how this filthy pig lives, I now pity him.

He is a dirtbag who cant even take out a hose and bother with a can of paint to spruce up that rat infested cabin he calls a home. His Volvo is laced with tetinus causing rust tumors and with any luck the outhouse this guy lives in will fall in over his head and that will be that. Give him the credit he is due, he is a filthy animal who is too lazy to keep his home in order but would rather sit by his crusty old mic and yell silly comments over the air.

Someone should hand him a bucket, a bar of soap for bathing and a job in McDonalds as he is not worth anyones time nor should he have a website dedicated to himself. He is obviously lonely and with any luck, he will find a beam thats not rotted in that slum he calls home and hang himself from it.

The statement above was submitted by radio enthusiast Richard A. Russo of 606 Windcrest Court, Brick, NJ 08724. Mr. Russo's statement was posted on a popular radio-oriented website. Mr. Russo's opinion is typical of thousands of comments on websites throughout the world.

Enforcement Agencies Agree

In response to the FCC's in-depth investigation and subsequent rejection of Karol Madera's false allegations, Madera has recently made several misogynistic, slanderous, and obscene comments, and threats, against Laura Smith of the FCC. The FBI, Homeland Security, and FCC Security officials have been notified about these threats.

Karol Madera is well known for inciting murder and for calling on al Qaeda to kill Americans with roadside bombs. Madera has also offered a large sum of money to the mosque of Al Qaeda's choice, if they will murder individuals whom Madera has targeted. Several of Madera's close associates have been indicted for crimes, from identity theft, to computer fraud, license fraud, threats against persons and property, and attempted murder.

We are currently seeking more information about rumors that circulated last week, indicating that bomb threats against the FCC may be connected to ongoing threats from Canada, and/or to one or more known associates of Karol Madera.

VE7KFM.com Stands Against Hate Speech, Intolerance, and Violence

Today, we congratulate the organizations and individuals who have taken a stand against racism, bigotry, misogyny, and violence. Karol Florian Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC, V9A 2B3 has unfairly attempted to damage the reputations of the following, simply for taking action in filing reports against him; and/or banning him from web forums; and/or expressing opinions against his distribution of bigotry, lies, libel, violence, and intolerance.

Therefore, let it be known that the following radio enthusiasts and organizations are to be commended and congratulated for their unswerving support of common decency, truth, justice, and tolerance:


In addition to the individuals noted by call sign above, we also congratulate: FCC Agent Laura L. Smith; Perlman and Lindholm, Attorney's at Law; Chief Justice Keith Bracken; Radio Canada International; British Columbia Law Society; Justice McEachern; Justice Goldie; Past Presidents Rob Fraser and Bev McIvor and the Victoria Real Estate Board; Gerry Saelens; Patty Saelens; Jeff Helps; Glenn Hauser and his World of Radio; Bill Pasternak and AR Newsline; Walter Cronkite; Leo Meyerson; Matthew Graves; Dr. Daniel Pipes, Dr. Samuel Knapp; Chief Joseph Pocsatko; American Radio Relay League; Radio Amateurs of Canada; Federal Communications Commission; US State Department; US Department of Justice; US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms; US Diplomatic Protective Service; US Homeland Security; US and District Attorney's in IL, PA, FL, MI, ME, VA, AZ, MA, and CO; as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and the Saanich, British Columbia Police Department.

Please send further 'good guy' nominations via our web portal. We will add other agencies, individuals, and web administrators as they distinguish themselves, and we cordially invite like-minded web administrators to link to this page.

Karol Madera (VE7KFM) threatens FCC Agent Laura Smith

In deference to the Easter/Passover holidays, we delayed this report, due to the following disgusting and ungentlemanly content provided by VE7KFM

Karol Madera has threatened Laura Smith of the FCC. Madera says he will "put the boots to the bitch" unless she carries out his instructions. Madera is also asking his on-air correspondents to contact Laura Smith with false and fraudulent complaints against the usual victims. Our sources at the FBI, FCC, and State Department report that Madera is considered persona non grata in the United States, and none of his complaints (or indeed any complaints stemming from the fruit of the poisoned tree) will be heard or considered.

Brandon Duke in Jail Again

On March 26, Karol Madera's good friend, Brandon Duke (KJ4SGZ ex: KD0BSH) was once again booked into the Boulder County Jail and charged with computer crimes and Identity theft. Several radio operators have reported that Duke sold them radio merchandise, and then failed to deliver the goods. Duke also allegedly used the names of others to perpetrate his alleged crimes. His mentor Karol Madera, urged Duke to commit crimes while Duke was still a minor, and readers may recall that Duke temporarily lost his FCC operating privileges as a result of those transgressions.

Joseph F. Goldberg (KJ4DVD) Granted 2 year Conditional "Mini" License

Karol Madera's good friend Joseph F. Goldberg, has been granted another 2 year conditional "mini" license by the FCC. Readers report that Goldberg was heard jamming, repeatedly, in violation of his previous conditional grant. The new grant again prohibits Goldberg from transmitting between 14.272 and 14.278 mHz. Goldberg is a well-known liar who cooperated in jamming with VE7KFM while using a Spanish female's callsign (EA1AET). Joseph Goldberg, Brandon Duke, Mark Morgan, Whitney Tritch, David Tolassi, and Todd Daugherty, were all encouraged to break the law by Karol Madera, VE7KFM... with typical results.

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) Criminal Harassment

Karol Madera's good friend, Todd Daugherty, N9OGL was scheduled to appear in an Illinois court on March 8, 2010. He appeared again on April 6. His pre-trial Hearing is on May 11, and his jury trial will be held on June 1st at 8:30 AM, for those who may want to attend. Daugherty is facing a charge of criminal harassment by electronic means. Daugherty was incited and counseled to harass others by Karol Madera, VE7KFM, over a period of several months. Daugherty ignored advice to remove his harassing blog and to disassociate himself from Karol Madera. Daugherty stubbornly refused to heed that advice, and like so many others, Daugherty is now facing legal consequences for his actions.

Homophobe Karol Madera "Detests Closeted Faggots"

A recent conversation about homosexuality led Donald Anderson N4TAT to sever his 8 year friendship with Karol Madera VE7KFM. Madera stated that he detests limp-wristed, pink-shirt-wearing, malicious, dangerous, closeted faggots, and faggoty-looking individuals.

In response, Anderson called Madera "intolerant, bigoted, racist, homophobic, and deplorable." Anderson also said Madera engaged in "disgusting hate speech," and called him a "dangerous man, espousing dangerous views." Madera told Anderson, he suspected Anderson must be "one of those closeted faggots" and he told Anderson, "Let go of your big cock; I understand you have a big cock; you're well-endowed; you should be happy."

Journal of Abnormal Psychology: Homophobes Harbor Homosexual Fantasies

Many homophobic individuals, like Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, actually engage in secret homosexual fantasies, where their public expressions of homophobia serve to cover feelings of shame regarding their own deeply seated homosexual fantasies. Madera has indicated he is subliminally jealous of Donald Anderson's "long dong" as he put it, and believe it or not, Madera said he has frequent, involuntary thoughts regarding Anderson's long dong.

According to an article appearing in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, published by the National Institute of Health, "Homophobia [like that expressed by Karol Madera] is apparently associated with homosexual arousal that the homophobic individual is either unaware of or denies."

Violent Homophobe - Madera Invokes Nazi Cure

In a violent expression against homosexuals in general, Madera said Anderson's tolerant views of gays should lead to a lobotomy. Next, Madera called Anderson some variation of an idiot (absolute idiot, American idiot, fucking idiot, etc.) a total of 26 times. , and he called Anderson an American piece of shit, twice, and a closeted faggot, several times. Madera went on to suggest Anderson should use a straight razor on himself, and failing that, perhaps someone would visit Anderson, and use one on him.

This is not Madera's first public violently homophobic episode. Madera has often verbalized his fantasies of homosexual rape on the air. Madera also singled out Rob Fraser, the former head of the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) as one of the "closeted faggots" he detests. Madera previously referred to Fraser as a secret homosexual conspirator in the VREB. Fraser is reportedly one of many who spoke out against Madera at Madera's Law Society Hearing, which quickly became a referendum on his fitness for admission. Madera failed to gain entrance to the Law Society as a result of that hearing.

BC Law Society Praised for Madera Rejection

Admission to the Society is a prerequisite before someone holding a bachelor of laws degree can become a lawyer in Canada. Madera was refused entrance due to his refusal to submit to questioning by the Society, after numerous affidavits and statements were presented, opposing his fitness for admission.

Some of the affidavits and statements were submitted by VREB members who called the Victoria police, alleging that Madera had threatened them, harassed them, intimidated them, and sent them disgusting, sexually oriented email. For his part, Madera referred to them as "a bunch of closeted faggots who controlled the board in a secret society of the alternate persuasion."

After parting company with VREB (and being barred from the premises and use of the computer system, according to legal documents obtained by the Center for Media Studies) and after suing the Board and losing, Madera was ordered to pay Board members $1,000 each. He later accused Board members of being "a bunch of faggots who bought off, or sucked off the judge [Chief Justice Keith Bracken] in chambers."

Madera, who is 65 years old, has been accused by multiple parties of being a racist, a homophobe, a bigot, and a pedophile. Specifically, Donald Anderson said Madera's "view of detesting homosexuals is akin to selling ax handles to beat people because of the color of their skin." He said Madera's "views are dangerous and unacceptable." Those listening to the exchange, with the exception of Madera, verbally applauded Anderson's measured response.

Madera Outs Fellow Classmates

In his defense, Madera said he once supported two gay classmates who were drummed out of the military (Royal Military College, class of 1970), because they were effeminate and presumed to be gay ( apparently #8270 Sherman Embree,1784 East Sable River Road, Sable River, NS, B0T 1V0 (902) 656-2793 scembree"at"auracom.com and #8494 David Czop 356 River Ridge Cres, Orleans, ON, K1E 3N3 (613) 830-7454 czop"at"cyberus.ca -- based on broad hints supplied by Madera, when he unabashedly "outed" them on the air. ).

"Mr. Madera -- You Are An Extremely Bigoted Racist"

Madera directed these comments to an African American man, Bob Woodford, N8JOX, whom he referred to as Jigaboo Bob, the Uncle Tom" while calling him "boy" in a racially insulting and mocking manner. Fortunately, N8JOX was spared Madera's racist invective, since he was not on the frequency, as Madera talked to himself...

Madera's 40 minute spiel, where he became notably unglued, was described as racist and anti-homosexual hate speech, or, as another typically psychotic rant, the tension was lessened somewhat as several individuals referred to Madera as "button-dick" -- which promises to become an even more popular moniker than his present nickname, "the Fruitcake."

Listen to the conversation here, here, and here. See our Audio Repository for more of Madera's "hate speech," as Donald Anderson calls it. Donald Anderson also identified Madera as an extremely malicious Narcissist. Read about the diagnostic criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder here.

[ Various sources contributed recordings, photos, and personal reports regarding stories on this page ]

Misogynist Madera Reports...

"Teresa Zardecki Does Not Have Big Tits!"

According to Karol Madera, Mrs. Teresa A. Zardecki of 4845 North Moody, Chicago, IL 60630, does not have big tits.

We're not sure why Karol Madera (VE7KFM) felt compelled to discuss this with George Zardecki (N9VTB) over amateur radio. And, we're not sure what Teresa Zardecki (KC9FMD) thought of Madera's statements, which were beamed to the United States by Madera, reportedly with an effective radiated power of 15,000 watts.

However, we can state that Madera was rude, inconsiderate, and thoughtless, but he was apparently telling the truth. There really is a first time for everything. For his part, George Zardecki was not pleased with Karol Madera's comments, but they seem to have patched up their differences.

Mr. Zardecki has been heard recently, speaking with his old friend Karol, from his modest but tidy home in Chicago. This, despite Madera's many anti-semitic utterances, which include calling Zardecki hooknosed, swarthy, and cheap, and despite Madera's rude and piggish comments about Zardecki's wife. Why is Zardecki still speaking to Madera...? No one knows.

Reader Commentary

Dear Center for Media Studies: Why is it that according to public documents I've read, most of Karol Madera's friends seem to be criminals or lunatics of one kind or another? Brandon Duke was convicted and sentenced to crimes related to theft and fraud. Joe Goldberg was cited for radio piracy. Ed Oswald Jr. was arrested for crimes related to rioting, failure to disperse, and resisting arrest. Joseph Italiano has a record in Illinois. Harassment charges were forwarded to the Houghton County DA about Mark Morgan, and he spent a week in a locked psychiatric ward. Glenn Baxter received a $21,000 Forfeiture, and Todd Daugherty was arrested and charged with a criminal felony. Can you tell us if Madera has any friends who aren't criminals and/or psychopaths? I know I'm missing a few, but you get my drift. Thanks, and sign me "Curious in California."

Dear Curious: Birds of a feather? [Editor]

An update on the Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL case:

In a law enforcement victory consisting of close cooperation between citizens, the FBI, FCC, and state and local authorities, Karol Madera's associate and co-conspirator, Todd Eugene Daugherty, of Taylorville, Illinois has been criminally charged by the State of Illinois. In addition to Daugherty being charged with a criminal felony on January 29 of this year, Daugherty was also charged with a criminal misdemeanor on February 5th.The Christian County jail reported that Daugherty posted a cash bond on February 9, 2010.


Offender ID: 22706

Date of Birth: 07/05/1968

Age: 41

Custody Status: Out of Custody

Reason: Bonded out

Date: 02/08/2010

Race: White

Gender: Male

Both of the charges against Daugherty are related to threats and harassment, which were incited and counselled by Karol F. Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, V9A 2B3, Saanich, British Columbia.

According to Canadian law, "One need not be the principle character carrying out a criminally offensive action in order to be guilty of the offence. In Canada, it is a criminal offence to be party to a criminal offence under the following circumstances:"

Aiding or Abetting

Know that an aid to a criminal offence is a person who knowingly assists in the commission of a crime in any way.

Know that an abettor to an offence is one who knowingly encourages another to commit a criminal act.


Know that counselling may be charged when one advises, recommends, solicits or incites another person to be party to an offence. Under section 464 of the Criminal Code of Canada, an offence of this nature occurs when the counselling occurs regarding a crime never committed. Under section 22 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a counselling offence occurs when an actual crime is committed, and this is deemed much more serious an offence. RCMP has a file indicating that Madera has incited and counselled murder, as well harassment, making Madera potentially liable under sections 22 and 464.

Daugherty was warned that his continued association with Karol Madera would result in his arrest. That ominous prediction was proven accurate this week. Daugherty is one of a series of individuals who have been investigated by authorities as a result of conspiring with the notorious Canadian who styles himself "al Qaida Northern Command."

Madera apparently recognizes that he is well known as "the infamous embrassment from Canada" as indicated by this ridiculous DEMAND LETTER written by Madera to a web author who referred to "the infamous embarassment to Canada" after listening to Madera's distorted and defective transmission where Madera described "President Obama being buggered by a white devil" and other disgusting topics.

Regarding Madera's delusional beliefs, lies, false reports, and gross defamation, a source in Gettysburg, PA stated,

"We have had a file on this particular Canadian since 2002, and unfortunately he's not been taken seriously by their law enforcement folks, and Industry Canada has not taken action against his radio license. This is not something within our control. What is within our control, is our ability to work within our agency, and with our local, state, and federal partners, to make sure that people who break the law, or laws, in our jurisdiction, are appropriately sanctioned under our system of laws and regulations. This includes anyone working in concert with this Canadian, and anyone willingly cooperating with his illegal schemes and manipulations."

Other associates of Madera, such as: Glenn Baxter; Todd Daugherty; Brandon Duke; David Castle; Whitney Tritch; Joseph Italiano; William Shine; Mark Morgan; Joseph Goldberg; George Zardecki; David Tolassi; and Edward Oswald Jr. (to name a few) have all been under the microscope of various authorities. Various sources contributed to this story. Further information is available from the links below:

Todd E. Daugherty


Todd E. Daugherty


Todd E. Daugherty


Todd E. Daugherty


Dr. Joseph Goldberg, KJ4DVD (EA1AET ~ Pirate) Tavernier, FL


Brandon M. Duke, KD0BSH (formerly KC0UWS)


Brandon M. Duke, KD0BSH (formerly KC0UWS)


David Castle, WA9KJI


David Castle, WA9KJI


Glenn A. Baxter, K1MAN


David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV




At vinelink.com see: IL Offender #22706

Mugshots and Fingerprints available from:

Christian County Jail

301 W. Franklin

Taylorville, IL 62568

Phone: (217) 824-4961

Glenn Baxter's Short Affiliation With al Qaida Northern Command aka Karol Madera

By December, 2005, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) had joined Baxter on the air, calling himself Radio Canada. Madera almost immediately began advising Baxter to "take out" federal agents with a .308 sniper rifle if they appeared on his property. Madera assumed the FCC and Federal Marshals would appear to seize Baxter's radio equipment as a consequence of the FCC action against Baxter.

Baxter apparently grew weary of the bad publicity that came from associating with Karol Madera. Realizing Madera was only going to cause him more problems, Baxter wrote and published an essay called the Life of Karol, which distanced himself from Madera. Baxter exposed Madera's family ties to the Soviets and the Nazis. Several revelations were brought to light by Baxter, based on personal conversations with Madera.

Baxter Exposes Madera Family's Service to Nazis

One of the private conversations between Madera and Baxter, involved Madera's mother's sexual relations with the Soviets and Nazis, and the work performed by Madera's father, for the Soviets and the Nazis. When Baxter publicized these conversations, a falling-out occurred between Baxter and Madera.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had begun to take an interest in Baxter and his friends, as early as 2002, and perhaps even earlier than that, but Madera's incitement to murder; his comments about 9/11; the Virginia Tech Massacre; the Fort Hood murders; calling himself al Qaida Northern Command; and his documented threats against the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, have all triggered renewed concern among Homeland Security agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. State Department.

Glenn Baxter wisely disassociated himself with Madera, and in 2009, Baxter again took to the air with the IARN Bulletin Service in a refreshingly non-confrontational approach, which has yielded far fewer complaints than at any time in the past.

Madera's Unhealthy Obsession

Amateur's lodged complaints against Baxter, which resulted in Baxter receiving a $21,000 Forfeiture (fine) from the FCC.

The United States Embassy in Canada, the FBI Legal Attache in Canada, and the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Protective Service, are well aware of Karol Madera's threats. In fact, Madera has been repeatedly investigated by the RCMP. Following the initial investigation, several facts were brought to light. Karol Madera's exposure as someone who was prevented from becoming a lawyer by the Law Society in British Columbia; who was thrown out of the Real Estate Board for making threats; who was accused of fraud, and generally considered a failure in his military career, was the beginning of Madera's obsession with complainants in the U.S.

Since the facts regarding Madera were made public, Madera has continually blamed others for his own shortcomings and Madera has engaged in a Quixotic quest to incite someone to murder complainants. Madera's campaign to defame others has taken place in practically every possible venue that allows for false complaints, planted evidence, identity theft, and any other kind of underhanded deception imaginable.

New Revelations About Karol Madera's Old Friends

Karol Madera's friend, Sinking Springs Council Member Ed Oswald Junior was discussed recently at Todd Daugherty's blog, as follows:

Edward D. Oswald Jr. was arrested for rioting, resisting arrest, and failure to disperse.

Monday, July 17, 2000

Police put quick end to riot

By Frank Bradley

and Fred Cichon

Staff Writers

Penn State Collegian

"The following were arrested for failure to disperse and resisting arrest: Joshua M. Feary of Annville, Brandon L. Kissell of Lock Haven and Edward D. Oswald Jr. of Philadelphia."

In addition to the information above, famous tech writer, Ed Bott, said Oswald's work lacks credibility because he is sloppy, and unethical in his presentation. Ed Bott also slammed Oswald for publishing false statements. Tom Reestman, (Salon) who's also a resident Apple expert (The Apple Blog) referred to Oswald's technical statements as "false, disingenuous, and silly." Ironically, after Ed Oswald was fired from his job at Beta News, he went into politics... as a 'law and order' candidate!

Canadian Fraud Persists

Fraud appears to be Karol Madera's favorite currency. Listen to this curious recording which Canadians on Vancouver Island have traced to a familiar residence on Tillicum Road in Saanich, BC.

Witnesses speculate Karol Madera recorded KZ8O and then purposely played the recording on the air, severely disrupting the operation of the most recent Boy Scout jamboree, much as Madera played a recording of N1FM over and over again in order to interfere with others over the past year. Enforcement officials agree. KZ8O did not interfere with the Boy Scouts.

This episode seems to be a form of "payback" for previous reports to the FCC about Madera's radio co-host, Glenn Baxter, regarding a Baxter broadcast which allegedly interfered with a Boy Scout Jamboree on 3.890 mHz on October 15/16, 2004.

See W5JON's report:

November 30, 2004:

For the record, I was one of the stations on 3.890 communicating with the Boy Scouts, on October 16, 2004, when K1MAN destroyed the QSO for 15 stations, in 2 countries and about 70 Boy Scouts.

For my complaint to the FCC regarding that "malicious interference", I have been singled out on the K1MAN "broadcast" and Web site as "Head of the Lloyd Youth, W5JON", for "The American Amateur Nazi Party ".




Madera -- Forced to Substantial Compliance

Our readers report that for most of the summer of 2010, Madera has been confined to operating at low power, after 11 PM Eastern Time.

The absence of obscenities, vulgarities, slander, threats, and filth, as broadcast by Madera at times where children might be listening, has been a welcome change. Madera's presence has not been missed.

We have received hundreds of copies of complaints against Karol Florian Madera over the past few years. There are over 2,000 complaints in the Industry Canada archives alone.

Yes, Madera's still disgusting. He's still peddling fraudulent reports and still complaining about "Laura's cunt" and he's still lying about jammers, the "Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies" and the Faggots at the "Faggot Bureau of Investigation" and the "Faggot Communications Commission" but he's on much, much later for those on the East coast, and most of the time he's barely readable. Thank God for small mercies.

Complainants are to be congratulated. Their continued complaints and protests to law enforcement have obviously been very productive.

Other Madera Associates Forced to Comply

Todd E. Daugherty (N9OGL) Guilty of Criminal Harassment

Karol Madera's close friend and confidant, Todd E. Daugherty, who has participated in Karol Madera's harassment campaign, has been found guilty of criminal harassment by electronic means.

Daugherty has been ordered to pay State's Attorney and Sheriff's fees and payments to victims of violent crime.

In addition to approximately $6,500 in fines, fees, and legal costs, Daugherty is on probation for 2 years.

Daugherty's probation includes "special conditions" designed to keep him off the Internet and away from those he has criminally harassed.

If Daugherty engages in similar conduct during his probationary period, his crime will be upgraded and jail time will ensue.

Daugherty Faces Civil Suit on August 30

Todd E. Daugherty is facing still more legal problems associated with unpaid debt. On August 30, he'll be in court again.

Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) -- Indictment for Rape of a Child

Mark Morgan, a good friend of Karol Madera, who has aided Madera in the perpetration and distribution of fraudulent false reports against Madera's perceived "enemies," recently posted an affidavit about a felony indictment for rape of a child against himself, which he described as a "real indictment" on his obscure and poorly written blog.

We're unsure as to why Morgan published this information about himself, but it may have something to do with the fact that he has been a frequent inpatient in Michigan psychiatric facilities this year.

Summer 2010

W0ART and W2JBL Nominated for Honors List

Art McEntire (W0ART) and Chris Jackson (W2JBL) have been nominated for inclusion in the list of those amateurs who have supported common decency and demonstrated support for women, children, minorities and diverse cultures on the air. They are to be congratulated for actively working against the distribution of bigotry, lies, libel, slander, violence, and intolerance.

Fall and Winter 2009

Madera and Daugherty Continue to Threaten, Morgan's Psychoses Appears Fixed

Mark Morgan posts non-sequitors on his blog in apparent ongoing mental confusion, while Karol Madera and Todd Daugherty continue to threaten others with bodily harm. Madera posted a $10,000 defense fund for anyone who successfully carried out Daugherty's murder plot, and, on December 8, 2009, Madera once again began referring to himself as "Al Qaida Northern Command."

For his part, Daugherty is still taunting the FCC, the Taylorville Police, and the FBI. This past weekend, Daugherty stated that Taylorville Police Chief, Dave Herpstreith, "needs a bullet in the head."

How Low Can They Go?

Just when you thought they couldn't sink any lower, Todd Daugherty has begun discussing the murder of women and children with Karol Madera.

Not only the murder of children, by shooting them in the head, but the destruction of their homes by explosives as well. All this in an apparent conspiracy to murder witnesses who have allegedly provided testimony to the federal government about Todd Daugherty, Mark Morgan, David Tolassi, and Karol Madera.

Daugherty now says he will contact the FBI because he believes his email account, or Madera's, was hacked. Either that, or the FCC illegally released his personal comments to Laura Smith and Karol Madera, according to Daugherty. See the discussion between Mark Morgan and Todd Daugherty, here on the NimBusters chat board, which Daugherty and Morgan are known to frequent.

Like Todd Daugherty, Karol Madera has never hesitated to express his opinion of our friends at the RCMP, FBI, and FCC.

Madera Calls on al Qaida for Assistance in Murder Plan

Since 2005, Madera has been recorded calling on al Qaida to murder witnesses against him and his friends. These threats are increasingly being taken seriously due to the existence of active al Qaida cells in Canada. Madera has offered "a sizable payment to the Mosque of their choice," if al Qaida will simply eliminate Madera's targets. A long list of men, women, and children are featured on Madera's obscene webpage, and Todd Daugherty has not been shy about conferring with Karol Madera regarding the selection of potential murder victims, including the children listed on Madera's page.

Details of Todd Daugherty's Extortion Threat

Todd Daugherty's proposed treaty asked the operators of VE7KFM.com for something we can't deliver. Daugherty wrote that he was once again going to try to obtain a pilot's license, and Daugherty asked that we guaranteee that no complaints would be made to the FAA regarding his license application.

Since we've never sent complaints to the FAA about Daugherty (only published others complaints) and since we don't know who made those complaints, because the complainants signatures were already redacted when we received them, we're not in a position to make any promises regarding Daugherty's bid for a pilot's license.

However, Daugherty stated that if we failed to honor his "treaty" that certain events would take place. Daugherty wrote, referring to the operators of this site:

"I'll make your live(s) real hell..... no more threats, but action.... seriously, I will get the IRA on your asses. The Government will (not) be able to save you. So think about (it) I'll give 48 hours..."

The IRA recently emerged again as an active terrorist organization, according to reputable news outlets.

Following the publication of Daugherty's extortion threat, where he affiliated himself with a known terrorist organization, Daugherty was invited to appear on a call-in/talk show, featuring an anonymous host who encouraged Daugherty to take action against this website, following the host's playing of the Solutrean National Anthem. You can read an article about the Solutreans at this web page.

Proposal Rejected

We've considered Daugherty's proposal, and we still regard the semi-literate cart pusher from Illinois as a sad joke (albeit criminal and violent) and therefore, we reject all provisions of his threatening proposal.

A Reader's Comment

"We disregarded Karol Madera's threats (and called the FBI) when he began invoking the wrath of al Qaida, calling for murder, time and time again, over amateur radio and the internet.

We pitied the psychotic Mark Morgan, when he began blindly calling child protective services around the country, falsely reporting half-a-dozen men for child sex crimes, and supporting the murders proposed by Madera, Tolassi, and Daugherty.

We shook our collective heads in disbelief (and called the FBI) when David Tolassi and Karol Madera joined forces, whereupon, according to official police reports, Tolassi began threatening to shoot people in the head.

Todd Daugherty attempted to intimidate and harass various individuals by posting pictures of himself holding a sniper rifle and semi-automatic pistol of the type used by mass murderer, Seung-hui Cho at Virginia Tech.

More and more, these individuals remind us of killers, who appear, seemingly out of nowhere, murderering dozens at a time. The incident at Fort Hood leaps immediately to mind, with Virginia Tech, and the Columbine Massacre close behind. In all cases the warning signs were noted, and informatiion passed to authorities. The libel, slander, false reports, and murder threats are bad enough. The victims remarkably patient as they await action. I hope these detestable people are arrested before they can do any more damage."

Leo, W2TIA

Displaced Anger Leads to Threats Against Innocents

Todd Daugherty has repeatedly threatened innocent parties. Once again, for the record, this site is a collection of previously published opinions and reports. In all cases, we verify submissions to the best of our ability. It is our longstanding policy, that if an error is brought to our attention, along with sufficient supporting evidence, we will correct that error, and offer apologies, as necessary. As always, see our Terms of Use page for further details.

Karol Madera, Author and Instigator of Violent Threats

For some reason, Karol Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saancih, BC, seems to have an unhealthy obsession with a number of people. Others, like Joseph J. Italiano, of Maryville and Collinsville, Illinois; Edward Oswald Jr. of Sinking Springs, PA; and Whitney V. Tritch of Fredericksburg, Virginia, have shared Madera's obsessions.

Madera, Morgan, Daugherty, Tritch, and Italiano, have also focused on former FCC Enforcement guru, Riley Hollingsworth. Only Madera, Daugherty, and Morgan have discussed threats in public forums. Other victims include men falsely reported for child sex crimes, women who have been stalked and harassed, and children who have been targeted for murder, whose names will not be mentioned here.

Laura Smith, Next Harassment Victim?

Madera has long promised to target Laura Smith, who took over for Riley Hollingsworth in the Spring of 2009. Thus far, Madera's webpage only discusses Smith's female colleagues in the following, unflattering terms... "FCC SENDS 3 DOUCHEBAGS TO DO BILL W6WBJ - Who Forgot to Bring Condoms / Will Get Fucked". However, based on Madera's other Internet posts, and his well known modus operandi, we suspect Madera has, or will, escalate his harassment of Laura Smith in the very near future.

Karol Madera: Says He Invited Glenn Baxter to Broadcast

Madera has stated that he invited Glenn Baxter to resume his broadcast/bulletin on 14275, 7241, and 3890 KHz, but we haven't heard any confirmation of that claim from Glenn Baxter. In fact, if anything, Baxter seems to be completely ignoring his old co-host, Karol Madera, and no current mention has been made of their former alliance by Baxter, whether on the air, or on Baxter's webpage.

Veterans Day Update

ABC NEWS and the New York Times have reported that Major Nidal Malik Hasan had contact with at least one Muslim extremist, at least a year before allegedly yelling "Allahu Akhbar" (God is Great) while standing on a table and murdering 13 of his fellow soldiers, and a civilian, at Fort Hood, on November 6, 2009.

On the eve of Veteran's Day, Karol Florian Madera, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich BC, expressed sorrow that he was not in touch with the alleged murderer, Major Hasan, prior to his deadly rampage. Readers may recall that Madera has previously stated that the Virginia Tech Massacre was a good start. This weekend, Madera said he was sorry that the Fort Hood psychiatrist had not contacted him, via e-mail, or otherwise, so that he could give the shooter half-a-dozen "worthier targets."

Madera Paints Targets for al Qaida

Madera, a graduate of the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, has reported that he spent time in the mid-east, working for the U.N., where he learned some Arabic, and became increasingly sympathetic to the anti-American, jihadist point of view.

Since that pronouncement in 2005, Karol Madera has been actively attempting to persuade followers of al Qaeda to murder Madera's pre-selected civilian targets. As a recent Senate report indicates, "No longer is the threat just from abroad, as was the case with the attacks of September 11, 2001; the threat is now increasingly from within, from homegrown terrorists who are inspired by violent ideology to plan and execute attacks where they live," it said.

Terrorist Rhetoric Broadcast Over Shortwave

Since 2005, Madera has frequently used electronic means (the airwaves and the internet) in order to attempt to harrass and intimidate witnesses who have reported his words and actions to U.S. and Canadian authorities. Madera has been heard calling on al Qaida to murder witnesses against him and his partners. Madera's associates, acting as a direct result of his counsel, have violated various federal and state statutes, falsely reported individuals for child sex crimes, engaged in identity theft, and, solicited murder-for-hire, on multiple occasions. One of Madera's associates received a $21,000 federal forfeiture (uncollected) while another has spent time in jail.

Madera - Offers Defense Fund for Civilian Murders

Madera again advocated the murder of American civilians, stating, as he referred to the Fort Hood incident, "Had he visited my website, or called me, be it on air, or via e-mail, or otherwise, I could have given him half a dozen much more worthier targets he could have taken out, and had he the misfortune to be caught, I could have contributed significantly to his defense fund."

Madera - DeFacto Director of Mental Defectives

Madera said perhaps in the future he could arrange to point these "mental defectives" in the right direction (against his hand selected targets) in order to expiate their anger, in what he called "a win-win-win situation." When several individuals commented on Madera's long-standing habit of painting civilian targets for murderers affiliated with Muslim extremists, Madera stated, "Listen, I promise not to talk like that if you have a daughter with big tits who'd like to suck my cock."

Madera's Psychotic Followers Believe Every Word

Followers of Karol Madera's teachings, like Mark C. Morgan, of Chassell, Michigan, a self-described mental patient and ally of Karol Madera, believe everything Madera has to say. Morgan has harassed witnesses against Madera for at least two years. Morgan made false reports of child sex pandering following Madera's advice; used their identities on the internet, and; made numerous other false accusations about witnesses.

Psychological experts following the case believe it's a simply a matter of time before one of Madera's mentally ill followers decides to act out violently, perhaps murderously. Todd Daugherty, of Taylorville, IL maintains a violent, misguided blog, where he frequently threatens others, including federal agents, and witnesses as young as 10 years of age. Daugherty posted a $5,000 reward for murder-for-hire, which the FBI is said to have investigated. Since then, Daugherty has openly called for the deaths of several witnesses.

Another associate of Madera's, is David J. Tolassi, of Barre, Vermont. Reports were made to the FCC and the FBI regarding Tolassi's alleged death threats against two witnesses in the Madera case.

[see exhibits A B C obtained as part of our investigation of this matter]

Tolassi allegedly stated that he was going to shoot the witnesses in the head with a pistol. Tolassi refers to Karol Madera as 'Professor' and Madera refers to Tolassi as 'Grasshopper' indicating a teacher/student relationship. Karol Madera has done his best to incite murder of witnesses by reaching out to clearly mentally disturbed 'helpers' and to date, Industry Canada and RCMP have done nothing to prevent it from happening, over and over again.

No Action Despite Red Flags & Incitement-to-Murder

Canadian law enforcement is rumored to be investigating Madera related to allegations of harassment, threats, stalking, incitement-to-murder, and counseling murder. That investigation is allegedly being conducted simultaneously with investigations conducted by U.S. law enforcement and intelligence services.

To date, Madera has not been charged for inciting and/or counseling murder, although he has been heard throughout North America doing just that, since at least 2005. Likewise, Industry Canada has not yet taken action to permanently remove Madera from the air, despite hundreds of complaints from Canada and the United States.

No October Surprise -- Halloween 2009 Update

Todd Daugherty's still lashing out in all the wrong directions, much as self-described mental patient, Mark Morgan and murder suspect, Karol Florian Madera, have done for the past several years.

Still no word on when justice might come to Karol Madera, David Tolassi, Todd Daugherty, Mark Morgan, or Glenn Baxter, however, as the Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus wrote, [Sextus Empiricus Against Professors i. 287] "The mills of the gods are late to grind, but they grind small."

Karol Madera Posts Lies, Defamation, Incitement to Murder, on Todd Daugherty's Blog


Karol Madera - Fraud

Posting as "Fred" Karol Madera apparently tried to pass himself off as Fred Lloyd, owner of QRZ.com. This is no surprise, since Madera has also attempted to pass off his writing as that of Chrystian Moszyk, George Zardecki, and others.

Madera has frequently posted lies, defamation, and incitement-to-murder on Todd Daugherty's blog.

In point of fact, incitement-to-murder is a serious crime, known as a "counselling offence" in the Canadian Criminal Code (CCC).

"A party who counsels an offence - regardless of whether a primary offence is later committed, is punishable by the same punishment that applies to the primary offence [CCC 22; 464]."

Madera has been been heard infrequently on the air, since his sometime co-host Glenn Baxter resumed his bulletin service on 14.275 MHz. However, Madera now spends his waking hours reading and posting lies, defamation, and incitement, on Todd Daugherty's blog.

Here are examples of Madera's advice to "shoot" federal witnesses in the case against Daugherty...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Comment number 16 (above) is Madera's latest, occurring on the evening of September 19, 2009. An amusing side note -- Mark Morgan of Chassell, MI (visitor from direcpc.com) and Joseph J. Italiano of Collinsville, IL (visitor from sbcglobal.net) visit Daugherty's blog almost as often as Karol Madera of Saanich, BC (visitor from gv.shawcable.net). William Didonna of Chicopee, MA, (visitor from spfdma.east.verizon.net) who was recently disciplined by Laura Smith of the FCC, is also a frequent visitor to Daugherty's blog. Birds who flock together... etc.

Daugherty -- Further Threats Follow Madera's Incitement

Following Karol Madera's incitement, Todd Daugherty made further threats. Madera's ip address has been definitively traced, confirmed, and logged, as the source of incitement to shoot federal witnesses. We hope you get the picture. RCMP and the FBI have been informed regarding Madera's involvement. One savvy law enforcement official quipped, "Madera, Morgan, Daugherty, et al ought to be on their knees praying everyone they've mentioned remains healthy, otherwise it's likely they'll all be charged as accessories."

Daugherty has apparently taken Madera's advice and "counselling" quite literally. Daugherty has reported that the owner of the weapons Daugherty has posed with, told him that the FBI plans to charge him with 9 crimes, one of which is presumed to be solicitation-to-murder.


Todd Daugherty Poses With Sniper Rifle

Madera called Baxter's bulletin his 'gift to the Excited States' on the occasion of Canada Day. Most amateurs appear to be grateful that Glenn Baxter has replaced Madera on 14.275 MHz, according to listeners who report very little interference to the bulletin, in contrast to the cacophony that accompanied Madera's obscene diatribes.

Madera, who has been called reprehensible and slanderous, for years, has even been overheard making violent, sexually-oriented remarks about male children as young as 12 years of age. Madera told the lad, "I hope al Qaida cuts your nuts off before your first queer fuck."

As a result of these remarks and his alleged "counselling offences," Karol Florian Madera, the Canadian licensee located at 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC V9A 2B3, has been reported to Canadian authorities. Madera can be reached for comment at his published phone number (250) 383-4242.

Karol Madera and Company -- Called "Violent, Criminal, Crazy!"

"Tales from the Mental Ward" a post on Mark Morgan's blog, indicates Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ) was hospitalized for 7 days (September 4~11, 2009) due to ongoing psychiatric problems, including psychotic delusions, a twenty-four hour blackout, and a complete loss of orientation with reality.

To those who know Morgan, the post on his blog is no surprise. Many of our readers have believed Morgan to be psychotic and delusional for years. However, since Morgan is a known liar, his self-report should be eyed with extreme caution. Be that as it may, Morgan's posts, and posts contemporaneously written (apparently by Morgan) on another site, confirm what others have been saying, since at least 2007, when he falsely accused 6 men of child pandering.

See copies of the documents related to what Morgan calls his "nervous breakdown" here and here.

Statements attributed to Morgan indicate he was admitted for treatment, and that he was unable to recall exactly where he was on Saturday, September 5th, following his admission to the L'Anse, Michigan emergency room the previous evening. Morgan's blog indicates that he lost a full day in his recollection of time, place, and person.

According to the Handbook of Psychopathology

Karl Jaspers' Handbook of Psychopathology refers to "loss of orientation" as a major indicator of psychosis. The oriented patient can state 1. Who he is. 2. Where he is. 3. When he is. (i.e. day, year, etc.) while the extremely delusional, frankly psychotic individual cannot. At that point, it is time for involuntary commitment.

If we can believe Morgan's blog, then Morgan has indeed encountered a major psychotic break. Morgan's blog also indicates that he was transferred from L'Anse, to Marquette, Michigan, where he received psychiatric treatment during the remainder of his inpatient stay, a total of 7 days.

If Reports Are True, Morgan's Psychiatric Treatment Should Bring Welcome Changes

If all of the above, as reported on Morgan's blog, is true, and not simply another in a long series of lies, we have empathy for Mark Morgan, despite his many previous malicious acts, which include co-authoring 3 false and defamatory blogs with Karol Madera, and, his ongoing partnership with Madera, encouraging, aiding, and abetting Todd Daugherty's murder solicitations.

Morgan's false reports of child sex pandering to child protective services in 6 states, made at Karol Madera's urging, are events for which Morgan ought to make amends. If the events at Morgan's blog are not another in a series of tall tales, we urge Morgan to make amends by removing the harmful material he has placed on the Internet; to refrain from associations with his Canadian provocateur; to religiously adhere to his medication regimen; and to submit to close monitoring by a Psychiatrist specializing in psychotic delusions.

Victims Less Empathetic

Not everyone has empathy for Mark Morgan. Those who do not have empathy may include some of his current victims. Morgan's defamatory blogs contain delusional beliefs and harmful statements about others committing child sex crimes, as well as many other outlandish fabrications. Many of Morgan's comments have been widely republished by Karol Madera, and vice versa. Both men exhibit a callous disregard for truthfulness, by all reliable accounts, and both have been suspected of suffering from persecutory delusions for a number of years.

On the blog where a description of Morgans' reported hospitalization was posted, commentators wrote, "Mark, you're clearly insane (crazy). Please stop posting here. No one wants to read your delusional psychotic bullshit." and this telling comment, "This proves Karol's cohorts are violent, criminal, and crazy - just like Karol."

Madera's Cohorts -- A History of Madness and Prison

Mark Morgan is not the only associate of Karol Madera's to have reported that he was treated for serious mental illness. Nor is Todd Daugherty the only one of Madera's associates to have encountered the criminal justice system. Daugherty and Morgan are only two in a series of others who have gone before them.

David J. Tolassi -- Most Idiotic Man in Ham Radio?

That unflattering description of David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV, appeared as the headline on the popular page 'As The World Turns' today, which is published by Jon Cunningham, K1TP. David Tolassi is another bizarre individual known to be friendly with Karol Madera, who, on September 30, 2007, at Madera's urging, is alleged to have threatened to shoot Riley Hollingsworth, and another man, at the Dayton Hamvention. The FCC has yet to act against Tolassi regarding those allegations. For his part, Cunningham wrote...

"While I was balancing my checkbook this afternoon, I listened in on 3704 and 3910 . The nimrod from Barre, Vt broke up an ongoing qso on 3910 after being asked nicely and not so nicely to screw! We know this clown thrives on self deprecation...but I never thought in my lifetime that David could drive the 3910 blacksheep off the frequency...he did! He likes to call himself "the most hated man (?) in amateur radio"....what kind of dipshit would want that label? Laura, where the hell are you? Riley let him off the hook for whatever reason but what gives Laura? How can a fricken wingnut like this exist on our ham radio bands without censure from the FCC?"

Pasternak -- No Need for Pseudo~Broadcasters

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF has published his opinion regarding the "pseudo-broadcast" on 14.275 MHz. Pasternak says narrow band SSB hurts his ears, and he questions the need for HF Bulletins in the digital age. Glenn Baxter, K1MAN has been using AR Newsline material for years.

Walter Cronkite, and his attorney, Ronald S. Konecky, also objected to Baxter's use of his material, and his voice ID, but Baxter refused to honor the great man's requests. For his part, William Pasternak says the cost of litigation to stop the pseudo-broadcaster is beyond the means of AR Newsline.

Frustration and Laughter as Madera Criticizes 'Bumbling FCC' For Failure to Maintain Order

Karol Madera has long used his obscure blog to criticize the FCC. On air, Madera has stated that spectrum users everywhere have looked to the FCC for relief, since at least 1985, but for almost 25 years, the FCC Enforcement Bureau has been mired in inefficiency, bureaucracy, and engaged in a laughably ineffective letter writing campaign that makes the FCC look like a bloated and foolish, toothless tiger.

Madera has been particularly critical of the FCC, regarding enforcement issues related to those he has called his 'good friends' -- Glenn Baxter, William Crowell, Brandon Duke, David Tolassi, Sidney Mahan, David Castle, Todd Daugherty, Whitney Tritch, Joseph Italiano, and Mark Morgan.

Madera has published a long, rambling, defamatory diatribe against complainants in the Baxter case, replete with fraudulent testimonials, and meaningless, unproven assertions. Madera was a Baxter co-host in 2005 and 2006. He has been obsessively critical of the FCC, and he has published his frankly delusional beliefs about FCC employees and complainants, since at least 2003. [Note: We won't link to Madera's blog, due to it's defamation, distortions, harassment, intimidation, and denigration of women and minorities.]

Karol Madera -- Ungrateful Adoptee Endorses Killing RCMP

Madera, a former Polish national who was hastily transported to Canada by his parents, at around the time of the Nuremburg Trials, which culiminated in the execution of Nazi leaders -- and their collaborators-- has taken full advantage of his location, out just of reach of the FBI and the FCC.

However, sources in Canada have informed us that Madera is currently under investigation for allegedly criminal acts in his adoptive country. Madera has either endorsed, incited, or suggested the murder of RCMP officers, and the FBI, and policemen serving in uniform in the United States. Madera has also discussed giving out instructions regarding the assassination of federal agents.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, division of Customs and Border Patrol, are currently monitoring Todd Daugherty's blog, where Madera has taken up residence, infesting the "comment section" of the blog, where he has incited Daugherty to shoot complainants on numerous occasions.

Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL, of Taylorville, IL, reports the following, "....I went to see them in Springfield...by their request and according to someone I know, whom they (the FBI) called, their getting me on 9 counts of federal violations... you think I'm, full shit call them up...ask for Special Agent Angle (I believe that his name) at this phone number 217-522-2975..if they will tell you."

Todd Daugherty has suddenly discovered it is extremely unwise to accept legal advice from unlicensed, non-lawyers in Canada, who were deemed unfit for admission to the bar.

The Canadian in question has frequently incited Daugherty to "SUE THEM ALL" and in the alternate, to "JUST SHOOT THEM" using the comment section of Daugherty's blog.

Karol Madera has incited Todd Daugherty to violence, for years. Using the radio, and the comment section of Daugherty's blog, Madera has been urging Daugherty (and others) to "use the second amendment" and to shoot federal witnesses.

The witnesses Madera would like to see murdered, are those testifying against Madera and his cohorts -- like Todd Daugherty, who expects to be indicted this month by the U.S. Attorney for the Central District of Illinois. The expected indictment, believed to be a result of Daugherty's murder-for-hire scheme, carries a minimum sentence of 10 years in federal prison.

Karol Madera is well known to the FBI and the RCMP, who have been tracking his incitement-to-murder, as well as his stalking and harassment of witnesses, as well as the wives, and daughters, of those who have submitted testimony against him. Madera has even attempted to intimidate witnesses as young as 12 years of age.

Madera's lap-dog, Mark C. Morgan, of Chassell, MI, is equally at fault for co-managing 3 harassing blogs with Madera, and for falsely reporting witnesses to child protective services in eight states, for "child pandering" crimes that never occurred.

Digital Forensics is not something Karol Madera learned while working as a U.N. Librarian, nor as a failed real estate agent, nor as an unfit candidate for the British Columbia law society. His obvious ignorance of the digital age is highlighted by his foolish, incendiary commentary, and the ease with which he and his cohorts' Internet crimes have been routinely tracked, logged, and entered into law enforcement databases in the United States and abroad.

Apparently Madera would prefer that we focus our reportage elsewhere, as he eagerly points us in the direction of his former co-host, Glenn Baxter. See this explanation as merely one way in which law enforcement agencies are able to follow Madera's commentary, using simple tools Todd Daugherty placed on his own blog. Daugherty's blog connection logs identify all of Madera's commentary, including commentary inciting Daugherty to shoot federal witnesses.

Threats Commonplace Among Madera and Cohorts

According to official court documents, available for viewing on our legal page, Karol Madera admitted that he was reported to the Victoria Constabulary for making threats, on June 1st, 1989, over 20 years ago.

See especially, paragraphs 11 and 12, in this document, describing the Victoria Real Estate Board's (VREB) reaction to what they called Madera's threatening communications. Madera told the court in British Columbia, that on or about June 1, 1989, the Board, the Directors, and others, met and voted to the effect that they considered Madera's communications to be threatening enough to contact the police, and to have him barred from the premises.

See also, paragraph 15, where Karol Madera says he was served with a letter from the Victoria Real Estate Board's solicitors, Pearlman and Lindholm, stating, "Effective immediately, you are prohibited from attending at or entering the premises of the Victoria Real Estate Board."

In very real and concrete terms, Madera himself admits he was considered a threatening individual, and he further admits he was reported to the Victoria police as such, as far back as June 1, 1989.

Madera's retaliatory suit against the Victoria Real Estate Board, and his decisive defeat, indicates the court acted to uphold the Board's decision to prohibit Karol Madera from attending or entering the premises.

Madera's measured response was that the judge in the case, the Honourable J. Keith Bracken, now a Chief Justice, was bought off, or sucked off, by faggots, in chambers.

Victoria Real Estate Board, Plagued by Fear of Karol Madera

A member of the VREB, in the case against Madera, was reached for comment. The Board member's name will remain undisclosed, due to that member's very distinct fear of retaliation. The VREB Board member had this to say about Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM. She immediately recalled Madera, despite the Board member's not having seen him for 20 years.

We quote: "He was the most horrible man. He sent us the most disgusting, sexually oriented letters. He was sick. Very sick. We had to obtain protection from the police. I later heard he tried to become a lawyer, but he was rejected as being unfit."

Unfortunately, Karol Madera has a long history of defaming, harassing, and demeaning women, particularly female realtors. Listen to this recording of Karol Madera, describing what he would like to do to one female REMAX broker, provided her front teeth were knocked out first...

Karol Madera Once Again Under Criminal Investigation For Stalking/Harassment of Women

As of August/September 2009, according to a well placed source in the RCMP, Karol Florian Madera is once again under investigation for the criminal stalking and harassment of a female on Vancouver Island.

Karol Madera's history speaks for itself.

Madera's webpage features harassment of several different women. Three of the harassed are women working at the FCC, whom he calls "cunts" and "3 douchebags" who "will get fucked."

Madera describes another woman, the wife of a complainant against him, discussing her preference for "oral" saying she "likes it doggie style."

Madera attracted the interest of the RCMP when he promised to criminally harass and intimidate a Canadian woman [under the definitions of Canadian law, according to Saanich police] if her husband makes further complaints about him.

About yet another woman, Madera writes that she needs to "get out of her apartment - and get Fucked - more often."

About a 12 year old girl, Madera writes that her father is hypersensitive about "his teen-aged daughter ...who may have big tits" and "unhealthily hyper-sensitive about his teen-aged big-titted step-daughter." The girl was 12 when Madera began making disgusting, sexually oriented remarks about her, in writing, and over the air.

Fear Again Grips Female Realtors on Vancouver Island

As an aside, the Victoria Real Estate Board was again plagued by fear, in February 2008. Fear is palpable among many female real estate agents, in and around Victoria, BC. Particularly affected are females in the REMAX/CAMOSUN office, some of whom are, and were represented by the Victoria Real Estate Board, some 20 years ago.

Vancouver Island mourns the unsolved murder of a young, female, real estate agent named Lindsay Buziak, who was lured by telephone to a vacant property, met there by an unknown male assailant, and stabbed to death -- murdered in cold blood -- not far from Karol Madera's residence in Saanich, BC.

One theory holds that Lindsay Buziak was murdered by someone who held a grudge against REMAX/CAMOSUN, or the Victoria Real Estate Board in general. We speculate that only a very angry, very hateful, very disturbed individual... only a most horrible man... would murder a young woman in cold blood, simply because of a longstanding grudge and/or injury to his false pride. The hunt for the murderer continues.

Todd Daugherty Investigated for Murder Threats -- How is Karol Madera Involved?

Time after time, over the past six years, Karol Madera, and his cohorts, have been investigated by various authorities. Multiple investigations have led to arrest, imprisonment, FCC Warnings, license limitations, federal forfeiture, and other sanctions, criminal and non-criminal.

In contrast, Madera and his cohorts have created dozens of false and fraudulent reports about the complainants against Madera, and his cohorts. In 2007, at least one of Madera's associates even went so far as to make false reports of child sex pandering against 6 men in 8 states. One man was reported in multiple states. Federal agencies, aware of the fraudulent reports, immediately became involved in order to discredit the reports and the reporter, Mark Christopher Morgan, of Chassell, MI, who has been described by Sheriff's Deputies as having "mental problems."

It is important to note that not one of Madera and Co's false and fraudulent complaints over the past 6 years has ever resulted in a single sanction. In other words, all of Madera and company's false and fraudulent allegations have been decisively discredited and dismissed.

An Abundance of Threats

What are the circumstances leading up to the FBI probe, recently described by Karol Madera and Todd Daugherty? Who is being investigated? What are the elements of the investigation? When, where, and why is the FBI involved?

The recurring themes of violence were brought to the attention of authorities in 2003, two years before Karol Florian Madera, of Saanich, BC, Canada, joined Glenn A. Baxter of Belgrade Lakes, Maine, as a co-host on Baxter's IARN/AARA bulletin, which has aired sporadically on 14.275, 3.975 and 3.890 MHz.

In 2003, Karol Madera penned his essay The Life of Riley. In outdated, school-marmish prose, Madera outlined his resentment concerning the dismissal of his complaints to the FCC. Madera had called on that agency to protect the so-called 'Official Polish Calling Frequency' from interference on 14.273 MHz. His request was refused, since, by law, all frequencies are shared on a first-come, first-served basis, and the fact that there is no such thing as an "Official Polish Calling Frequency." The Life of Riley (seen in the previous link) is a lunatical diatribe attacking FCC Agent, Riley Hollingsworth.

Madera's nonsensical tome, which has since devolved into a multi-page, delusional and hate-ridden rant, describes homosexual trysts and nonexistent connections to the KKK and the Masons. Madera is fond of inventing stories branding complainants and authorities as homosexuals and psychopaths.

As one example, Madera has viciously attacked one man for years. He is a Jewish man, being treated for Bipolar illness. Madera described the man by name, illness, and religion, suggesting he be treated with Nazi-style eugenics, euthanasia, and sterilisation. Madera also described a more "final solution" involving a a bullet to the back of the head. In Canada, this kind of speech has been called "hate propaganda." So far, the Crown has declined to press charges related to Madera's use of these terms.

Karol Madera: A Long History of Failure and Madness

Madera's ridiculous lawsuit against the Victoria Real Estate Board, which described discriminatory control of the Board by a band of secret homosexuals, was dismissed. Madera was ordered by the court to pay the court costs and expenses of those he sued.

As bizarre as Madera's suit sounds, there's more. By Madera's own admission, as seen in preceding court documents, members of the Board reported Karol Madera to the Victoria, BC police. Unfortunately, the legacy of threats and demonstrably delusional beliefs, continue apace.

Karol Madera: Unfit to Practice Law in Canada

Whilst attempting to become a barrister in British Columbia, Madera was faced with numerous complainants, many of them bearing affidavits as to why he was unfit to become a barrister. Rather than respond to the complaints in evidence, Madera refused to testify. The rest is historical fact, archived in the preceding link to the Canadian courts. Karol Florian Madera was never allowed to become a lawyer in Canada. Nor is he a licensed real estate agent.

NB: See our LEGAL PAGE for more details.

A Violent and Delusional Personality Gone Awry

Six years ago, Karol Madera offered a bounty on the heads of anyone causing interference to his transmissions. Madera admitted as much, in writing, as seen in his essay, The Life of Riley, where he wrote the following, describing himself, "... the Canadian subsequently raised the bounty to $2,000 CDN and for effect added Dead or Alive..."

In 2005, following Glenn Baxter's receipt of a $21,000 Notice of Apparent Liability (NAL) from the FCC, Madera urged Baxter to take up arms against Federal authorities who might be planning to confiscate Baxter's radio equipment.

Madera advised Baxter to use a .308 Winchester rifle, equipped with a Parker-Hale peep sight against any SWAT Team that might appear at Baxter's property. Following Madera's inflammatory rhetoric, Baxter further elevated listener's fears of a Ruby Ridge style standoff, when Baxter claimed he would stay on the air, until he was physically take off the air.

Threats Against Public Officials

Madera also made a physical threat against David Wilkins, the former U.S. Ambassador to Canada, which was accompanied by Madera's request for an American to ship him a sniper rifle wrapped as a musical instrument.

This occurred on the occasion of the U.S. Ambassador's visit to British Columbia. As a result of these comments, and others, Madera was reported to the U.S. State Department, the Diplomatic Protection Service, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF). All of these agencies were made aware of the threats Madera made over the air.

Response to Complaints: Violent, Homosexually Oriented, Sadistic Threats & Defamation

Madera has frequently called on al Qaida to kill, maim, and dismember complainants against him. Anal penetration, with large, explosive objects are often featured in Madera's descriptions of what he asks al Qaida to do to his proposed victims, which include ALL Americans.

Madera unabashedly stated his belief that all of America's sons and daughters should face roadside bombs, because America's sons and daughters "need to be taught a lesson, and to suffer," according to Madera.

As a result of his violence-laden, racist commentary, Madera has indicated that he has been visited, on more than one occasion, by the RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). Madera laughs at RCMP and CSIS, reporting that he drove them away with a stiff index finger.

In the United States, Agents of the Diplomatic Security Service stated, without hesitation, that they would arrest Karol Madera on sight, were he to enter the United States. This statement was made immediately following Madera's threat against former Ambassador David Wilkins.

Following multiple reports/complaints to Industry Canada, RCMP, CSIS, and the FBI's Canadian Legal Attache', Madera apparently found that his notoriety was becoming problematic. He was no longer able to describe himself as a "victim of redneck American bullies" with a straight face. Therefore, a new strategy was required.

A New Strategy of Retaliation Involving Lies, Harassment, and Intimidation

Madera developed a new strategy of retaliation against those who had made complaints against him. This strategy involved claiming that his detractors had mailed him white powder marked as Anthrax through the mail. It is widely speculated that Madera himself arranged to have the powder sent to him, or that he simply inserted the powder into an envelope after receipt. It is a matter of public record that Madera has often lied and fraudulently arranged circumstances, so as to appear to be a victim in the eyes of those unfamiliar with his long history of deceit.

Along with Madera's bogus, "white powder" ploy, Madera was involved with dozens of false complaints involving radio infractions, and several false complaints concerning child sex slavery, and the like. When all of these malicious fabrications failed to achieve the desired result (ending the complaints against him and his cohorts) a new strategy was employed.

Madera's Friend Whitney Veon Tritch, a Notorious Identity Thief and Liar

This novel strategy involved Madera and company (in this case, Karol Madera's friend, Whitney Tritch, N3ZV) stealing the identities of elderly and/or sick amateur radio operators, and/or those who failed to open or maintain accounts on the QRZ.com website.

In addition to publishing defamation, posted under the stolen identities of amateur radio operators, Madera sponsored, endorsed, and republished defamation by other fraudulent, or wholly made-up identities, who also communicated lies and defamation on his behalf.

Fraudulent accounts were opened in various amateur radio discussion forums, and forums such as Topix.com, under false names, and/or the names of holders of U.S., Canadian, and German call signs, such as: KA1HOT, W2TIA, VE2ZIB, DL4IR, KB2SQP, KE5OBA, KB0PTV, K0RGR, and dozens of others. These accounts were used to defame, libel, lie about, harass, and attempt to intimidate complainants and witnesses against Madera and his cohorts.

Association with Frauds, Pirates, Liars, Con-Men

As an example of one of Madera's more notorious frauds, for months, Madera hosted an essay, which was supposedly penned by Dr. Leo Winter, W2TIA. This, despite the fact that Winter had been deceased, for years prior to the date he 'signed' his essay in defense of Karol Madera.

Madera also regularly corresponded with various on-air pirates like EA1AET/KJ4DVD and KD0BSH, to name two of the more notorious examples of those who conspired with Madera to defame, harass, and to interfere with ongoing, legal communications.

The genuine owners of the stolen identities were contacted, following painstaking efforts to discover their whereabouts and to communicate with them. Most of the dummy accounts and threads were deleted, and the identity thieves were warned, banned, and/or disciplined by site administrators. Whitney Tritch was interrogated by personnel in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, regarding what the office described as "Tritch's felony computer intrusion." A few of the radio pirates, KD0BSH, KJ4DVD, N9OGL, were jailed, license term limited, and Warned, respectively.

Unfortunately, a few dim-witted individuals were duped by these pirates, fake accounts, and libelous fabrications. Others (see N3ZV, WA1BHV, KB9RQZ, K3TP, W3DUB, N9OGL, KJ4DVD, N9PH) actively assisted Madera in his defamation campaign. Madera has won a few adherents, based on his continuous lies and relentless deceit, however, all of his fraudulent helpers are notably lacking in intelligence, and character.

Bogus Quotes Removed But Re-Published on Madera's Website

Even though the bogus threads and accounts were deleted from QRZ.com, as well as most of the other websites where they had appeared, the comments were nonetheless harvested and republished in real time, as carefully planned and executed by Karol Madera, despite the fact they were deleted from sites where they were initially posted, after they were discovered to be fraudulent, false, and defamatory.

Not only has the truth been deliberately concealed, twisted, and perverted by Karol Madera, over and over again, he and his friends have had the audacity to pretend to be "victims." Thankfully, all official agencies, everyone familiar with the circumstances, and everyone with intact reasoning ability, including Jim Laursen at Industry Canada, has finally discovered the truth about Karol Madera, and his criminal cohorts.

Joseph J. Italiano, N9PH, Described the Next Part of the Plan

Joe Italiano, N9PH, a Boeing employee, of Collinsville, IL, described the plan in detail in November, 2007. Writing as President of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) Italiano described Karol Madera's plan to recruit naive, dim-witted, low-IQ individuals who would be employed to harass, stalk, intimidate, and defame complainants against Madera and company.

On Wednesday, Nov 14, 2007, at 10:33 pm, Joseph Italiano, N9PH wrote:

"Now if anyone puts up a fight, which quite a few did and still do, then you have to resort to other, non-traditional methods. That's where the use of FUCKTARDS and HOOPLEHEADS comes into play.

So, in order to hold down costs, I have already recommended to the newly appointed head of enforcement for the NAMBLAese amateur radio service, VE7KFM, that he recruit a band of FUCKTARDS and HOOPLEHEADS similar to what the FCC has done on 14275.

He is currently evaluating hundreds of resumes in order to find such a group of complete FUCKTARDs. And, per my expectations, he is using all the correct tools to do so.

First, he makes sure the prospective FUCKTARD has an IQ less than 70. Next, he verifies that they don't have a job, or other worthwhile pursuit. Thirdly, he is verifying that they have no higher than a third grade eduation. Fourth, he is verifying that they can follow orders, even though some of those may be slightly illegal and certainly unethical. And fifth, they just have to be a first class A-WHOLE.

Yes, it will be difficult to find this group of complete FUCKTARDS and HOOPLEHEADS, but VE7KFM can get it done with speed and agility. It is only then that we can have Amateur radio enforcement in NAMBLA at the same level as that on 14275 by the FCC.

President Toejoe

Madera's Fraudulent Plan Attracts Attention of FBI, RCMP, FCC

Karol Madera has followed "the plan" above in every detail, employing those he calls "useful idiots," and today, according to Madera, and Todd E. Daugherty, of Taylorville, IL, Madera and several of his co-conspirators are under investigation, and/or close monitoring, by the FBI, RCMP, the FCC, and Industry Canada.

August 23, 2009 -- Todd Daugherty, N9OGL Reveals Details of FBI Probe

Daugherty has posted the following: "I am currently being investigated by the FBI, who wishes to throw my ass in prison because of a group of individuals, who are ham operators."

...and, according to posts on Daugherty's site, and another popular website, "on August 18, 2009 at 5:10 PM, Karol Madera, VE7KFM wrote: "JUST SHOOT THEM!"

According to sources who have recently contacted RCMP, Madera has been inciting Daugherty to murder others, for weeks, if not years.

Murder-for-Hire Investigation Leads to Canada

Todd Daugherty has solicited murder-for-hire on more than one occasion. However, Todd Daugherty is only one of the men Karol Madera, of Saanich, BC, has deliberately encouraged, cultivated, and groomed to make threatening and defamatory statements regarding witnesses and complainants against Madera & Co.

Madera frequently corresponds with Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, via email, and via commentary on Daugherty's blog. Madera and Morgan are both under investigation at this time.

Madera also encouraged, cultivated, and groomed David J. Tolassi, of Barre Vermont, with similar results.

Murder Threat Investigation in Vermont called "Open and Ongoing"

Readers of this page will recall that David J. Tolassi was also reported as having made terroristic threats against the life of federal agent W. Riley Hollingsworth, and another man. Affidavits of witnesses in that case state that David J. Tolassi said he was going to shoot the men in the head with two different handguns, at the Dayton Hamvention.

Tolassi was investigated by the FBI and the FCC regarding his statements, and according to well placed sources, that investigation remains open and ongoing. The common thread between Morgan, Daugherty, and Tolassi, is the frequent encouragement and incitement they received, and still receive, from Karol Madera. See our WA1BHV page for more information about David J. Tolassi.

Madera and Daugherty Indicate FBI Probe Wider Than First Thought

According to an email, which was confirmed and published by Todd Daugherty, Karol Madera wrote that his sources have informed him that "the FBI has either visited or have a serious file opened on at least the following:


Morgan, Daugherty, Madera -- Partners in Fraud, Threats, Perversity

As previously mentioned, Mark C. Morgan, KB9RQZ, has been manipulated and used by Karol Madera. However, Morgan has his own, long history, of perversity and lies (see the usenet group rec.radio.amateur.policy and others).

Morgan, who is a self described "Kabballah Wizard" reports that he is "bisexual, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism," and he says he is married to a "bisexual Jewish Witch." Morgan has reported that he has made complaints to Child Protective Services in 6 states, about 8 different men, involving child pandering (the sale of child sex slaves).

Morgan made the reports with no evidence linking the men he reported to the supposed crime, but with plenty of urging by Karol Madera. Coincidentally, or not, individuals falsely accused by Morgan are known to be witnesses and/or complainants against Karol Madera, Mark Morgan, David Tolassi, and others in Madera's coterie.

Despite being banned from several forums, Morgan is still making false accusations about others, which have no basis in reality. Morgan appears to post many of the false and harassing comments at the behest of Karol Madera, with whom he shares and co-manages at least 3 false, fraudulent, and harassing blogs.

Morgan, like Daugherty, and Madera, was banned from QRZ.com and Ham Island.net. Morgan fraudulently hijacked several call signs belonging to complainants against Karol Madera, which were also removed/banned from usenet groups.

Morgan is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation in Michigan as a result of his false and fraudulent reports to various State agencies. Morgan's fraudulent dealings with state agencies also creates a question about continued FCC licensure, pursuant to the FCC Character Policy.

Representatives of Morgan's local law enforcement agencies have frankly stated that Morgan is "not all there" and at least a dozen, published, on line reports have indicated that Morgan was transported to Marquette, MI in 2004, for involuntary psychiatric treatment. According to those familiar with Morgan, they released him too soon.

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, Ejected from Radio Club

Morgan was ejected from the CCRAA amateur radio club in July, 2008. It is unknown whether or not Morgan's "wife" KD8CTL, a self-described "bisexual Jewitch," ever returned property belonging to the CCRAA club, as reported in the CCRAA Newsletter of October, 2008, under the heading, Club Property.

In July, 2009, Mark Morgan was reported as having engaged in a rant on 10 meters where he "dropped the F-Bomb" on multiple occasions. The Houghton County Sheriff's Department described "possible mental problems with the Morgans" as far back as 2004. The Sheriff's report advised using "caution" with them.

Incidentally, Morgan has stated that the phone number listed for him, which was obtained from Houghton County Sheriff's Department public records, is incorrect. Mr. Morgan is invited to contact us with his current phone number, so that we may correct the record.

Todd Daugherty, N9OGL -- Ignores the Seriousness of his Predicament

Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL, continues to post murder threats, like the one in the preceding link, following our reports that he solicited the murder of two individuals, earlier this year. Daugherty also taunts the FBI, calling them names, and daring them to arrest him.

If you visit Daugherty's blog, we suggest you pay special attention to the comment sections. Posting as "anonymous" in typical cowardly fashion, Madera has incited Daugherty, encouraging his rash actions, on a frequent basis.

Summer 2009

Purported Glenn Baxter, Todd Daugherty, Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM email exchange gives rare glimpse into thought patterns of three intellectual titans of broadcasting. Posted by N9OGL on a forum Madera calls a "NAZI" website, it is anticipated that Mr. Madera (Daugherty's unlicensed advocate) will be very cross with his cart-pushing pupil, when he discovers that his enormously defamatory email has been published on the world wide web.

The topic seems to center on who has had more visits from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whom Daugherty calls "assholes" "fucking morons" and "fucktards" with Madera in agreement and referring to the RCMP as the "Royal Canadian Mounted Pussies."

Karol Madera told Daugherty to "shove this [information] up the FBI Director's asshole." Mr. Baxter was uncustomarily reticent in this exchange, simply deigning to redistribute the entire front page of our copyrighted website.

According to the email published by Daugherty, Madera wrote that his sources have informed him that the FBI has either visited or have a serious file opened on at least the following:


According to our sources, Madera may be correct about the FBI files, although, he apparently forgot to add KD0BSH, KJ4DVD, and several others. These files may include alleged crimes such as: terroristic threats; murder threats against federal witnesses; unauthorized use of computer facilities; solicitation to murder; support of al Qaida; fraudulent reports to government agencies; various violations of the U.S. Code; theft by deception; fraud; interstate wire fraud; threats against public officials; conspiracy to murder government agents; stalking; harassment; a variety of computer related crimes; and more than one undisclosed threat against the national security.

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, Prematurely Acknowledges Deliberate Interference Charge

See copies of documents related to this event.

On July 29, 2009, Tom Steckbauer, KE9RY, received a 'Good Operator' report from ARRL Official Observer, Paul Copeland, K4KCS.

Copeland specifically noted Steckbauer's "excellent radio signal quality/operating procedure as a fine example for all radio amateurs." Copeland also noted Steckbauer's "excellent operating procedure, despite deliberate interference."

On August, 9, 2009, Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, referenced Steckbauer's Good Operator report, which had been widely published. Baxter called Copeland, who was first licensed in 1956, "a newcomer to amateur radio" as well as other defamatory remarks, apparently intended as insults.

Glenn Baxter, Known for Childish Name-Calling

Baxter then engaged in childish name-calling, referring to four amateurs known to have filed complaints against Baxter's station. The FCC has indicated that Baxter owes the United States Treasury $21,000, although he has yet to pay the amount owed.

A Forfeiture collection action, waged by the U.S. Attorney against Baxter, will be titled United States v. Glenn A. Baxter, should U.S. Attorney, Paula Silsby, wish to sue Baxter for the amount owed.

Although Steckbauer's Good Operator report made no mention of K1MAN, Baxter evidently assumed that K1MAN was the station cited for interference. Baxter launched into what has been described as a "tirade of grandiose foolishness, only overshadowed by the grandiosity of his sometime co-host, Karol F. Madera."

Baxter Demands Called 'Unrealistic'

Baxter demanded that the ARRL cancel Copeland's official status, and demanded that the ARRL direct Copeland to apologize to Baxter. Baxter's letter also indicated that he was filing an official complaint with Laura Smith, which further expressed the unrealistic and impossible expectation that Steckbauer would be jailed and fined for interfering with Baxter's station.

Baxter signed his ~unintentionally amusing letter, using his PE designation, contrary to prior instructions by the Maine Board of Professional Engineering. See our K1MAN page to read a copy of those instructions.

Possible Mail Fraud Investigated

Baxter's letter also sported a certified mail registration number, despite the fact that Baxter's letter was dated on a Sunday, when U.S. Post Offices are closed. As an aside, and strictly out of curiosity, Postal Inspector, Martin S. Kaczynski, was contacted to discover what the penalty might be for fraudulent application of a certified mail registration code.

Laura Smith Congratulates OO Program, Chuck Skolaut, Paul Copeland, Tom Steckbauer

Laura Smith, of the FCC, congratulated Thomas Steckbauer, KE9RY, by email, regarding Steckbauer's Good Operator report. Smith cc'd ARRL Field and Regulatory Correspondent, Chuck Skolaut, K0BOG. Smith praised the Official Observer Program, and she specifically asked Skolaut to commend Paul Copeland, K4KCS, for a job well done.

According to the ARRL, Skolaut recently received reports of a possible jamming signal on 20 meters. It is unknown if Baxter's station, K1MAN, is the subject of the jamming reports mentioned by the ARRL, however, Baxter's station has most assuredly been the subject of deliberate interference reports to the FCC. Baxter has returned after a long absence, following his March 29, 2006 Forfeiture Order in the amount of $21,000.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ, In the News

Bill Crowell has received a letter from the Office of the General Counsel at the FCC. In the letter to Crowell, Joel Kaufman, FCC Associate General Counsel, tells Crowell that "character issues are relevant to this matter" and that Laura Smith's January 31, 2009 e-mail to Mark Morgan does not at all contradict what Crowell claims the Enforcement Bureau stated in its pleadings.

In the e-mail to Morgan, Ms. Smith simply stated the FCC "does not regulate internet content.' Her statement is true. Kaufman pointed out that regulating Internet content is different than using the Internet as one of many tools to investigate potential violations of the Communications Act and the Commission's rules.

This letter clarifies several issues in the Crowell case. First, the FCC said it can use the Internet, and individual Internet postings, to investigate potential rules violations, where character is alleged to be a factor.

Next, the General Counsel's office denied Crowell's Motion, clearing the FCC's Kris Monteith, Rebecca Herselj, and Judy Lancaster, of any wrongdoing, as alleged by Crowell.

FCC -- Internet Discovery, OK

Finally, the Office of the General Counsel verified that an FCC examination of documents found on the Internet is an appropriate line of questioning in the discovery process, when that examination might reasonably be expected to produce evidence with respect to a licensees compliance with the Communications Act and FCC regulations.

Crowell -- FCC Incorrect, Character Inapplicable

For his part, Crowell replied to Kaufman, writing, "I believe you are incorrect regarding the scope of discovery in my non-renewal case because you fail to consider the First Amendment effects of your actions." Crowell apparently believes an FCC examination of Internet postings would force amateurs into a position of 'prior restraint' regarding their right to Constitutionally protected speech.

Crowell concluded, asking, "Since I have never been convicted of any felony, nor have I ever dealt fraudulently with any government agency, the Commission's Character Rule clearly does not apply to me because nothing triggered it. If you disagree, would you kindly advise why?"

Laura Smith: Language, Basis and Purpose

Laura Smith of the FCC warned several users of 3910 kHz about their use of inappropriate language. Warren Whitney of North Yarmouth, ME; Jeff Potter of Van Buren, ME, and William DiDonna of Chicopee, MA were among those formally warned in July, 2009. Smith wrote that the actions of these operators, as described in her letters to them, is contrary to the basis and purpose of the amateur radio service as set out in Section 97.1 of the Commission's rules.

Last week, we reported that all the good operators have abandoned 14.275 MHz

Now here's our good friend, Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, with an Editorial Comment...

Over the past two weeks we have been getting complaints that Newsline is jamming and in other ways harassing users of the frequency of 14.275 MHz on the 20 meter band.

For the record, we at the Amateur Radio Newsline are information providers only. We have no broadcast equipment and we air nothing ourselves. Our audio content is distributed over the Internet and by automated telephone and is formatted for retransmission specifically over VHF and UHF FM repeaters because that is where we believe that it belongs. It was never intended for retransmission on the High Frequency bands, however there are some hams who have chosen to do so for reasons known only to themselves.

If you are among those being interfered with on 14.275 MHz and live within the United States or its possessions, we suggest you obtain the call letters of the station that is doing the rebroadcast that is interfering with you and file a formal complaint with the FCC. It is the responsibility of that Federal Government agency to police the airwaves and only that agency can solve your problem.

That said, we would also question why anyone would even want to operate on or near 14.275 MHz. That is a frequency with a long history of being the home of numerous problems in our service.

With so many other frequencies available on 20 meters alone, there would seem to be no reason to congregate on 14.275 MHz other than to satisfy ones own voyeuristic needs. And in our humble view, that is not a good reason to tune a radio to that frequency.

If you cannot help yourself and feel a need to be there, please do not call or e-mail us to say that you were jammed or harassed. We will only respond that we warned you not to waste your time operating on or near 14.275.

I'm Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, and that how we see it in the studio in Los Angeles.



KE9RY ~ A Very Good Operator

Before the mass exodus of 'Good Operators' from 14.275, one op stood out. KE9RY received a 'good operator certificate' from an Official Observer, despite deliberate interference from commercial interests and t-shirt peddlers on the amateur bands. Congratulations, and an 'AttaBoy' to Tom Steckbauer, KE9RY.

David J. Tolassi States Current Baxter/K1MAN Co-host Richard Whiten is "A Dangerous Man"

While interfering with communications in progress, on the weekend of August 1, 2009, David Tolassi, WA1BHV, stated that he was in the back seat of a car on the way to Dayton, with Richard Whiten, a former and current IARN/AARA co-host. Tolassi went on to call Whiten a dangerous man, saying he was terrorized because he believed Whiten was going to kill an Ohio State Trooper. You can read more about Glenn Baxter's co-host on our K1MAN page.

Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL, Murder Threats and Taunting of the FBI...

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM's friend Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL, has indicated he is once again under FBI scrutiny for solicitation to murder, which is a class X felony in Illinois. Daugherty has apparently taken Karol Madera's incitement to kill the Crows seriously, and Daugherty is now telling the FBI to "bring it on," referring to that agency as the "Fuckup Bureau of Investigation."

Daugherty claims he was provoked into making felony solicitations of murder by people who made complaints about his violent intentions, radio violations, and his posting of animated pictures of children being raped, tortured, and mutilated, on line

Daugherty's Advocate, Ill Advised

Daugherty has an amateur advocate (believed to have some legal training, but who is not a lawyer) who has advised Daugherty that "provocation" by others, in the form of complaints to police, and state and municipal agencies, may be a legitimate reason for justifiable homicide. Daugherty does not deny he solicited murder, and he states he will do "whatever is necessary" up to an including murder in order to stop the complaints. Daugherty's advocate states simply, "Just shoot them."

Todd Daugherty, of Taylorville, IL, is a career cart-pusher at Walmart. He has been banned from several radio forums, and his local library. Daugherty was denied a low power FM license. Daugherty also claims his local police informed him, "If you want to talk to us, get a lawyer." Amusingly, Daugherty is now reposting entire sections of his friend Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM's bizarre web page.. as if that will help popularize his opinions (?)

Complaints have (again) been made to FCC personnel about David Tolassi, WA1BHV

David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV, husband of amateur operator, Jane Tolassi, N1KJR, of Barre, Vermont, has been accused of deliberate interference again. Amateurs indicate they have written and called the FCC with regard to Tolassi's alleged deliberate interference.

Tolassi has also been accused of threatening to murder former FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth and another man. A source at the FCC says they are continuing to receive complaints about David Tolassi, and all complaints will be carefully investigated and considered, prior to any action being taken.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM's Friend Joe Italiano, N9PH Banned (again) from Discussion Forum

Joseph "ToeJoe" Italiano (N9PH) a Boeing employee, at Boeing's St. Louis, MO plant, has once again been banished from the world's most popular ham radio forum. Italiano joins his friend(s) Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Todd Daugherty, Mark Morgan, George Zardecki, David Tolassi, and others in being banned from multiple forums. Italiano's final posts before his timely expulsion were in a thread discussing "Killing Crows" which, on the surface, appeared to have been initiated by North Dakota amateur, Robert Roswick, K0RJR.

Mr. Roswick quickly discovered that his amateur callsign, K0RJR, had been fraudulently misappropriated (a specialty of Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM & company). Italiano's last post indicated he had been banned for using another amateur's callsign.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM Continues to Post False, Fraudulent Quotes on his Web Page

The fraudulent posts, which were not made by Robert Roswick, K0RJR, which were associated with Joseph Italiano's (N9PH) recent banning were removed from the forum, but not before they were transferred, out of context, and pasted onto Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM's little-read web page, with less than lucid commentary, despite the fact that they were false, fabricated, fraudulent posts.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Not a Lawyer

Acts such as these are a good indication of why Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM was not allowed to become a barrister in Canada. Madera's 'fitness for admission hearing' was inundated by petitioners who asked the court to prevent Madera from becoming a lawyer. History shows that Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM was barred admission into the legal profession. Madera is a well known fraud and a liar. Consequently, Madera's lifelong dream of attaining respectability was shattered, and he never became a lawyer in Canada, or anywhere else.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Zero Credibility

It's interesting to note that Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM hosts dozens of these false and fraudulent non-quotes which were fabricated by identity thieves. Some of the stolen ham radio callsigns on Madera's page include: K0RJR, KA1HOT, VE2ZIB, KB2SQP, W2TIA, etc., etc., as well as ridiculous, made up names like ZitaZoid, RadioBob, TeaTotaller, Mike95874, and Bean Picker, not to mention statements made by deceased individuals, who are apparently able to speak from beyond the grave!

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Standards Lacking

Madera calls these quotes "tight quotations ~up to academic standards" which may be another indication of why Madera failed to become a lawyer, and why he failed to succeed in his legal case against the Victoria Real Estate Board. Also, laughably, on a more or less continuous basis, Madera falsely attributes quotes, and even entire websites to individuals who have no knowledge of or relationship to the quotes, or the websites.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Legal Laughingstock

See our legal page for actual court documents involving Madera's apparent ongoing paranoid delusions and his ridiculous conspiracy theories. The fact is, neither Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, nor any of his friends, possess even a shred of credibility.

"Killing" Popular Topic With Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM and Friends

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM has now incited various individuals and organizations to commit murder.

Apparently, Madera is a coward who lacks the testicular fortitude to carry out his own threats. Others have noted that Madera picks on women and children, as well as the elderly and the infirm. These commenters, including comments made by Joseph Italiano, have indicated that Madera carefully chooses and cultivates individuals who possess low a IQ and readily apparent mental deficiencies.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, Incites the Mentally Ill

Apparently, Madera hopes that at least one of these unfortunate, brain-damaged souls, will carry out his terroristic program. Some have already echoed Madera's terroristic threats. Like most cowards, it's doubtful that Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM will venture far from his own door in search of confrontation, and it's probable that his voice will continue to be heard (from across the border) inciting harassment and murder on 20 meters. Like most small minded men, and all cowards, Madera's voice is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Good Operators Abandon 14275

It has become clear that 14275 will not change at any time in the near future. Therefore, those interested in maintaining "good amateur practice" have apparently abandoned the frequency to the likes of K1MAN and VE7KFM. Former inhabitants of 14275, meaning those who communicated there prior to the Baxter/Madera occupation of 2005, have been heard recently on the New Unofficial American Calling Frequency, 14.272.5, plus or minus QRM.

July, 2009 -- Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, MIA -- Madera's Mentally Ill Compatriots, Present & Accounted For

Glenn Baxter, K1MAN, sometime co-host with Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM, VE7KFM, on the IARN AARA radio show, has resumed bulletin operations on 14.275 MHz

Numerous, fresh complaints about interference, broadcasting, pecuniary interest, inadequate station control, distorted transmissions, etc., have been sent to the FCC about Baxter's operation. You can read more about Glenn Baxter, his $21,000 fine from the FCC, and his IARN and AARA businesses on our K1MAN page.

Todd Daugherty Ranting Again

Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, another supporter of VE7KFM and K1MAN, has been ranting about the FBI and the FCC on his relatively obscure, yet fashionably pink blog.

Daugherty reports that he has been under investigation by the FBI and the FCC for some time. Daugherty admits he has made threats against complainants, including felony solicitations to murder complainants against him. Daugherty's defensive rationale is that "he was provoked because people complained he was violating the law." Daugherty, a career cart-pusher at Walmart, in Taylorville, IL, is featured on our N9OGL page.

Mark Morgan, Still Delusional

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, who calls himself an "ally of VE7KFM" has been busy also. Interestingly, Morgan, who calls himself a kinky bisexual, into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism (BDSM) who claims he is married to a self-described, bisexual (formerly Catholic) Jewish, Witch, claims he once dated Todd Daugherty's current paramour. Morgan also manages at least 3 defamatory blogs, with the aid of Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Morgan's apparent role is to cut and paste Madera's lies and defamation, and to add pithy, yet curiously indecipherable comments, regarding same.

In any case, Morgan has again reported various individuals for child sex pandering (the sale of child sex slaves). This time, Morgan says the author of an alleged offer to sell him the sexual services of a 10 year old boy came from a Kalamazoo man. Alternately, it may have come from Florida, or Pennsylvania, according to Morgan. He claims to have contacted child protective services in several states, as well as the Michigan State Police.

In reality, Morgan has been unable to supply any evidence of said pandering note, and he has no idea who sent him the alleged note. Most (actually all) participants of radio forums where Morgan posts, believe that either Morgan sent himself the note, or there was never any note sent to begin with.

Sheriff''s Deputies and State Police Officers familiar with Morgan, state that Morgan is well known to them, and that Morgan's complaints, in the rare event they can decipher them, have tended to lack credibility.

Whitney Tritch -- Self-Described Ally of VE7KFM and K1MAN

Whitney Tritch checked in with Glenn Baxter, K1MAN recently. According to Baxter's IARN - AARA bulletin, Tritch pledged allegiance to both Baxter and Madera. Tritch also stated that Laura Smith of the FCC granted permission for amateurs to use the "F-Bomb" over amateur radio. This statement, which was widely reported at QRZ.com, is patently false.

Joe Italiano Threads Locked

Joe Italiano, N9PH, another Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM supporter, who once nominated VEKFM as "amateur of the year" disseminated the false interpretation of Smith's communication on QRZ.com. Joe Italiano's threa d entitled "F-BOMBS AWAY....the FCC says it's OK...." and other threads, initiated by Italiano, were locked by Moderators after QRZ.com was informed that the threads were based on inaccurate information. Italiano was previously banned by QRZ.com for engaging in similar behavior.

Joe Italiano and Whitney Tritch (N9PH, N3ZV) Misinterpret Email by FCC's Laura Smith

In response to Whitney Tritch's inaccurate interpretation of an email from Laura Smith, Baxter told his listeners, if true, he would call his good friend President Barack Obama, and have Mrs. Smith's position at the FCC terminated, post-haste.

We can't wait to see how it turns out. Baxter also said he has enlisted the aid of Senator Susan Collins, of Maine, to assist him in the renewal of his ham radio license.

Joe Goldberg 'Acquired' Spanish Callsign

Joe Goldberg also wrote in, according to Baxter, stating that he planned to be a frequent listener to Baxter's show. Goldberg told Baxter he had some difficulty with his amateur license, but the matter was cleared up with a couple of phone calls to Riley Hollingsworth, former FCC Special Counsel.

Goldberg told Baxter that prior to using his current call, KJ4DVD, he was using a callsign (EA1AET) which he 'acquired' in Spain.

The operative word here is 'acquired,' since the callsign Goldberg used was actually assigned to Maria Teresa Sagrado Garcia, in Spain. EA1AET was a call Goldberg has admitted he used as a Pirate on 20 meters.

Goldberg frequently engaged in deliberate interference with VE7KFM, while using the pirated call. Goldberg's current call, KJ4DVD, is under a two year conditional grant, subsequent to review of any further Part 97 violations.

Drama Queens, Joe Italiano (N9PH) and Whitney Tritch (N3ZV) Exposed

Joe Italiano posted a dramatic tale of a young amateur "brutally jammed" by a Michigan operator on 14.275 MHz recently. Whitney Tritch chimed in with vague instructions about contacting FCC Enforcement.

Italiano failed to provide facts, call signs, documents, recordings, or any other evidence, and the young amateur "complainant" was not present for the discussion.

Forum participants, knowing Italiano and Tritch's history of being banned from the forum, and their ongoing affiliation with Karol Madera, and their facilitation of various fraudulent acts, regarded the overly dramatic tale with skepticism and/or outright ridicule.

Finally, the Head Moderator addressed Italiano (N9PH), advising him to "stop stirring the pot." More to the point, neither Tritch nor Italiano mentioned their mentor, Karol Madera's words to a 12 year old amateur just one year ago.

Madera told the lad, "I hope al Qaida cuts your nuts off before your first queer fuck." The word 'hypocrite' does not adequately describe Karol Madera and his nefarious cohorts. Incidentally, the Michigan amateur was cleared of the alleged jamming. According to FCC monitoring stations, it never happened.

Madera Fails to Deliver on Canada Day

Karol Madera promised, but failed to deliver an on air treatise about Laura Smith on Canada Day this year. Apparently Madera is incensed by what he calls Smith's failure to discipline his serial targets on 14.275 MHz.

Earlier in 2009, Madera gloated that he was in love with Laura Smith, at the FCC, and that he had developed a close working relationship with her. Madera promised over and over that "Laura would take action" against his vocal critics on 14.275. However, it was not to be. After a thorough investigation of 6 months duration, Smith found that Madera's complaints were bogus, fruitless, misdirected, and without merit.

Although Madera's aides de camp, Joe Italiano (N9PH); Whitney Tritch (N3ZV); Ed Oswald Jr. (W3DUB); Mark Morgan (KB9RQZ); Todd Daugherty (N9OGL); David Tolassi (WA1BHV); and others, conspired to place Madera's bogus complaints in front of Mrs. Smith, upon review, none of those complaints merited disciplinary action by the FCC. Now, a furious Karol Madera has changed his tune, saying, "Tell Laura she can suck my cock!"

This kind of disgusting diatribe is what the world has come to expect from Karol Florian Madera, of Saanich, BC, Canada, who is neither an officer, nor a gentleman. Dedicated readers may recall that Madera's bid to become a lawyer in Canada was rejected by the BC Law Society, and that the Victoria Real Estate Board called the police regarding Madera's threats, long before Madera became a nuisance operator on 14.275 MHz.

Unfortunately, Madera has, apparently returned to his old habits, repeatedly jamming others with the help of his close friend David Tolassi (WA1BHV) of Barre, Vermont, according to allegations before the FCC.

Speaking of David Tolassi, we have received word that numerous complaints have been sent to the FCC about Madera and Tolassi's alleged jamming throughout June of 2009. Even more interesting, the FCC apparently has a renewed interest in Tolassi's alleged murder threats against two amateurs. Those threats were first reported on Jon Cunningham's As the World Turns blog, ham radio's only R-rated daily newsletter.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention Jim Laursen, of Industry Canada, who has reportedly accepted many complaints about Karol Madera from Mrs. Smith, and passed on those complaints to Karol Madera, receiving an earful of malicious invective in return. Even though Jim has been roundly criticized for his failure to reign in the fruity menace on Tillicum road, we hope his relationship with Mrs. Smith is a mark of good things to come.

Suggestion for Jim: Find some legal way to remove Madera's license to transmit, and retire with pride, and with the thanks of Canadian and American radio amateurs everywhere.

Karol Madera: "Laura Smith Can Suck My Cock!"

As disgusting as it sounds, Karol Madera, VE7KFM, of 3040 Tillicum Road, Saanich, BC, V9A 2B3, repeated this phrase over and over as he ranted about FCC Agent Laura Smith's lack of attention to his multiple (delusional) emails attacking American amateur operators.

Madera also says he has pictures of Industry Canada's Jim Laursen in the bath house. Madera is apparently furious that the FCC and Industry Canada are united in ignoring the lies and libel he routinely peddles at 14.275 MHz Madera is currently ratcheting up his anger at Laura Smith and Jim Laursen.

Madera says Laura Smith has until July 1 to take action against those he routinely victimizes, "or else." We hope Madera does not resort to his usual tactics -- influencing the mentally unbalanced to brandish weapons and threats against Mrs. Smith. However, we will not be surprised if this is the case.


That was the headline at Jon Cunningham's 'As the World Turns' newsletter today.

Cunningham is referring to an article written by Richard Watts (rwatts@tc.canwest.com) that appeared in the Victoria Times Colonist on May 29, 2009, which was picked up by the amateur radio community. Cunningham is running Amateur Radio Newsline's version of the story today.

Watts writes, "Ken Jones, the man who wants to build the tower, said he is trying to rebuild a tower used by his father until about 1984. Jones is a volunteer with the Saanich Emergency Program, an organization dedicated to maintaining communications during a catastrophic event like an earthquake."

Richard Watts reported Saanich councillors voted to oppose the ham-radio tower in Saanich, British Columbia (Karol Madera's town) because residents opposed the tower.

Watts quoted Jone's neighbor, Dorothy Cook, "It is ugly. It is too big. It is an industrial structure and I don't want it next to my backyard." Jim Laursen of Industry Canada was also quoted by Mr. Watts, "It is something that people are going to have to put up with coast to coast," said Laursen.

While we support the right of amateurs to erect towers, Laursen has taken the same stance regarding Karol Madera's death threats, slander, obscenities, and generally disgusting behavior at 14.275 MHz, and we wonder if Saanich councillors and neighbors are, perhaps, fearful that the proposed tower will be misused, as many believe the tower at 3040 Tillicum Road, in Saanich, is currently misused.

It is a fact that Madera's neighbors, including parishioners at the Jehova's Witness Temple across the street from Madera, have reported interference problems from Madera's tower, which appears, based on aerial photos, to be precariously perched above his neighbors property.

We hope Mr. Jones will have his tower approved, and at the same time, we hope Industry Canada, building inspectors, and Saanich councillors, will take a long look at Karol Madera's tower. You can reach the Saanich Council at this address.

FCC Resumes Publication of Enforcement Letters

Notably absent were FCC letters to operators on 14.275 MHz Contrary to Karol Madera's predictions and statements, the FCC has apparently been able to definitively prove that Karol Madera is a liar. None of the station owners Madera has blamed for jamming over a period of 4+ years were among the recipients of FCC Warning Letters. Among many ridiculous assertions, the most ridiculous was Madera's claim that a remote base in New Mexico was being used to jam his transmissions.

For approximately the past six months, Madera has been heard praising FCC Special Counsel for amateur radio, Laura Smith. However, following publication of the latest enforcement letters, Madera was at a loss for words as he noted that none of his usual victim's names were on the list of recipients of FCC enforcement letters.

Madera's honeymoon with Laura Smith is now apparently over. On the weekend of the Dayton Hamvention, a seemingly intoxicated Karol Madera reported that Industry Canada was putting pressure on him to tone down his abusive rhetoric, and his presumed monopoly of 14.275 MHz

Madera appeared to be flustered and furious, at both the FCC and Industry Canada, and he had many choice (unprintable) words for Industry Canada's Jim Laursen.

In keeping with his ungentlemanly disposition, Madera also began calling Hamvention attendees, asking them to track down the "Reubenesque Laura Smith" because he was interested in knowing her bra size. Madera's insulting innuendo aside, Madera said that unless he receives assurances within the next few days that Laura Smith intends to follow his (fraudulent) agenda, he intends to begin work on the next body of work at his (defamatory) webpage, entitled, 'The Life of Laura.'

In Other News...

Reader Asks: Are Janet Jackson's Breasts More Important Than Murder Threats?

The two year anniversary of death threats, allegedly made by Vermont resident David J. Tolassi has come and gone. According to an affidavit filed by a federal agent, Tolassi made murder threats similar to those made by Todd Daugherty recently. The difference is, Tolassi apparently made his threats over public airwaves, using his FCC license.

Like Mark Morgan, Ed 'Junior' Oswald, and Whitney Tritch, David Tolassi has ties to Karol Madera, of Saanich, British Columbia. It has been two years since David J. Tolassi was reported as having made death threats against two individuals, one of whom was a federal agent. We hope the FCC plans to take serious action against Tolassi, but we're not overly optimistic -- for obvious reasons...

Todd Daugherty's murder-for-hire scheme

Speaking of murder threats, an individual posting under Todd E. Daugherty's name has posted a solicitation to participate in a murder-for-hire conspiracy here, here, and here. The FBI and Police in Illinois have been contacted. If charged, upon conviction, Daugherty could receive up to 5 years imprisonment for each count of murder solicitiation published.

We were also notified that Todd Daugherty has a new blog, apparently dedicated to Todd by his faithful fans. Google Reports Todd Daugherty's older blog located at blogspot.com has been removed, due to TOS violations.

Karol Florian Madera -- Still Delusional; Still a Liar

A Chief of Psychiatry at a large teaching hospital analyzed Karol Madera's speech, writing, and court cases. This highly trained medical doctor concluded, based on a significant body of written and tape recorded evidence, that Madera is often delusional (out of touch with reality) and threatening. The psychiatrist also found that Madera presented with extremely narcissistic, sado-masochistic, homosexual themes, including themes of extreme violence.

See our Audio Repository for a few examples.

The Chief of Psychiatry who analyzed Madera's writings and recordings, stated his opinion unequivocally. He told us that Karol Madera appears to be an extremely mentally unbalanced individual, who is probably suffering from one or more serious mental illnesses. The psychiatrist was also of the opinion that Madera is also suffering from a concurrent substance abuse, and/or substance dependence problem.

This psychiatric analysis included a thorough review of published recordings, email, a large body of written evidence, including first person accounts of Madera's acquaintances, and previously adjudicated court cases, and witness interviews, involving Karol Madera.

The Ivy League educated psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and teacher, who spoke with us on condition of anonymity, indicated that he had a high degree of confidence in his professional medical opinion, regarding Karol Madera.

The analysis included a caution to anyone coming into contact with Karol Madera: "The major concern(s) involve stalking, harassment, defamation, false statements, and false complaints." The most insightful concern involved predictions like the following: "Madera may lie in order to generate false complaints, and to influence others to make false complaints to authorities. His motivation would likely be harassment of individuals making complaints against him." According to reader/listener reports, these predictions have already come to pass.

The psychiatric analysis and opinion above is not to be confused with the opinion of former FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, who simply referred to Madera as A FRUITCAKE.

Sometimes the simplest descriptions are best.

Whitney Tritch and Mark Morgan: More Evidence of Serious Mental Illness Surfaces

Speaking of unfounded complaints by delusional individuals, Whitney Tritch, N3ZV, recently made a complaint to Laura Smith at the FCC. Tritch alleged failure to ID, against one of the individuals Tritch and Madera repeatedly defame. Tritch included recordings in his complaint. A brief review of Tritch's recordings indicated no failure to ID, and no basis whatsoever for the false complaint Tritch filed with Laura Smith.

The amateur radio community (and law enforcement) have been familiar with Whitney V. Tritch ever since Tritch admitted to a federal crime, after Tritch was apprehended illegally breaking into the qrz.com computer system, using an ill and elderly licensee's call sign to post defamation, identical to the defamation routinely sponsored and distributed by Karol Madera.

In 2008, an account of Tritch's so-called "military exploits" was published by Dan Jeswald. This account was created and sent by Tritch to Jeswald. Tritch's account indicated a serious problem with pathological lying. Tritch's fabricated account of his military heroics was entirely false and fraudulent, like virtually all of the items Tritch has published on the Internet, or shared with the FCC, over the past several years.

Mark Morgan -- Public Records Reveal...

Unsurprisingly, public records also indicate Mark Morgan and his wife (KD8CTL) may also have serious mental problems. Law enforcement officials were advised to "use caution with them." According to public records, Morgan and his wife made various unfounded complaints about their neighbor, prompting visits by local law enforcement, who called their complaints "unfounded."

This situation is reminiscent of Morgan's many false complaints about various amateur radio licensees, including such bizarre allegations as "shower rape"; "child pandering"; "harmful interference", and; "tower vandalism." Like Tritch and Madera, Morgan also lied about his military past, telling others he was a "Colonel in the Chemical Corps." This is another tall tale in a serious of fabrications made by Madera and his delusional compatriots.

Mark Morgan -- Still Marketing Uncertificated Transmitters

Users of a popular website have reported that "Mark Morgan is still marketing uncertificated transceivers." According to our research, the ARRL has reported on this issue frequently in the past.

Simply put, according to a 2000 revision of FCC rule section 2.1204(a)(5), it is illegal to sell or market transceivers which can be easily altered for use as Citizens Band devices.

The FCC says devices such as this fall within the definition of CB transmitters and therefore "cannot legally be imported or marketed in the United States."

A quick check of Morgan's website reveals that some of the radios he appears to be marketing, are on the "forbidden list." According to the website, "at least one complaint has been sent to FCC alleging Morgan is marketing illegal radios in his Amazon.com storefront."

A review of citations in similar cases indicates the FCC has determined that "violations of the Act or the Rules can result in substantial monetary forfeitures, and/or imprisonment, and any illegal equipment is subject to in rem seizure."

The individual reporting Morgan's alleged illegalities wrote, "Mark Morgan has been informed of the situation, but he's failed to take action, and he continues to market the devices, in apparent violation of the rules. This seems to be another situation where Mark Morgan thinks he's above the law."

Morgan's marketing activities were reported to the FCC on February 18th, 2009. Morgan reports continuous contact with FCC Special Counsel, Laura Smith, however, to date, there has been no FCC action reported regarding illegal marketing and sales of uncertificated radios, and Morgan's website remains unchanged.

Mark Morgan's alleged ID theft

Meanwhile, our sources indicate that Mark Morgan was reported to law enforcement recently for identity theft, stalking, harassment by communication, and false swearing. It is unknown at this time whether or not law enforcement officials in as many as 7 different states wish to spend money extraditing Morgan for these alleged crimes. We will keep you posted.

Radio Forums Decry Madera's Foul Language, Slander, Libel

The world's most popular radio forum is hosting yet another thread about Karol Madera, called "Horrifying Obscenity on 14.275." None of the opinions in the 10+ pages in the thread have anything positive to say about Karol Madera's behavior. In fact, most opinions are similar to the one held by Chad Eagle of Bellevue, NE, who wrote:

"Good ol' Karol. He likes to dish it out, but when the tables are turned on him, he simply can't take it and cries foul. He's got that elitist attitude, but there's nothing elite about him.

Plays the victim to anyone who sympathizes with him, or knows little about his true "illustrious" behavior.

He's making a mockery of himself and his fellow Canadians. Problem he doesn't realize is that when he's trying to pull a funny and degrade Americans, people are laughing at him rather than with him.

He acts like a juvenile on the air with his other compadre's; he has all the ingredients jr. high school kids use to act out for attention... boo hoo."

Karol Madera ~ "sickening bigotry"

Madera has made unquestionably anti-semitic comments. See our audio archive and listen to some of Madera's hate propaganda. Please avoid letting youngsters listen.

Madera has advocated violence (such as roadside bombs) against numerous individuals in the US, as well as against agents of the Federal government. Whether a result of mental illness, or some other reason, his threats have been numerous, his enmity for American's, obvious. Madera's hateful rhetoric is undeniable.

Lone Wolf Terrorism

There may, or may not be, an organized cell in Saanich, British Columbia, dedicated to furthering al Qaida's goals in the west, however, officials in the US cannot afford to discount a 'lone wolf scenario' where Madera is concerned.

Madera has a documented history of having partnered with criminals, and the mentally ill, who have performed a variety of criminal acts in the Untied States. Madera has been the subject of more than one RCMP inquiry in his own country.

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is in the news again. Michigan law enforcement records indicate a large number of new complaints have been made regarding Morgan. Complaints include false SOS calls, criminal libel, false swearing, false statements to federal officials, false statements to state officials, false claims of shooting at a minor and wounding him, leaving a blood trail, and a host of other complaints.

Morgan has made reports about at least seven different men to child protection services in at least 6 different states -- at the urging, and under the guidance of Karol Madera -- who also provides content for at least 3 defamatory blogs under the control of Mark Morgan. All of Morgan's reports have been unfounded, and his libel unsubstantiated. Morgans blogs have no basis in truth, or reality.

Morgan was cautioned by the FCC Special Counsel that he should refrain from libeling others, yet Morgan has continuously libeled others for years. Morgan was voted out of the CCRAA amateur radio club. He left office in disgrace, partly as a result of Morgan's reputation as a liar who has made false and malicious reports about others.

According to law enforcement authorities in Michigan, Mark Morgan was transported to a hospital in Marquette, in 2004, under Michigan's Act 258, which states, in part:


Act 258 of 1974

330.1401 “Person requiring treatment” defined

(1) As used in this chapter, "person requiring treatment" means (a), (b), (c), or (d):

(a) An individual who has mental illness, and who as a result of that mental illness can reasonably be expected within the near future to intentionally or unintentionally seriously physically injure himself, herself, or another individual, and who has engaged in an act or acts or made significant threats that are substantially supportive of the expectation.

(b) An individual who has mental illness, and who as a result of that mental illness is unable to attend to those of his or her basic physical needs such as food, clothing, or shelter that must be attended to in order for the individual to avoid serious harm in the near future, and who has demonstrated that inability by failing to attend to those basic physical needs.

(c) An individual who has mental illness, whose judgment is so impaired that he or she is unable to understand his or her need for treatment and whose continued behavior as the result of this mental illness can reasonably be expected, on the basis of competent clinical opinion, to result in significant physical harm to himself, herself, or others. This individual shall receive involuntary mental health treatment initially only under the provisions of sections 434 through 438.

(d) An individual who has mental illness, whose understanding of the need for treatment is impaired to the point that he or she is unlikely to participate in treatment voluntarily, who is currently noncompliant with treatment that has been recommended by a mental health, professional and that has been determined to be necessary to prevent a relapse or harmful deterioration of his or her condition and whose noncompliance with treatment has been a factor in the individual's placement in a psychiatric hospital, prison, or jail at least 2 times within the last 48 months or whose noncompliance with treatment has been a factor in the individual's committing 1 or more acts, attempts, or threats of serious violent behavior within the last 48 months. An individual under this subdivision is only eligible to receive assisted outpatient treatment under section 433 or 469a.

(2) An individual whose mental processes have been weakened or impaired by a dementia, an individual with a primary diagnosis of epilepsy, or an individual with alcoholism or other drug dependence is not a person requiring treatment under this chapter unless the individual also meets the criteria specified in subsection (1). An individual described in this subsection may be hospitalized under the informal or formal voluntary hospitalization provisions of this chapter if he or she is considered clinically suitable for hospitalization by the hospital director.

History: 1974, Act 258, Eff. Nov. 6, 1974 ;-- Am. 1975, Act 179, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 496, Eff. Mar. 30, 2005

One of Morgan's odd blogs is located here: kb9rqz blog. If Morgan continues to engage in bizarre, apparently delusional and paranoid behavior, which affects the health and safety of others, he may very well find himself on the wrong side of Michigan's Act 258, indicating it's time, once again, for involuntary commitment.

Spring 2009

RCMP Investigates Karol Madera, VE7KFM

Karol Madera, VE7KFM is under investigation by RCMP (again). This time, complaints have been made relating to the stalking and harassment of a Canadian woman; vandalism, and; property damage over $1,000 CDN. Related complaints include retaliation for previous complaints made to CDN authorities.

Further complaints (in a long list) have also been made to Indistry Canada. These complaints involve repeated harassment and on-air profanity.

We will attempt to obtain copies of all of the complaints and allegations made by the general public in the US and Canada relating to Karol Madera. If the Canadian Crown decides to lay charges concerning these allegations, RCMP informs us, criminal violations of the Canadian legal code will be brought. Names of victims and further details will be witheld until and if charges are proferred.

Karol Madera, VE7KFM, is no stranger to authorities. RCMP, and the local constabulary in Saanich, and in Victoria, are quite familiar with Madera. Several years ago, the Victoria Real Estate Board notified the highest echelons of the Victoria constabulary about complaints relating to Madera's threats against the Board. Since 2002, Madera has received several communications from various authorities about his ongoing threats.

Madera was prohibited from gaining entry into the BC Law Society. Numerous statements were made, and affidavits entered into evidence against him, regarding his fitness for entry into the Law Society. As our regular readers know, Madera is no longer a real estate agent, and he was never admitted to the Law Society, in BC, or elsewhere.

Harassment, stalking, and now, vandalism and property damage complaints have been added to the growing body of complaints lodged against Karol Madera. Other complaints relate to hate propaganda, racism, anti-semitism, slander, libel, and threats against public officials.

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ - Serious Allegations of Criminal Activities

Recently we reported Karol Madera's good friend Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, was ejected from the CCRAA radio club and voted out by a ratio of 11:1. Morgan is also listed as an "Internet Kook" by rationalwiki.com.

According to that website, "Morgan floods Usenet on a daily basis with hundreds of inane posts. Seems to believe that fictious individuals have commited crimes against him such as Stlaking [SIC] and Stack Babbing [SIC]."

Morgan has stated that he has a brain dysfunction. Apparently this causes him to flood newsgroups with thousands of misspelled, poorly written, and inane posts. Morgan also regularly leaps to bizarre assumptions without the slightest evidence. Morgan has stated in writing that Karol Madera led him to conclusions that caused Morgan to lodge false complaints with child protective services against individuals who have made complaints about Madera.

CQ Magazine Calls For More Enforcement

(Cites Nazi Rhetoric Familiar to Anyone Who Has Heard Madera)

The Editor of CQ magazine recently called for renewed FCC enforcement, related to problems on the 20 meter band, which he apparently just discovered. However, in our view, CQ's Editor would have been well advised to call for INDUSTRY CANADA to begin enforcement of its amateur radio program.

It's well known that RAC has been extremely frustrated by the lack of IC action in this area, since at least 2005. Industry Canada receives complaints, and they react cordially (most of the time) but there has been absolutely no concrete and effective action taken regarding Canada's worst amateur radio operator. For some reason Jim Laursen, at IC, in Victoria, has utterly failed to effectively address the problem. Karol Madera, VE7KFM, resides at 3040 Tillicum Road, in Saanich, BC, a mere 2 miles from Jim Laursen's office.

We do not condone the US amateur's who respond inappropriately to an apparently mentally ill provocateur in Canada. We believe that one license revocation in Canada, would immediately relieve 99% of the problems on the 20 meter band, throughout North America. That's our view. What do you think?

Retiring Tuesday -- Tom Whatley, N1FM, Busts Another Fraud and Grand Theft Ring

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports Senior Delray Detective Tom Whatley has busted yet another alleged fraud and grand-theft ringleader in Delray Beach. Tom retires on Tuesday, November, 25th, but he's had a long and distinguished career. In 1988, Whatley was commended for apprehending a prison escapee who stole a car and a gun, then killed a motorcycle officer from West Palm Beach. Six hours before the motorcycle officer's funeral, Whatley located and chased the suspect at speeds over 120 mph . After the perpetrator crashed his vehicle, Whatley pursued the perpetrator on foot, and after a physical struggle, arrested the convict, who is now on death row. Whatley attended his brother officer's funeral, with the thanks of the the deceased officer's family, and over 6,000 other officers in attendance.

In 2003, Whatley was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Law Officer of the Year award by The Palm Beach Post. In 2007, Delray Beach citizens presented Whatley with a $500 check and gave him their Officer of the Year award.

Whatley is well known for his arrests of two priests who allegedly scammed parishioners out of 8.6 million in cash, according to the LA Times. TIME magazine called the scandal possibly "the worst known case of embezzlement in U.S. Catholicism" and Time renewed calls across the country for more fiscal accountability within the church.

Whatley, pictured here with John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, was honored by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. As a further result of his exemplary work on behalf of America's children, Whatley was featured on CNN after he reopened a cold case and recovered a missing girl in Hawaii who had been previously kidnapped. Whatley cut through bureaucratic red tape and made sure the missing youngster was promptly returned to her home in Florida.

Tom Whatley was named "Officer of the Month" in September, 2007 and again in October, 2008, Whatley received further accolades from the highest echelons of the Delray Beach Police Department, who called his service "outstanding" and "well beyond the call of duty".

Throughout the past year, Karol Madera claimed he was "instrumental in getting Tom Whatley fired from his job." Madera made similar, ridiculous claims, about Riley Hollingsworth at the FCC. In both cases, Madera's statements provide ample evidence that he is suffering from delusions, or that he's frankly psychotic. The truth is, Madera was so enraged by Whatley's close association with the RCMP with regard to Madera's numerous threats against US public officials, that Madera actually told Whatley he hoped he would be murdered in the line of duty.

In typical fashion, Whatley laughingly disregarded Madera's racist and violent remarks, including Madera's numerous disgusting remarks about Whatley's wife. Tom Whatley said, "What was it Riley called him; a fruitcake, wasn't it? I have to say, I agree with the FCC Special Counsel, wholeheartedly!"

Karol Madera is a well known fraud and a notorious liar who routinely defames anyone who has made complaints about his slander, libel, and the operation of his radio station. Madera wrote baseless, fraudulent letters to the FCC and others, and he even referenced digitally edited and altered recordings in letters to the Delray Police Department.

Madera (apparently with a straight face) even stooped so low as to accuse Tom Whatley and others of sending him "white powder" through the mail. Madera's attempted frame-up of the men backfired when a list of potential suspects was supplied to federal law enforcement, all of whom, are, or were, friends of Karol Madera.

Not long afterward, several of Madera's correspondents (Tolassi, Daugherty, Duke, et al.) were placed on watch lists and/or visited by the FBI. Madera's fond of saying, "be careful what you wish for" and it certainly applies in this case.

After reviewing the facts, Madera's malicious communications and clumsy attempts to implicate others in dastardly crimes, were promptly disregarded and soundly ridiculed by Whatley's superiors and the FBI. After learning of the attempted smear job, and upon hearing Madera rave like a lunatic, the FCC Special Counsel referred to Madera as a "fruitcake" (with all that entails) and a "very poor operator." He also referred to Madera as "several french fries short of a Happy Meal."

Despite the best efforts of Karol Madera, and his discredited, demented, and unsavory partners in crime (Tolassi, Morgan, Duke, Daugherty) and a few other undesirables, Detective Whatley retires with the thanks of his peers, bonus payments, and a generous, full pension. After 20+ years of service to his community, Tom plans to spend more time on the 20 meter band, beginning in 2009. Good luck Tom!

Lies, Libel, Slander, and Mayhem -- Madera Continues to Persevere!

Following his failure to excite authorities in the United States, Madera followed up on his fraudulent letter writing and white powder campaign, by asking others to post libel (using false identities) on various Internet forums, about those who have reported him to Canadian authorities.

The fake quotes and blatant falsehoods posted by identity thieves can be seen throughout Madera's fraud-filled web page, but not on the original forums where they appeared, since they were proven to be false, and most of the fraudulent statements, subsequently removed.

Beginning in November, 2007, Madera influenced the notoriously disingenuous Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, to post his libelous lies on a blog maintained by Morgan. He also influenced Morgan to contact Children's Protective Services in Florida, and elsewhere, with untrue and scurrilous allegations about seven men in various states, whom Madera has also repeatedly defamed.

Not long afterward, Mark C. Morgan of 17366 River Road, in Tapiola, Michigan, was ejected and shunned by his local amateur radio association, and most other radio enthusiasts. Today, Morgan is regarded as a "kook" and, having been banned from all respectable forums, he is relegated to backwater Internet swamps where he can do no further harm.

All of Madera & company's allegations have been proven to be untrue and completely unfounded. The only speck of truth in Madera's histrionic spew, is that hundreds of unidentified jammers appear whenever Madera begins his vitriolic on-air diatribes. These jammers have even broadcast Nazi speeches and marching music while Madera is on-air, apparently in protest against Madera's anti-semitism and his oft-proclaimed affinity for the Nazi Fuhrer's policies of eugenics, euthanasia, and lobotomies which were inspired by Ernst Rudin and carried out by Dr. Josef Mengele.

Authorized by Hitler, Ernst Rudin was drafted to assist in composing the Law for the Protection of Heredity Health, which passed in 1933, the same year that the Nazis took complete control of the German government. The law was designed to prevent procreation of Jews, homosexuals, and others whom Hitler condemned. The Nazi speeches and marching songs (recently noted by CQ Magazine) used to jam Madera, evidently exemplify a kind of illegal, albeit satirical, civil disobedience protest, a la Thoreau, Franklin, Walden, and Swift, related to Madera's frequent vocal espousal of Hitler's policies.

Unfortunately fact that Canada (among other western nations) became a haven for Nazi war criminals following the Nazi Holocaust.

Several individuals have publicly called for an inquiry into the circumstances of the Madera family's entry into Canada, and for the facts surrounding the circumstances of Madera's father's work for the Nazi regime, which Madera has admitted to, on-the-air.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, in Israel, and others, have thus far, made preliminary inquiries. It is also an unfortunate fact that British Columbia has harbored Neo-Nazis, for decades and that the Province has a long history of inaction and ineptitude where prosecution is concerned.

Mark Morgan Continues Malicious Spam Campaign

Despite being banned and/or ejected from every organization and respectable Internet forum we can think of, Mark C. Morgan (KB9RQZ) of 17366 North River Road, Chassell, Michigan, continues to post malicious spam on lesser known radio forums, despite being asked on numerous occasions, to cease and desist. Karol Madera calls Morgan a good friend, while Morgan refers to Madera as his "ally."

Approximately one year ago, Morgan made malicious and false reports to children's protective services around the country, against numerous individuals, at the urging of Karol Madera. Morgan was overwhelmingly voted out and ejected from the CCRAA radio club in Michigan by a margin of 11:1, earlier this year.

In a related story, Morgan's partner Gavrielah Hojnacki, KD8CTL, is to be contacted by the President of the CCRAA about items and property belonging to the CCRAA radio club, which should have been promptly returned when she left office.

Hojnacki departed office when her partner, Mark Morgan, was precipitously voted out of that club. Although there has been some speculation that Morgan and Hojnacki have been implicated in the theft of unknown items and property belonging to the club, those allegations remain unproven at the present time.

RAC President Discusses Lack of Support From IC

RAC President Dave Goodwin VO1AU/VE3AAQ ponders taking over administration of amateur radio service.... "There is no shortage of grumbling among Amateurs about the resources Industry Canada devotes to our interests. Well, if we think we’re so smart — and if we think we know what’s best for us, let us take on the job of administering ourselves. Let IC set the rules — they are the authority after all — but let us undertake the initiatives to make sure that the administrative side is handled in a way that meets our needs... Could we do a better job than IC? Perhaps not, but at least we would be more sensitive to our collective interests."

Many Canadian amateurs have made numerous complaints to Industry Canada regarding Karol Madera's misuse of the airwaves. Nearly all complainants have discussed Jim Laursen's lackadaisical performance and attitude regarding their legitimate concerns. A petition to IC to have Laursen removed and/or sued for failure to perform is said to be presently in the works. We will have more news as events proceed.

Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, Appointed Assistant Director ARRL:

On October 25, ARRL Atlantic Division Director Bill Edgar, N3LLR, announced that he had appointed Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, former Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau, an Assistant Director for the Atlantic Division; Hollingsworth retired from the FCC earlier this year.

(Courtesy The ARRL Letter)

Embarassing Racist Statements About President Elect Obama from Poland and Saanich, BC

According to the UK Daily Star, Poland's foreign secretary has sparked fury with a sick racist joke claiming Barack Obama is descended from cannibals.

Poland's foreign secretary apparently agrees with Karol Madera, who recently referred to Barack Obama as a "nigger" and a "voodoo reasoning jigaboo." Madera has opined in similar fashion about Condoleeza Rice, and other African-Americans, including African American radio amateurs.

This kind of speech is considered 'hate propaganda' under Canadian law, and Canadians are advised to report this type of speech to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Noted Canadian human rights attorney, Richard Warman, has volunteered to help Canadian's perfect complaints to the Commission in this regard.

Last year, Madera warned B'nai Brith that they should not visit him because he had weapons in the house. His comments came shortly after a complaint was made to B'nai Brith regarding Madera's ongoing anti-semitic commentary on the air.

Madera has also advocated "lobotomies, eugenics, castration, and euthanasia" against "American mental defectives" which seems to be yet another another example of hate propaganda against an identifiable group.

Another Interesting Karol Madera Related Video Spotted on YouTube

Veterans Day Edition, 2008

This weekend, Karol Madera, while discussing his sexual history with his fellow seamen, (in one of several admissions against interest), mentioned that he fell down a hatch and broke his neck whilst drunk and on duty. Madera, slurring his words, then saluted America's Veterans by sexually propositioning several of them.

Madera's homosexual solicitations are quite familiar to listeners who frequent the middle segment of the 20 meter shortwave band. Madera also routinely shares his beliefs about the American draft and roadside bombs.

Madera freely admits the FCC dubbed him 'the bad Canadian', and he promised to make good on his nickname. He also revisited previous statements regarding the 9/11 terrorist attacks, pontificating at length about "brave" al Qaida hijackers.

Madera also (again) branded himself as a terrorist sympathizer when he promised al Qaida would get aid and comfort from his radio station, once propagation improves.

Madera also had a few comments about the US government and the Obama Presidency, referring to Obama as a "nigger" and a "voodoo reasoning jigaboo," and mentioning that he would like to meet Michelle Obama, to give her "some of his Polish sausage."

You may already be familiar with Madera's racist remarks as well as his views of Americans, the RCMP, Industry Canada, Jim Laursen, and Stephen Harper's government, as well as Jews, women, and minorities.

Serious Doubts Raised About Karol Madera's So-Called Military Career

Several men associated with the US and Canadian military have questioned the truthfulness of Karol Madera's numerous and conflicting accounts of his military career. Canadians have questioned Madera's lack of a Canadian Forces Decoration, which is given to those who honorably served Canada's military for at least 12 years.

In addition, Madera told his friend, Whitney Tritch, who is a known military fraud about a crime he committed whilst in the Canadian Forces. Madera misrepresented himself to a superior officer and his military peers, awarding himself "several ranks" above his actual rank. Madera's fequent lies are commonplace on the 20 meter band.

Madera also stateed, in writing, that he was trained as a Navigator and as a Communications & Electronic Warfare Officer, and he also said that he hunted "Red Octobers" in the North Atlantic on a DDH (Naval Destroyer).

Madera also says he served an "unprecedented" 3 tours of duty in the UN Emergency Force in the Middle East. Yet, curiously, he is not in possession of the UNEFME medal he would have received for such service.

Obviously, submarine hunting on a Destroyer in the North Atlantic is very different from serving as base librarian in the middle east, which is also a duty Madera said he performed. Confusing isn't it? One of Madera's good friends reported that Madera's career came to a halt when he fell down a hatch and broke his neck following a long night of drinking.

Although Madera has tried to pass himself off as "someone trained in the law," we know, via court records, communication with the British Columbia Law Society, (and Madera's own accounts) that Madera is not a lawyer.

Nor is he a real estate agent. He is, in fact, a liar and a fraud. He was not admitted to British Columbia's Law Society, and he was locked out of the Victoria Real Estate Board in connection with allegations of a bizarre homosexual conspiracy. When Madera lost a lawsuit against the VREB concerning those allegations, Madera accused presiding Judge, Keith Bracken (now a Chief Justice) of being "bought off, or sucked off, in chambers."

Speaking of the military, Madera also failed to demonstrate knowledge regarding upgrades to a well known version of the U.S. Navy's celebrated Phalanx CIWS system which is installed on both Canadian Destroyers patrolling the North Atlantic.

For someone who claims to have served aboard a Destroyer "hunting Red Octobers," Madera reveals an astounding ignorance of naval weapons systems; the purpose of second source contracts; and the evolving nature of naval weaponry, in general.

Although Madera says he served aboard a Destroyer in the North Atlantic, he is apparently not even conversant with weapons systems on Canadian Destroyers, and there is no record of Madera having served aboard either the Iroquois or the Athabaskan, the only two Destroyers in the Canadian Navy to ply the waters of the North Atlantic in anti-submarine duty during the period Madera claims to have served.

We, at the Center for Media Studies, believe that questioning Madera's honesty is an exercise in redundancy and futility, since, as previously mentioned, it is an established fact that Karol Madera is both a fraud, and a liar.

Pedophiles and Karol Madera

In a discussion about radio pirates recently, Eric Nichols made reference to someone who is "a known pedophile and proud of it." Nichol's statement is generally believed to be in reference to Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Nichols is the latest celebrated author and engineer to opine on the topic in question.

From a U.S. perspective, Nichols is absolutely correct. Madera has often been heard inquiring about engaging in sexual congress with children.

Since Madera is over 60 years old, and since he has inquired about sexual relations with 14 year old children, his own statements place him firmly in the pedophile class in every state in the Union.

Visit our archive section to read what the FCC Special Counsel said about Madera, and what Bill Sabin, author of what is considered the Bible of discrete-time and discrete-frequency signal analysis and design, had to say about Madera, just a few weeks ago.

Ryan Jairam, N2RJ, rendered an opinon about Karol Madera recently, calling him a "mentally defective idiot." Jairam is in good company. Hundreds, if not thousands of similar opinions have appeared in print about Madera, since 2005.

Ryan Jairam has been the victim of Madera's racial bigotry, on the air and in print, on Madera's discredited and foolish web page. Ryan Jairam is a respected member of SKCC, FISTS, WWYC, ARRL, TAPR, RMARC, NJDXA, and FRC. He is also QSL manager for KC2OYY, 2E0PLA, M1LMO M0RAJ, 9Y4RAJ, 9Y4PCS, and K3UK. Jairam also holds the call 9Y4RAJ, from the island of Trinidad. We believe Ryan Jairam epitomizes what it means to be a good citizen, as well as a good radio operator.

On August 21, 2008, Dick Russo from Staten Island wrote about Madera's rampant rules violations on 14.275 megahertz:

"After reviewing a webpage dedicated to this moron's antics and seeing pictures of how this filthy pig lives, I now pity him. He is a dirtbag who cant even take out a hose and bother with a can of paint to spruce up that rat infested cabin he calls a home. His Volvo is laced with tetanus causing rust tumors and with any luck the out house this guy lives in will fall in over his head and that will be that. Give him the credit he is due, he is a filthy animal who is too lazy to keep his home in order, but would rather sit by his crusty old mic and yell silly comments over the air.

Someone should hand him a bucket, a bar of soap for bathing, and a job in McDonalds as he is not worth anyone's time. Nor should he have a website dedicated to himself. He is obviously lonely and with any luck, he will find a beam that's not rotted, in that slum he calls home, and hang himself from it."

October 22, 2008 - Madera Jams Airwaves With Smut

Karol Madera spent much of the evening jamming legitimate communications with harmful interference, as defined by FCC 47CFR Part 97.3(23). Madera made use of his radio station by broadcasting a very distorted 18 minute tape recording with the words "fuck you" and "motherfucker" over and over again.

It is unknown what else was in the tape recording, because it was so distorted. Madera's upper sideband signal was 12 kilohertz wide, with 6 kilohertz of energy on the lower sideband. This according to a calibrated, lab grade, spectrum analyzer located near his transmission site.

When not playing his obscene tape recordings, Madera defamed several different people; degraded the Polish community who have abandoned him; called on al Qaida to murder U.S. citizens; and solicited homosexual intercourse from several different men.

Madera was largely ignored. Other spectrum users disregarded his transmissions by talking over his transmissions. Madera's transmissions are regarded as "harmful interference" under U.S. rules and Madera's transmissions may therefore be legitimately and legally ignored.

David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV - Desperate Defamation Dominates

Below, you will find Federal Agent, Riley Hollingsworth's testimony that David Tolassi made threats against his life on September 30, 2007. On Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007, Jon Cunningham, K1TP, broke the news that Tolassi admitted he made the threats and that he was in big trouble if anyone had made a tape of the events. We can now reveal that a tape was made, the FBI was notified, the Vermont Sheriff's department was notified, and personnel at the highest levels of the FCC were made aware of David Tolassi's threats.

Now it appears that Tolassi is engaging in witness tampering as he attempts to defame and initimidate witnesses in the case against him, using the radio and various Internet forums to harass complainants. So far, responsible websites such as qrz.com have deleted Tolassi's paranoid rants and conspiracy theories as soon as they've appeared in print. We understand the FCC, and other federal authorities, are in discussions right now as to how to proceed against David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV.

Tolassi is the husband of Jane Tolassi, N1KJR. According to an affidavit by Federal agent Riley Hollingsworth, Tolassi threatened to MURDER him and another man, in cold blood at the Dayton Hamvention.

Hollingsworth Signs Affidavit Stating David Tolassi Threatened to Murder Two Men

In October, 2007, Riley Hollingsworth signed a statement to Federal officials regarding death threats he said were made by David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV. According to an official letter to Federal officials (with attachments) and an official report to Gettysburg police, Riley Hollingsworth wrote that David Tolassi made on-air death threats against him. Tolassi is the husband of Jane Tolassi, N1KJR, also an amateur radio operator, and a teacher at U-32 school in Montpelier, Vermont.

See copies of the Hollingsworth letter here, here, and here. We are in possession of a number of other documents, recordings, affidavits, and police reports regarding the incident. We will be releasing those as circumstances dictate.

We are left wondering about the safety of the students at U-32 school in Montpelier, Vermont. Is the alleged perpetrator of these death threats free to wander the campus where school children are at their studies?

Tolassi has stated that he was investigated by the Vermont Sheriff's Department, and we are aware that the Federal Bureau of Investigation also has a dossier on David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV. According to reports, Tolassi continues to maintain a close relationship with 'a person of interest' in Canada, who has been described by officials as a "psychotic domestic terrorist."

We will have more on this story in upcoming editions... For now, those with anxieties about David J. Tolassi's proximity to school children are invited to express their concerns to the Superintendent, Principal, School Board, and administration of U-32 school in Montpelier.


930 Gallison Hill Road

Montpelier, VT 05602

phone: 802-229-0321 - fax: 802-223-7411

Karol Madera - Interpretive Incompetence

On the evening of October 1, 2008, Madera was up to his usual antics. He was transmitting obscenities, false distress signals, soliciting homosexual intercourse, and interfering with legal transmissions, when he paused to make false proclamations about Bill Crowell, W6WBJ, and Crowell's case with the FCC.

Madera, who failed to gain admission to the British Columbia Law Society, failed in the interpretation of the most basic legal documents. This judicial Order in the Crowell case clearly indicates that a Motion for continuance has been granted, but, Madera falsely and inadvisedly stated that Crowell had won his case. Madera also said that the FCC had dropped the case. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many have stated, Karol Madera is a liar, not a lawyer.

Karol Madera's Good Friend Todd Daugherty, N9OGL in the News

Todd Daugherty Continues to Post Virtual Images of Children Raped By Adults

Todd Daugherty is at it again. Daugherty, a 40 year old Wal-Mart cart pusher, who lives with his parents at 800 West Main Cross in Taylorville, IL has been posting images of virtual children in sexual situations again. This, despite two Warning notices from the FCC and at least one visit from the FBI, who expressed an interest in Daugherty's "art work."

Daugherty is well known to local law enforcement, the FCC, the FBI, and his radio peers, as an obscene radio Pirate. Those who have followed Daugherty over the years have dubbed him 'The Toad' and 'The Pedo' due to his aberrant proclivities, e.g., his enjoyment of animated images of naked children being tortured and raped by adults.

Some concerned citizens have reportedly called on Daugherty's parents, Jim and Mary Daugherty, at (217) 824-3675 in the hope they will attempt to restrain their son. A few have advocated calls and letters to Wal-Mart management, at 1175 East 1500 North Rd, Taylorville, IL 62568, Phone: (217) 287-7219, warning them about their cart pusher's habit of making violent threats and his interest in animated sexual images of youngsters.

So far, Daugherty remains undaunted, flaunting threats and libel in the face of attention from the FBI, his local police, the FCC, and his peers. Unfortunately, Karol Madera has encouraged Daugherty to continue doing what he's been doing, saying, "I like it Todd, I like it very much! Don't stop now Todd!" So far, Daugherty has ignored reasonable voices, and has continued to follow the advice of his obscene mentor, Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

Jamming From Tavernier, Florida Continues

On September 10, 2008, numerous individuals witnessed jamming, obscenities, threats, and unidentified transmissions from a station whose signals apparently originated in the Florida Keys.

Many listeners reported a belief that the jammer is the same individual who plagued 14.275 throughout 2007 and 2008. In fact, several listeners claimed the jammer was the same man who illegally hijacked and used the call EA1AET... the very same callsign hijacker, liar, and pirate station who claimed he was a physician named Joe, who befriended Karol Madera, who admitted to the FCC that he transmitted illegally from the Florida keys.

The jammer indicated he had been drinking, and that he was drunk, and initially the jammer tried to disguise his voice. When confronted, the jammer denied he was KJ4DVD, Dr. Joseph Goldberg of 153 Ocean Drive, Tavernier, Florida.

Joseph Goldberg, of 153 Ocean Drive, Tavernier, FL, KJ4DVD, has had issues with the FCC in the past. Goldberg was Warned by the FCC in January, 2008. Goldberg was Warned that transmitting without a license is a violation of 47 U.S.C. Section 301, and that violations of this nature carry criminal penalties, including monetary forfeiture (fines) and imprisonment.

The FCC Database indicates Joseph Goldberg's conditional, limited license, currently PROHIBITS operation on all frequencies between 14.272 and 14.278 MHz. We suggest you listen and compare this recording of the known callsign hijacker who described himself as "Dr. Joe," a physician from the Florida Keys, who illegally used the callsign EA1AET which was recorded on October 18, 2007, and this recording of the obscene and threatening jammer on 14.275 on September 10, 2008.

Reach your own conclusions regarding the identity of the jammer who claims he is not Dr. Joseph Goldberg, KJ4DVD. Hopefully, we won't hear any more jamming, obscenities, threats, or illegal broadcasting of music and/or Barack Obama's speeches from the Florida Keys.

Noted Radio Luminary Bill Sabin Describes Karol Madera:

"A Boring and Obscene Windbag Who Thinks He Owns the Frequency"

Noted author, electronics designer, and engineer, William E. Sabin, W0IYH told Karol Madera recently that he is an arrogant, obscene, windbag with an unending line of bullcrap who thinks he owns 14.275 mHZ. Sabin went on to tell Madera, "I'm really not interested in anything you have to say about anything, on any subject."

Sabin is well known in technology circles. He is a retired engineer from Rockwell Collins andco-editor of Single Sideband Systems and Circuits, as well as author of Discrete-Signal Analysis and Design. Sabin is a frequent contributor to the ARRL handbook, and the author of a number of articles in QST and QEX. Sabin is one of a growing number of individuals in the amateur radio establishment with firmly held negative opinions about Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

Madera told Sabin he is "happy to be called arrogant" and he called Sabin a series of juvenile names. Madera is well known for operating on SSB with distorted, harmonic laden, class C amplifiers, and creating power supplies from microwave oven parts, liberated from his town dump.

Karol Florian Madera Alleges Judicial Fraud and Misconduct

...Says Supreme Court Justice Keith Bracken was "Sucked off by Faggots, in Chambers"

On the evening of September 6th, 2008, Karol Madera said he lost his 'homosexual conspiracy' Real Estate Board case because the Honorable Judge (Supreme Court Justice J. Keith Bracken) was either "bought off in chambers, or sucked off by faggots, at the Victoria Real Estate Board." Madera went on to say, "there is plenty of evidence that they" [the Victoria Real Estate Board members] "were faggots."

Madera is also still apparently claiming one or more former Victoria Real Estate Board Members: Fraser, Curtis, Brooks, Boorman, Brown, Klizs, Cabeldu, Field, and McIvor are "faggots" which seems defamatory, at least, via innuendo and otherwise. This information has been forwarded to the Real Estate Board's solicitors, Mike Scherr and Monte Prior, at Pearlman Lindholm, in Victoria, BC.

The judge, whom Madera claims "was sucked off, or bought off, by faggots at the Victoria Real Estate Board" is apparently, none other than the Honourable Justice J. Keith Bracken, a judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia in Duncan, who was recently appointed Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Mr. Justice Keith Bracken received a Bachelor of Laws in 1976 and a Bachelor of Arts (Economics) in 1975 both from the University of Saskatchewan and he graduated from the RCMP training academy in 1963. He was admitted to the Bar of British Columbia in 1977 and to the Bar of Saskatchewan in 1984. Over the next several years Mr. Justice Bracken developed his practice expertise in the areas of civil litigation, banking law and criminal law. In 1991, he was appointed to the Provincial Court of British Columbia. Mr. Justice Bracken has been a frequent presenter at law conferences and has taught at the University of Victoria and Akitsiraq Law Schools. He has also acted as co-editor of the Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges' Journal.

We believe Karol Madera's serious allegations against Justice Bracken deserve serious attention. Madera has accused Justice Bracken of receiving payoffs and/or receipt of homosexual favors in order to influence court decisions. Given Madera's long history of lies and fraud, we don't believe his allegations for a moment. However, we promise to look into Madera's serious, and in all probability, highly defamatory allegations.

For more information about the Real Estate Board case, please review the following:

Request for dismissal of Karol Madera's second cause of action which was discovered to be time barred and, in any case, res judicata, (already decided), being virtually identical to his first cause of action. Madera lost the first cause of action. The case was dismissed and Madera was ordered to pay defendant's attorney fees, filing fees, and to pay $1,000 to each of the Defendants.

To read more about Karol Madera's bizarre 'legal career' and his allegations about conspiracies involving homosexual secret societies, as well as his well documented failure to gain admittance to the British Columbia Law Society, click the tab at the top of this page, labeled "Legal." We remind readers that Karol Madera is neither a lawyer, nor a real estate agent. He is a well known liar and he is not authorized to call himself a lawyer, nor is he authorized to practice law, nor is he a member of the Victoria Real Estate Board, nor is he a member of the Law Society in British columbia, or anywhere else in Canada.

Psychotherapists Discuss Karol Madera

We recently discussed Karol Madera's web page with three leading professionals in the behavioral sciences. These leading psychotherapists (social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists) all confirmed that Karol Madera's words and behavior are consistent with someone best described as narcissistic, grandiose, delusional, paranoid, and sociopathic.

Madera may be suffering from one or more serious personality disorders, a leading psychiatrist opined, "Based on his writings, his speech, his behavior, and interviews with his victims, he seems to have a dishonest, vindictive, sado-masochistic component to his personality, as well as numerous, violent, homosexual desires and fantasies."

We will keep these opinions on file, but, we will not reveal the names of these professionals, due to their unanimous opinion that Madera would revert to form, and begin to stalk, harass, libel, and otherwise defame any professional with an unfavorable opinion of his behavior, as he has done, so many times in the past.

Pirate Operators Discuss Karol Madera

The FRN grapevines discussed Karol Madera, VE7KFM not long ago, calling Madera a sicko/psycho, jerk, and looney toon.

Urban Dictionary Defines Madera

The Urban Dictionary defined Madera as: "A hate-speak spewing amateur radio operator of limited intellect." This appeared recently in an online search, as well as an article describing Madera as 'someone who makes terroristic threats to Americans.' We can verify the terroristic threats. His habit of returning again and again to a frequency where he is regularly jammed, then whining loudly when jamming occurs, speaks volumes about his relative intelligence.

ARRL OO Coordinator Dismisses Karol Madera as Attention Seeking and Offensive

After Karol Madera littered the County Hunter Forum with personal attacks, harassing other members, and violating the trust of the forum owner, Madera received this communication from a leading ARRL Official Observer Coordinator:

"Message to VE7KFM: First of all, the original posts no longer appear on this forum, and as that is the case any readers will likely have no idea what you are carrying on about."

"Second of all, Riley Hollingsworth no longer works for the FCC. Your rants against him are now meaningless."

"Thirdly, the mess on 14.275 has no easy solution. Regardless of any excuses of being provoked, U.S. amateur operators have regulations by which they must abide. I have done and continue to do my part as an active member of the Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC, by reporting instances of violations of these rules. Any action or inaction on the part of the FCC is totally the decision of that governmental body. The OO program has no say in any enforcement, we mearly attempt to provide information and evidence when requested."

"Fourth, although Industry Canada does not have specific rules regarding many on-the-air actions I have personally heard from a station identifying as VE7KFM, I have found a number of these transmissions personally offensive and feel they have no place on amateur radio, regardless of provocation."

"Fifth, having a realistic outlook, I understand that this situation will never be resolved because none of the parties involved have any interest in their resolution. The parties seem to be most interested in how famous they can become in the amateur world, even if it is for having a bad reputation."

"The fact that you continually seem to do internet searches to find any smidgeon of mention of your call shows that you thrive on any attention, even if it is negative."

"Sixth, perhaps you missed the point in the original posts that I was pointing out that (anonymous, unidentified) U.S. stations were breaking U.S. regulations also. This was not to take any particular side, I have monitored actions I find reprehensible on the part of all involved. I didn't feel this was the proper forum to try to drum up support for the anti-ve7kfm side, just as I feel it is not the proper forum to seek pro-ve7kfm support."

"Seventh, any further communications should be directed to me personally, so that I may personally ignore them, rather than take up space on a forum having nothing to do with 14.275 and the damage operations there does to ham radio."

(signed) 73 for now, Duane, WV2B

Madera's childish reply consisted of Madera listing Duane on his webpage as "a 4-eyed ~well-meaning, but naiive/stupid ARRL OO Co-Ordinator." This response is typical of Madera's mean-spirited, retaliatory tactics aka "kill the messenger." When he doesn't get his own way, Madera engages in infantile temper tantrums, resorting to vicious personal attacks and defamation -- clear signs of a truly unbalanced personality.

Canadian Coast Guard Advises: Call Industry Canada and Saanich Police Department

False international distress calls transmitted by Karol Madera, VE7KFM, have been monitored by U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard officials.

Dan Bate, Communications Officer, Canadian Coast Guard, Pacific, suggests that the Saanich PD and Industry Canada be contacted "We are aware that there are some existing concerns... pass your concerns along to Industry Canada or the Saanich Police Department." In the meantime, U.S. Officials were more blunt. "He's a fruitcake, several fries short of a Happy Meal..."

Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ Added to Kookpedia

Karol Madera's friend Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, was recently voted out of the Copper Country Radio Amateurs Association by a margin of eleven to one. Morgan appears in Kookpedia: "An old friend; ham radio enthusiast; callsign: KB9RQZ. Regularly frogged and forged by various members of rec.radio.* (closeted until someone tried to blackmail him, whereupon he outed himself), dyslexic, and doesn't know Morse code (which enrages his fanbois). Winner of the Golden Killfile some two years ago, for spamming his attempts to mute their attacks. Note: His fanclub is now a subsidiary of the User:Pope Snarky Fan Club."

Mark Morgan, Ousted From CCRAA

Please take a moment to review the Minutes of the Copper Country Radio Amateurs Association club Meeting on August 5th, 2008, where Karol Madera's good friend, Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ was removed from his position as President of that amateur radio club. As previously reported, Mark Morgan became notorious for cooperating with Karol Madera in the filing of false complaints of child sex pandering against multiple amateurs last November. The CCRAA asked Mark Morgan if he would step down for the good of the club. After Morgan refused, he was overwhelming voted out.

Frauds Defending Karol Madera Continue to Stalk Online Forums

Yet another fraud and callsign hijacker has been busted at qrz.com. Recently, KE5OBA, DL4IR, KB2SQP, KA1HOT, and now VE2ZIB have been discovered to be the victims of identity thieves using qrz.com to further the fraudulent agenda of Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

Indeed, now only one legitimate callsign holder routinely parrots the lies and slander spewed by Madera, and that person is 'Junior' Oswald, aka W3DUB. Madera is so desperate for support, he has encouraged frauds, identity thieves, and criminals to support him in his failed attempt to libel any and all who have reported his activities to authorities in the U.S. and Canada.

The website, qrz.com has already banned most of the criminals associated with Karol Madera, ve7kfm. QRZ has cracked down on identity thieves in support of Karol Madera by banning them from posting whenever they appear.

Mark C. Morgan accused of fake SOS

Mark Morgan has been accused by many of his peers as being the sender of a fake SOS signal which was reportedly investigated by the Houghton County Sheriff and others. This weekend many of the same individuals accused Morgan of interfering with the Hurricane Watch Net on 20 meters. Morgan has become a figure of fun and a laughingstock in amateur radio circles ever since he began calling himself an ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM.

In this picture, seen on the Rec Radio Amateur Policy newsgroup, Morgan is compared to psychotic killer Charles Manson. Morgan claimed he shot at and wounded a teen aged boy earlier this summer. However, Morgan is not regarded to have much, if any credibility, particularly since he was accused of making false allegations of child sex pandering against several complainants in the Karol Madera case.

Following his false accustations, Morgan was subsequently banned from the ham island and qrz forums and ousted as President of the Copper Country Radio Amateurs Association (CCRAA) in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Trouble in Paradise?

Todd Daugherty has posted an email on his blog which Daugherty represents as having come from VE7KFM. David Tolassi, Ed Oswald, and Mark Morgan were cc'd in Madera's alleged email to Daugherty. The Canadian purportedly called Daugherty an "idiot" and wrote, "You're young, ~Irish and a demonstrated slow-learner." The email Daugherty posted features an angry Karol Madera, incensed that Daugherty made negative comments about VE7KFM. The gist of Daugherty's 'offensive' comments follow (paraphrased, with corrected grammar, omitting obviously defamatory portions). Ironically, we find ourselves in agreement with Daugherty's simple analysis.

1. Karol promotes the idea that he can maliciously interfere with people and justifies it by claiming basically that he is in the right to do it.

2. Karol posts innuendo claiming to his readers that it's true, but Karol tends to cut and paste a small portion of the article, twisting it for his own purposes.

3. Anyone who questions Karol's opinion is either a nutcase or has no social value, simply put, Karol's opinion is the only true opinion. Karol also has the view point that what he does is justified and that his way is the only way.

We stress again that WE did not receive this email and it has in no way been verified by CMSPIRG. It is posted in its entirety at Todd Daugherty's content restricted blog. Visit at your own risk.

Notorious Wal-Mart Cart Pusher Todd Daugherty Still Threatening

Todd Daugherty is a 40 year old Wal-Mart employee who is a part-time cart pusher at the Taylorville, IL Wal-Mart. Todd lives with his parents, and he can also be reached at work for comment.

1530 W Springfield Rd

Taylorville, IL 62568

(217) 287-7219

Middle Aged Pedo Threatens 10 Yr Old Boy

Daugherty has apparently become unhinged (again) because this website accurately discussed his two FCC Warning letters and frequent threats, which resulted in an FBI investigation earlier this year.

We also discussed reports regarding complaints that Daugherty was trading in child pornography. Daugherty collects and trades colorful animated depictions of large adult men torturing and raping infants orally and anally. Daugherty calls his collection "art" and he regularly spams other forums with grotesque examples of his collection. Lacking space here, please see this FBI Press Release about the legality of such images. Daugherty's blog has been blocked by Google with a content warning. At his blog, Daugherty writes:


Daugherty is well known to the FBI and to his local police department. We speculate that Daugherty has not been arrested because he is not considered a real threat, lacking a car, funds, support, and permission from his parents to leave the house after 7 PM.

County Hunters Forum Closed, Allegedly Due to Malicious Harassment by Karol Madera

We are sad to report that the very popular County Hunters Forum has been closed. This, due to attacks by Karol Madera, VE7KFM, according to the forum Administrator. While the Forum has been closed due to malicious attacks, the very popular main page is still available.

Mark Morgan in the news again

Mark Morgan was cautioned by the FCC regarding character issues, such as libel associated with defaming other amateurs and making false accusations to regulatory agencies on behalf of Karol Madera. Morgan was recently ejected from the Copper Country Radio Amateur Association (CCRAA) club meeting for conduct unbecoming an officer of that club. Morgan was recently investigated by the Houghton County Sheriff's Department as a suspect in the case of a false SOS distress signal, allegedly traced to Morgan's location.

Madera makes disgusting sexually violent remarks to 13 yr old boy

Karol Madera, a well known sexual deviant, who failed to gain admission to the Law Society in British Columbia, recently made threatening sexually oriented remarks to a 13 year old boy. Madera, and his friends and acquaintances, like Morgan, Tritch, Oswald and Daugherty, are the main subjects of the reports on this page. Karol Madera has stalked, harassed, and defamed Brian Crow since 2002 when Crow participated as a witness in federal actions which resulted in Madera's partner, Glenn Baxter, being fined $21,000 by the U.S. government.

Crow has been instrumental in helping various agencies of the U.S. government arrest several criminals associated with Karol Madera.

Crow is a well known Psychotherapist and Educational Consultant who has had a private practice in the Pittsburgh area since 1991. As reported by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Crow has designed nationally recognized inpatient and outpatient programs for adults and adolescents with mental illness and/or problems with addiction, as well as performing professional evaluations for the courts, schools, businesses, and law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ).

Crow designed multi-cultural education programs for the DoJ's Juvenile Justice Drug Prevention Initiative, as well as programs for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, among others. Crow is a married father of two sons and a respected member of his community.

Crow spends his time helping his others while Madera spends his days calling on al Qaida to murder Americans. Karol Madera lied about his rank to a superior officer while in the Canadian Forces; Madera failed to gain admission to the British Columbia Law Society; Madera was ejected from the offices of the Real Estate Board, in Victoria, British Columbia following threatening remarks made against members of the Board. Madera's well known for threatening members of the U.S. government and other U.S. citizens.

Madera spends much of his on-air time raving in an extremely paranoid fashion, but no one with any intelligence regards Madera's diatribes as anything more than than the psychotic delusions of an extremely unbalanced mind.

We speculate that Madera has been been repeatedly frustrated by Crow's continued success in helping the government bring Madera's criminal cohort to justice. Madera is a known disgrace. As a result of Crow's documented support for law enforcement, he and his family have been maliciously stalked and viciously maligned by Karol Madera.

Madera's Growing List of Victims, Some Mere Children

Karol Madera's large and growing list of victims includes children as young as 6 years of age. In fact, Madera has lied about, attacked, and/or otherwise defamed the owners of the following call signs, to name just a few: N2RJ, W4NTI, K1KW, N1LAF, N1GJT, N1FM, NA4BH, K7FE, K8MHZ, AA7BQ, N8GAV, KC9NRN, AC4BB, KC9KOW, KC8VWM, KB3LIX, W4MAC, KC0REY, KI4LUB, KC2ESD, W6EM, KJ5T, K8MHZ, W4ASX, AB7GR, WB2WIK, KI4WAF, N9VO, K8XF, KV1M, KI4ENS, WG2Y, AJ4CU, KD0AFK, WI5O, N4ZKF, W5GNB, KC8VWM, K4ZDH, W2WTF, N3ATS, KU4MY, K1TP, AL2N, VE7NOT, VE7DCW, VE4CFR, VE1IDX, VA4KGB, VE9SY, VE6WTF, W7CPA, K3PZ, W4KVW, KE9RY, AD4C, WD4AWO, N8JOX, and the list grows daily.

Madera Pens Another Silly Demand Letter



This is a LETTER of DEMAND primarily to “QRN”, the starter of this thread, who I have every reason to believe is one Garth Wade FAULKNER VE1IDX of Hantsport, N.S., Canada. But, because QRN is also an “Administrator” of the Publisher, WorldWide Radio Forum herein and otherwise, this DEMAND is also addressed to the owner(s), manager(s), operator(s), ‘directing’ mind(s) and/or ISP of this website, jointly and severally.

I put ALL of you on Formal Legal NOTICE that this thread “VE7KFM: Victim or physcopath?” [sic] generally and the originating post herein by QRN in particular, is substantially FALSE, MISLEADING and DEFAMATORY directly and through innuendo, as are elements of his subsequent comments and those of some of the other posters following QRN’s opening/lead.

Also, and this goes to similar fact evidence/course of conduct, QRN has made similar DEFAMATORY statements about me on this WorldWide Radio Forum and elsewhere before…. Perversely, there is evidence to be found in some of his previous comments on this Forum and elsewhere, that QRN actually KNOWS that some of what he writes is FALSE and MISLEADING either directly but especially through innuendo…. Moreover, he was previously personally warned by me, in writing, not to engage in, republish and/or conspire with others in this DEFAMATORY conduct on the Internet and otherwise…. Yet, as this thread started by him evidences, he continues with this course of conduct, which suggests MALICE and a possible CONSPIRACY with others to DEFAME, with all that imports at law….

QRN makes statements of supposed fact in this thread that he KNOWS—or as a native-English-speaker and presumed "sane person" of middle-age and intellect OUGHT TO KNOW—are not only FALSE and MISLEADING, but patently PREPOSTEROU.S. and as such INDEFENSIBLE on their face/in the plain/standard English meaning of the words. For a partial example only, QRN’s comment: “Everything else he has said is a lie so why believe that.” both standing alone as well as in the context, is one such categorical and patently FALSE and UNPROVABLE statement….

Suffice it to say that the thread, from the title in the context, through the several FALSE, MISLEADING and DEFAMATORY posts by QRN, to the DEFAMATORY comments made by others following his opening/lead, is seriously legally, intellectually, morally and otherwise compromised and should be removed FORTHWITH….

Consequently, in order to put this matter to rest, I DEMAND that the Publisher:

(1) REMOVE this thread, in its entirety, FORTHWITH;

(2) publish an UNEQUIVOCAL APOLOGY [with ~equal prominence, on this website]; and,

(3) institute fool-proof [sic] procedures to ensure that similar DEFAMATION by QRN and/or others does not recur.

If you are unsure as to what passes for an unequivocal apology at law and/or the adequacy/prominence of its required publication in ~similar circumstances, see, for example:

[unreadable website]

or, consult a solicitor knowledgeable in Defamation Law without delay.

Time is of the essence.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Otherwise, have your solicitor contact me at [email address] with your full name(s) and address(es) for legal service.


Dipl(s) ULE, Hons B.A.(RMC), LL.B., M.P.A.

Captain [Ret’d] A.D.C.


BCc Solicitor


We assure you, Madera's DEMAND LETTER was wholly ignored and ridiculed, which is only proper under the circumstances.

Mark Morgan Booted from CCRAA

Karol Madera's good friend Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ was ejected from his position as President of Copper Country Radio Amateur Association, Inc. according to that club's newsletter, published in August 2008.

Morgan's partner, Gavrielah Hojnacki, apparently resigned her position on the evening of Morgan's ejection. Morgan made false reports of child pandering after consulting with Karol Madera, who convinced Morgan to submit the false complaints.

Members of the CCRAA organization determined Morgan to be unfit to retain office, and he was overwhelming voted out, with his vote being the only one in favor of his retention.

CCRAA club members are to be congratulated for taking quick action to remedy a situation that could have caused their club to come into disrepute in the larger amateur community. New club officers can be reached at this address.

(Fraudulent Stalkers Invade QRZ Forums UPDATE)

The 14275 thread that caused such a commotion at qrz.com was begun by a friend of Karol Madera's (widely suspected to be N9PH, Joe Italiano) who stole the callsign KE5OBA to begin the libelous thread. The same person then stole the identity of KB2SQP and DL4IR. All of those hijacked identities have been locked out and banned. As one poster pointed out, "the thread began under fraudulent pretenses, and was supported under fraudulent pretenses. Supporting viewpoints of the fraudulent posters, were, predictably, two amateurs who voluntarily joined Madera's Yahoo defamation group: Edward Oswald Jr. and William B. Shine

The callsign VE7KFM has been banned from yet another radio forum. Radio Reference is the latest website to ban Karol Madera. However, in typical criminal fashion, Madera signed up as CDN (Canadian) at radio reference.com, where Madera continues to post supportive comments about himself, while posing as someone else.

Karol Madera says al Qaida will get aid and comfort from his radio station

Karol Madera regularly praises al Qaida, and he regularly calls on terrorists to murder and/or torture people who have made complaints about his radio transmissions and libelous webpage. When not calling on al Qaida to murder Americans, Madera enjoys molesting 13 yr old boys with homosexually oriented invective. Listen as Madera brags about telling a young boy "I hope al Qaida cuts your bag off before you fuck your first queer."

Madera's On-Air Homosexual Solicitations Bad for Amateur Radio's Image?

The majority of VE7KFM.com readers report that they believe Karol Madera's homosexual solicitations are dangerous to Amateur Radio's reputation as a wholesome hobby, which is suitable for children. Madera frequently invites other men and boys to engage in oral sex with him. "Do you want to suck my cock?" is a solicitation Madera has used up to 100 times in a single evening.

Madera's other expressions, some of them indicating he may be an active pedophile, are nearly as bad. Madera has been recorded saying, "Do you have a daughter with big tits? I'd like to meet her, if she's 14." This behavior, along with Madera's threats, have given rise to multiple complaints. See our 'Audio' section for more recordings of Karol Madera.

Madera Advocates a 9mm Bullet to the head for an American Veteran

Listeners were outraged by Karol Madera's latest threatening bluster last night as he told a decorated Viet Nam War Veteran, 'the only thing that will fix you is a 9mm bullet to the head.'

In a 30+ page topic at the world's most popular amateur radio website, where Madera is banned from posting, Karol Madera's peers weighed in with their own opinions regarding Madera, describing him thusly:

"terrorist; moron; fool; U.S.A. hater; coward; Al Queda Lover; hate filled; Canada's Ambassador of ill Will and Ill-logic; Hiding in his home and behind a microphone; 'crazy'; He's hidden in his radio room afraid to venture outdoors for fear someone will say 'boo' to him; He's just a nut; They know he's crazy; KKKarol is a big KKKoward; sooner or later, someone is going to give him a Football punt in the family Jewels!; Shame on you Mr. Madera; Unfortunately, one can't apply reasoning in debate with a fool, like KFM"

U.S. NAVY veteran Gary L. Jackson shared his opinion on Karol Madera, VE7KFM:

"I had asked who this guy was before in another thread. After listening to the audio etc in You Tube, NOW I KNOW.

You mean the Canadian government sits by and allows this, in my opinion, lunatic, U.S.A hater, al Qaida Lover, to continue using the airwaves to broadcast his hate for Americans?

And the U.S. government doesn't request from Canada for anything to be done? Seems to me he also poses a threat to Canadians also, or will, at the drop of a hat. He couldn't be more hate filled if he was one of the radical Islamic terrorists himself.

Maybe he's Canada's Ambassador of ill Will and Ill-logic. If the Canadian government allows him to broadcast in this 'terroristic fashion', it would appear they agree to some degree with this guy. He is not the average 'big mouth', since he's been doing this for years.

I am sure some group in both governments have done their homework with this person, and deemed him nothing more than a nuisance. It still doesn't make sense why Canada would still allow him a license to broadcast.

Many people who carry on like this pretending they are "macho soldiers of fortune" would CRY like a BABY when put into full combat gear and dropped into an active war zone where death is a bullet and a second away. I think VE7KFM in my opinion is one of these types. Hiding in his home and behind a microphone, I wonder if he has any friends up there? Oh well, at least now I know what this 'crazy' is all about...."

(signed) 73 Gary N2ACX

Whitney Tritch, N3ZV: Gunny Bob Says -- "He is a fraud, I promise you!"

The popular top-rated Denver talk show host and military advisor, Robert Newman, recently reviewed the fake 'military credentials' supplied by Karol Madera's good friend Whitney Tritch, N3ZV, and Gunny Bob promptly pronounced Whitney Tritch a fraud.

Newman took one look at Tritch's phony history, and after reviewing the facts, Gunny Bob pronounced Trich a liar, thief, and a fraud. You can check out Gunny Bob's radio show here.

S.O.S -- A Ship In Distress!!??

No, it's just Karol Madera up to his childish, attention-seeking tricks again. We received a report from a Canadian amateur recently saying "Karol Madera, VE7KFM, was transmitting false and deceptive distress signals on 14.275 mHZ. The signal consists of two alternating tones at 1300 and 2200 HZ. This sequence comprises an internationally recognized maritime distress signal. In most countries, sending a false distress signal is punishable by fines and imprisonment. In Saanich, BC, it's a regular occurence. We'll let you know if Jim Laursen of Industry Canada takes note of this latest violation of international law.

Not long after our report about Madera's two-tone distress signal, Madera stopped playing it! We don't know if Jim Laursen took action, or if there was action by police, or some other agency. Whatever the reason, we're grateful it's ceased.

July 19, 2008 -- David Tolassi, WA1BHV (More Lunacy on 14.275)

We hesitate to report this, but since we have a recording and numerous witnesses, we thought you should know. David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV, husband of Jane, a teacher at U-32 in Montpelier, VT, was heard this afternoon soliciting gentleman callers. Tolassi's proposal involved men with credit cards who would be orally serviced by his wife Jane. We're not sure if this legal in Vermont, however, Tolassi was heard asking for credit cards, and Tolassi told listeners they'd receive "a good oral oral" from his wife Jane, who is a teacher. Tolassi then urged them to call his wife's number. This statement followed a recorded solicitation giving out the Tolassi's published home phone number, which matched the listing at the following link:


David J. Tolassi has a reputation for bizarre and illegal antics on amateur radio. According to the Special Counsel for the FCC, Tolassi threatened to shoot FCC Enforcement Bureau offical Riley Hollingsworth, and another man, in the head. The FCC has a recording, and affidavits regarding this incident.

Jim from Michigan writes: I have left a message for U-32 administrators about Tolassi's indecent proposal, and his death threats, and will submit the Superintendent's comment as soon as he returns my email."

July 8, 2008 -- Mark C. Morgan (Another Lie)

Mark Christopher Morgan, KB9RQZ, reports he has shot and wounded a 16 year old boy who was attempting to pull his antenna structure over with an all terrain vehicle. Morgan reports he got off several rounds with a shotgun as the boy was leaving the scene. Morgan reports that police found a blood trail leading away from his residence. Calls to Michigan State police and the Houghton County Sheriff revealed no reports of a shooting, no blood trail, and no investigation at 17366 River Rd. Tapiola, MI 49916.

Hospitals in Mark Morgan's area treated no gunshot wounds on or near the date of Morgan's report. Facts indicate this is just another lie, in a series of lies, perpetrated by Mark C. Morgan, KB9RQZ, who (at Karol Madera's urging) last year, made false reports of child sex pandering to child protection authorities in at least 7 states.

July 2, 2008 -- Karol Madera Converses With Illegal Station For Over 90 Minutes

Karol F. Madera, VE7KFM asked an illegal station to continue to transmit illegally in order to aid him in disrupting legitimate communications on 14.275 MHZ. Madera spoke with the Pirate for over 90 minutes, despite the fact that Madera acknowledged that the Pirate failed to identify his station. Madera, using a CB type roger beep device, said Industry Canada does as he commands and that it is unlikely they will discipline him for abusing his amateur radio privileges. Madera asked the Pirate to take "American Fucktards" to task. This is highly reminiscent of Madera's past trysts with illegal pirates, Joe Goldberg, Brandon Duke, and others.

Todd Daugherty - Threats and Mental Illness On Display

Todd Daugherty's offensive and threatening blog is still difficult to reach, thanks to your cards and letters. However, Daugherty has lately taken to posting death threats on other people's blogs, including posting disturbing images of women and children [use caution when viewing] being dismembered and tortured. Daugherty claims these images represent what he plans to do to the families of those who have allegedly reported his demented threats, wi-fi theft, and other illegal activities to the Federal Bureau of Investigation; the Taylorville, Illinois police department; and others.

Riley Hollingsworth Departs

On Thursday, July 3, Special Counsel for the Spectrum Enforcement Division of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH said goodbye to the FCC as he retired.

In May, Hollingsworth announced he would definitely retire. He had contemplated retiring in January, 2008, but he cited "several issues on the table that I want[ed] to continue to work through with the amateur community." While his successor has not yet been named, he was quick to point out that the FCC's Amateur Radio enforcement program will continue.

Whitney V. Tritch (N3ZV) who came to our attention following his illegal computer intrusion into the qrz.com system, has written a highly delusional note to Dan Jeswald, W4NTI.

Tritch told Jeswald he had 32.5 kills as a 'soldier' and 2 kills as a civilian, and that he has saved countless lives.... Tritch also said he jumped out of various aircraft 167 times in support of his military service. None of this has any bearing on the truth.

It's no suprise to us to learn that Whitney Tritch served briefly as a Navy E-5. His classification was 'Electronics Technician' (ET) and his job classification was 'submarine interior communications electrician' (14IC). Although theoretically attached to the recently scrapped G.W. Carver, Tritch is not listed as a member of either the Blue or Gold crew, giving rise to speculation that his true classification is "section 8."

Jeswald, and several others who served honorably in combat positions in Viet Nam, derided Tritch as a fraud and a liar, the latest in a long list of friends of Karol Florian Madera exposed as such.

Independence Day, 2008

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) Caught In Yet Another Rant!

Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, a man Karol Madera calls "my good friend Todd" was banned from several popular radio related websites this month. Daugherty also had his blog unceremoniously ripped from the Internet by Google, the owner of blogger.com.

Unfortunately, Daugherty has apparently taken to trashing yet another radio forum with obscene cartoon images of children being raped by adults. The FCC recently issued two Warning notices to Daugherty, and Daugherty reported in his now defunct blog that he was visited by FBI agents who examined his computer's hard drive for evidence of child pornography -- possibly sent to him via servers in Canada.

'Free Speech Advocate' Todd Daugherty published a hit list of websites he thinks ought "to be blown up", writing, "DEATH TO THEM ALL" and "THEY WILL FEEL MY WRATH!"

Canadian Amateurs Angry Over Misuse of Airwaves

A group of Canadian radio operators say they are sick and tired of Industry Canada looking the other way while their radio spectrum is being trashed by rule-breakers. They say they're prepared to start a fight in the Canadian courts in order to FORCE Industry Canada's Spectrum Division to do their job under Canadian law. In conjunction with that pending law suit is a possible "First Shot Across the Bow" where the leader of the group asked for information about complaints regarding VE7KFM.

IND2007000253 Industry Canada Public 1/4/2008 00:00:00 All correspondence, electronic and in writing to and from the Vancouver Island District office and other IC offices or other agencies regarding complaints about and/or enforcement actions made or contemplated with respect to Amateur radio station VE7KFM and its operator Karol F. Madera for the period 1 Jan 2004 to present (January 4, 2008). This should include correspondence to and from the local enforcement officer, Mr. Jim Laursen. Additionally I would like copies of any exemptions and/or special conditions granted to Karol Madera to operate his station not in accordance with the Radio Communications Act and its associated rules and regulations.


The group's spokesman says they will fight Industry Canada's apparent legacy of laziness and lethargy by launching a lawsuit against that agency and against Jim Laursen, personally.

Please enjoy these humourous excerpts of Riley Hollingsworth's recent discussions regarding U.S. Amateur enforcement, Canadian 'enforcement' and references to Karol Madera and his deluded followers...

Friends of David Tolassi have indicated concern for what they call his "decompensation on the air." They go on to write that David Tolassi's wife, Jane Tolassi, is an amateur operator, and they indicate she might be inclined to speak with her husband David about his habit of slandering others, stalking others workplaces and employees, and in general, she may be amenable to attempting to dissuade him from consulting with Karol Madera, VE7KFM, regarding any further threats to murder government officials.

Jane Tolassi works at U-32 School in Montpelier, Vermont. The Staff Directory, lists Jane under Business Education at U-32. This can be helpful in locating Jane Tolassi, or you might wish to contact her at her published email address, jtolassi@u32.org or by mail and/or telephone, at:

Jane Tolassi

c/o U-32

930 Gallison Hill Road

Montpelier, VT 05602

phone: 802-229-0321 - fax: 802-223-7411

Exclusive Recording

Mike Lonneke and Dan Jeswald discussed the Karol Madera problem on 14.285 KHz. They thought they'd be free of Madera's jamming, fully 10 KHz above Madera's usually haunt. They were forced to move to 14272 KHz when Madera followed them to 14285 KHz and maliciously jammed their conversation. Lonneke said: "I can't stand what that guy in Canada says half the time... I hate what he says and I think it's terrible... I object to the obscenity.... I told him to knock that filthy stuff off about Hollingsworth, and I told him, you don't have any proof of this... I've told him repeatedly, you're going to have to bear the consequences of people's ire if you keep saying these things."

Industry Canada -- We Don't Regulate Ham Radio... Do We?

Ed Pereira, VA3EDP, of Bolton, Ontario, said he received a message from the Toronto bureau of Spectrum Management, Industry Canada, in response to a complaint about violation(s) of the Canadian radio regulations.

As it turns out, the email from Industry Canada was in error, but its content and the implications will amaze you and possibly leave you dismayed, as well.

By now, we're all familiar with the fact that Industry Canada has failed to provide the slightest effective regulation over Karol Madera's (VE7KFM) lies, slander, threats, obscenities, hate propaganda, and distorted signal. We're also aware that Madera counted the now disgraced Maxime Bernier (former Minister of Industry Canada) among his good friends. Bernier virtually ignored Madera's case and Jim Laursen, of the Victoria branch of IC, has still failed to act decisively, 5 years into the disgraceful debacle emanating only 2 miles away from Industry Canada's Victoria office.

Now we've gained further insight into the lackadaisical and misinformed approach that Industry Canada takes with regard to Amateur enforcement in Canada. The email from Spectrum Management, spells out the problem:

From: spectrum Toronto

Date: 13/05/2008 2:13:58 PM

To: admin@oparg.com

Cc: spectrum Toronto

Subject: FW: Interference Complaints

Good Day,

The Amateur Band is self policing now because it has been de-licensed for the past few years. Industry Canada is no longer the regulatory body overseeing the Amateur Band operation.

Spectrum Management

Gestion du spectre

Toronto District Office

Bureau de district de Toronto

416-973-8215| facsimile/télécopieur 416-954-3553


Industry Canada | 55 St. Clair Avenue East, 9th Floor, Room 909, Toronto ON M4T 1M2

Industrie Canada | 55 EST, avenue St-Clair, 9e étage, bureau 909, Toronto, ON M4T 1M2

Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada

After witnessing Maxime Bernier's lacklustre performance, and that of the Spectrum Management office in Victoria and Toronto, is it any wonder Madera continues to terrorize the airwaves?

Is Is Pseudologia Fantastica Responsible for Karol Madera's Pathological Lying?

An article by Charles C. Dike, MD; Madelon Baranoski, PhD; and Ezra E. H. Griffith, MD in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law discusses those who (like Karol Madera) make up tall tales and weave them into complex narratives and conspiracy theories. Karol Madera has been described as a pathological liar since at least 2005, and this fascinating article may shed light on the pathology that drives him. Madera's latest lie (among many others) is that Riley Hollingsworth is being blackmailed, and that Madera is responsible for Hollingsworth's retirement.

Madera's lying has grown to epic proportions. To make matters worse, Madera has teamed up with another notorious liar, Mark C. Morgan of Chassell, Michigan. This, in an ongoing effort to defame those who have made formal complaints about both Madera and Morgan.

There is considerable evidence indicating both Madera and Morgan have been pathological liars for years. Madera described an occasion when he was in the Canadian military where he lied to the ranking officer, and everyone else present, about his rank. In fact, Madera actually said he advanced himself several ranks during that fraudulent episode.

The terms "Mythomania" and "Pseudologia Fantastica" may be synonomous with the term pathological liar, but noted author L.S. Selling disagreed. Selling believed that "obvious mental disease, particularly a diagnosable psychopathic personality of some type" was responsible for pseudologia fantastica. (Ref. The psychiatric aspects of the pathological liar. Nerv Child 1:335–50, 1942) Psychologists also blame such conditions on "superego lacunae" or "a need for the patient to produce narcissistic gratification."

The authors of the journal article, who are both Professors at Yale University in New Haven, CT., contend that "The impact of pathological lying deserves critical attention from forensic psychiatrists because of the implications that untruths [lies] have in a legal context."

"While no consensus definition for pathological lying currently exists in the literature, the identified functional elements of the phenomenon are: the repeated utterance of untruths; the lies are often repeated over a period of years, with the lies eventually becoming a lifestyle; the lying is an end in itself; an inner dynamic rather than an external reason drives the lies, but when an external reason is suspected, the lies are far in excess of the suspected external reason; the lies are often woven into complex narratives." Madera lies constantly, both on the air, and in writing. Therefore, we believe that this interesting theory dovetails perfectly with what we know about Karol Florian Madera of Saanich, BC, and his friends, who are often criminals and habitual liars themselves.

A listener writes: "VE7KFM is obviously suffering from one or more maladies. It's also very unfortunate that he's begun jamming 14.275 with a 19 minute recording of obscenities which nearly match his own habitually disgusting verbiage. We hope Industry Canada will work with the Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) instead of ignoring and/or playing bureaucratic lip service to the many and frequent complaints."

Mark Morgan Banned Again

AL2N (admin of Ham Island) writes: "You just do not get it do you? You made the comment, I simply replied that you are not the first person around here to hang themselves. Fine, have it your way. Hang yourself. You are now banned. Go back to the usenet group and stir the pot there. We are done with you here. You have done nothing but disrupt the forum in your time here. Seems it is never your fault either. I would suggest that you stop visiting internet forums until you can come to grips with reality. Till that happens, you will never know peace."

Todd Daugherty Banned Again

Regarding Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, who was also recently banned by the websites qrz and ham island, the following was posted at ham island: AD4MG wrote: "OGL has been banned for his comments on interfering with emergency freqs and hopes of killing people. He will have to find another forum to vent on." Todd Daugherty's blog 'n9oglvoice' has also been removed from the Internet.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ Case Moves Forward

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ, served by FCC with Request for Documents and Interrogatories. Here; Here; Here; and; Here. The interrogatories appear to indicate allegations of jamming; threats; deliberate interference; defamation; and everything but the kitchen sink. Crowell has the burden of proof as to why he should be allowed to renew his FCC license at the Hearing before Administrative Law Judge Steinberg in October, 2008.

Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM: Homosexual Desire?

Studies published by the American Psychological Association suggest there is an 80% probability that Karol Florian Madera, VE7KFM is a repressed homosexual. Nevertheless, he calls the FBI, CIA, FCC, and RCMP, "incompetent faggots". The ironies continue...

Daugherty, Madera, Morgan: Personae Non Gratae

Todd Daugherty and Mark Morgan, allies of Karol Madera have been identified as 'persona non grata' at a radio forum where they washed up, after being banned from qrz.com, for posting a combination of lies, threats, and defamation. See the latest exchange of opinions regarding Mark Morgan and Todd Daugherty, here. Madera has long been banned from these, and other forums, for obvious reasons.

Karol Madera, VE7KFM Urges Assault on Federal Agent Hollingsworth

The frequency (14.275 MHz) was already in use at 10:45 Eastern Time when Madera began to urge Dayton Hamvention attendees to "tar and feather Hollingsworth" and to "kick Hollingsworth's ass" at the Dayton Hamvention. Karol Madera and David Tolassi, WA1BHV, once again engaged in a now familiar conversation reminiscent of their previous death threats against public officials.

Madera told David Tolassi that they (Madera and Tolassi) should give out instructions on how to "assassinate Hollingsworth" whom Madera described a "disingenuous puke" who is "constantly sucked off by other men." Madera also said it was "open season" on various others.

Madera urged Tolassi to "kill" a complainant in the case against him. As previously mentioned, David J. Tolassi of Barre, Vermont has already been interviewed by the FBI in connection with complaints involving harassment, stalking, and death threats.

Madera made numerous homophobic references which psychologists say is an excellent indication of repressed homosexual desire. Madera seemed to confirm this theory by telling Tolassi in "an admission against interest" that he never obtained satisfaction from a heterosexual act until he was over 50, and he went on to tell Tolassi that he saw nothing interesting in the movie Deep Throat.

George Zardecki, N9VTB, told Madera that his words were extremely interesting and he encouraged him to continue. Madera, Zardecki, and Tolassi were joined by Chrys Moszyk, KG2BU in a conversation defaming others that lasted half the day.

Many listeners told Madera to "stop hiding behind the microphone" and to meet with Hollingsworth in Dayton. A man who offered Madera an all expenses paid trip to to the Dayton Hamvention called Madera "a worthless little shitbird with no balls." He speculated that "Madera would last 15 minutes at Dayton before someone knocked him out." Needless to say, Madera stayed at home, making threats from the relative safety of his tiny shack on Vancouver Island.

Madera's Protege' Todd Daugherty, N9OGL threatens Murder!

"Free Speech Advocate" Todd E. Daugherty, N9OGL, a 40 year old who lives with his parents, continues to exercise his 1st Amendment rights by posting images of children being raped by adults and infants receiving cunnilingus from adult females, among other perversions. Daugherty is employed as a part time cart pusher at the Taylorville, Illinois Wal-Mart. Daugherty was twice warned by the FCC for allegedly illegal activities and Daugherty has reported that he was investigated by the FBI.

Daugherty replied in writing to a fellow blogger, telling him he would put a bullet through his kneecap and his brain. Daugherty says he will murder the blogger and perform a DOS attack on Google unless the blogger removes a parody which Daugherty apparently dislikes. Parody and Satire are both protected forms of expression under the U.S. Constitution. Threats of murder are not. The FBI, FCC, and Taylorville, IL Police Department have been notified.

No Surprise: Madera and Company... Still Lying

According to evidence gathered and numerous reports, Karol Madera, David Tolassi, Mark Morgan, Whitney Tritch, and Douglas Gerry perpetuated the false and malicious rumor that Dan Jeswald passed away from a heart attack. Madera said he hoped Jeswald was not dead, only that he was a "mature, blathering, drooling, vegetable." Tolassi, who harassed Jeswald for years posted an article on a website, perpetuating the false rumor. Readers may recall that David Tolassi is a friend of Madera's who was previously removed from 20 meters for a period of 3 years in an FCC enforcement action related to engaging in similar on-air defamation and false rumors.

Mark Morgan also perpetuated the rumor on his webpage. Morgan cals himself Karol Madera's ally. Morgan lodged false reports of child abuse against complainants in the case against Karol Madera. Morgan is currently aiding Madera by distributing still more defamation on servers in the United States. Even after Morgan was informed that Jeswald is very much alive, he foolishly insisted that Jeswald, suffered a heart attack or stroke, and that he may even be in a vegetative state.

An Old Pirate Has a New License

Karol Madera's old friend Joe Goldberg has been granted a conditional General class license. Provided Goldberg doesn't do anything illegal in the next two years, his license status will revert to a regular 10 year term. Per the Enforcement Bureau, this license (KJ4DVD) is limited to a two year grant and the licensee is prohibited from operating on frequencies between 14.272 and 14.278 MHz. Goldberg won't be able to speak with his old friend Karol Madera on 14.275 for at least two years, but presumably he has left his old life as a Pirate of the Caribbean behind.

Todd Daugherty blog update:

Daugherty writes: "SO TELL ME YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERS, WHAT FUCKING FREEDOMS ARE THOSE JACKASS IN THE MILITARY FIGHTING FOR?? I'll tell you, they are fighting for LIE, nothing more, nothing less. Ever person who has served in the military during any great war, has been fighting for a LIE, and what worse, no one gives a shit."

Indicating his belief that he's still under FBI surveillance, Daugherty wrote; "I have the FBI visiting me (AFTER ALL THEY CAN'T CATCH REAL CRIMINALS, SO THEY HAVE TO BULLY OTHER PEOPLE)... BTW FBI BITCHES...TELL BARNEY FIVE NOT TO PART TOO CLOSE TO MY HOU.S.E SO I CAN SEE HIS SORRY ASS!!!"

As previously reported, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) has engaged in multiple violent and obscene rants about "people restricting his free speech."

Todd Daugherty is yet another Karol Madera protege'. Daugherty is from Illinois. He reports being visited by the FBI on Tuesday, April 15, 2008. Daugherty said he was interviewed by the FBI for over an hour. Daugherty said the FBI asked him not to discuss the ongoing investigation. However, Daugherty reported (on his blog) that the FBI visited him to discuss a threat he made in January, 2008 against FCC Agent Riley Hollingsworth. The FBI visit came not long after Daugherty published a scathing attack against a 10 year old boy. Daugherty posted the youngster's picture and this note:


Why is the FBI concerned about a part time Wal-Mart cart pusher like Todd Daugherty? Perhaps it's because Daugherty previously threatened to flood email servers at the FCC; threatened Riley Hollingsworth with an attack that would 'make bin Laden look like a school boy;' said he is at war with the government; posted an ominous attack against a ten year old boy; was twice Warned by the FCC about his Omega One radio station; and Daugherty said, the FBI also showed interest in his "art". Daugherty says he 'voluntarily' removed his lolicon blog featuring animated images of infants in sexual positions with adults.

Daugherty previously wrote an open letter to Riley Hollingsworth, stating that he (Daugherty) would outdo Osama bin Ladin's actions. His exact words were: "BECAU.S.E YOU ALL TO MAKE THIS PERSONAL, I MAKE IT PERSONAL, AND I WON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THE LAW, AND WILL MAKE WHAT BIN LAUDIN DID LOOK LIKE IT WAS DONE BY A FUCKING FIFTH GRADER... NO ONE FUCKS WITH FREE SPEECH....SO FUCKING BACK OFF YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT....OR IT WILL HAPPEN!!!!" When we have more information on these developments, you will be the first to know.

Bill Crowell, W6WBJ Amateur Radio License Renewal: D-Day October 21, 2008

The FCC has requested that Judge Arthur Steinberg direct William Crowell, W6WBJ, to refrain from making derogatory personal comments regarding Riley Hollingsworth, and to limit his remarks, arguments, and inquiries to the issues in Crowell's Hearing Designation Order.

The FCC objected to Crowell's "ad hominem attacks," called his interrogatories "offensive in the extreme, entirely outside the scope of permissible discovery, and interposed in bad faith." See the FCC documents here, here, and here.

Now that the procedural schedule has been officially established, October 21, 2008 is the 'make or break' date for Bill Crowell's amateur radio license renewal application. The transcript of proceedings from the Bill Crowell pre-hearing conference on April 2, 2008 are available here and here. On the appointed date, Crowell must appear in Washington in order to prove that he is qualified to be and to remain a Commission licensee.

Crowell has described FCC Enforcement Bureau employee Riley Hollingsworth as being incompetent, but Crowell's performance in this matter has been less than inspired, according to public documents obtained by the Center for Media Studies.


The year was 2005. The place, 14.275 mHZ. Karol Madera defended Bill Crowell (W6WBJ) on the now defunct K1MAN SHOW. Madera told listeners that Crowell was a highly qualified attorney who could run circles around Riley Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth Discusses A Canadian on 14275MHz Who Threatens Bodily Harm to Public Officials

Riley Hollingsworth Shares His Views On Enforcement

Speaking as an individual, and not representing any government entity, Riley Hollingsworth recently provided his opinions during an evening before a large club of amateur radio operators. Hollingsworth stated that the amateur service is coming into its 10th year of enforcement, and that his responsibility is to give enforcement all the attention that it deserves.

"Regardless that most interference is accidental, hams are anxious to complain. Riley compared this to people who fight for a parking spot at the local Wal-Mart, when there are many more spots all around. Mention was made of a Canadian on 14275MHz who actually threatens bodily harm to public officials. It was suggested that if you hear bad people on the air, that hams should not tolerate them, and should simply ostracize them." Riley suggested that not having the code may be the best thing for introducing it [the code], and he compared its earlier requirement with being best way to ruin a book -- by placing it onto a required reading list in school. The speaker was highly appreciated, and drew a high level of applause. [Courtesy YORFO]

Madera asks Whitney Tritch to Pass a Recording to FCC

Madera asked Tritch to pass a recording to government officials in the United States. The recording was not Tritch's; it originated in Saanich, BC, and it came from Madera, not Tritch. It was Madera's fondest hope that his phony complaint would come to the attention of officials in this country.

Anything obtained from Madera has been considered "fruit of the poisonous tree" in the United States. According to intercepts of Madera's conversations, his recording was, predictably, rejected by the FCC.

Listen to our intercept of Madera struggling to speak while Whitney Tritch's bad cough comes (loudly) through Madera's computer speakers. This occurred even as they were in a VOIP session and as Madera pretended not to be able to hear Tritch over 14.275.

The last time Madera attempted a ruse like this, Madera lied as he pretended not to be able to hear George Zardecki, N9VTB, on the air, even as Zardecki was heard (loudly) coming through Madera's own computer speakers! We're sure Tritch and Madera will attempt another underhanded scheme at some point in the future, but we do hope they try harder next time.

Madera is well known for fraudulent antics of this type. See, for example, the explanation (below) of how Madera used a mindless surrogate (Mark C. Morgan) in order to report at least 3 complainants against Madera, for child abuse. Madera's plan failed (as usual) and rebounded to his further discredit.

Numerous complaints have been filed against Karol Florian Madera for harassment, stalking, threats, and various radio related infractions. Lately, Madera appears to be absolutely filled with homoerotic lust for other men. In fact, Madera can't stop talking or writing about m2m sex.Karol Florian Madera recently mentioned "cock sucking" over two dozen times in one hour! When not engaged in describing homosexual acts he'd like to perform with other men, Madera pretends to have on air conversations with Riley Hollingsworth.

Karol Madera was blamed recently for "planting" false items on the Internet, just like his ally Mark Morgan. Gordon Benjamin reported that he believes Madera creates items, then says "look what I found, which so and so wrote about you." This tactic seemed to work for Madera, until recently. See Gordon Benjamin's description of how he feels he has been misled by Karol Madera.

On April 9, 2008, Gordon Benjamin, N6WK came to the conclusion that most observers came to long ago. Karol Madera, VE7KFM, is a manipulative liar who will take any step necessary in order to paint himself as a victim, including doing things like having white powder mailed to him and posting negative remarks about himself on the internet, so he can then point the finger of blame at those who have exposed the truth about him.

Frauds, Criminals, and Identity Thieves, Oh My!

A man, posing as a female, hijacked the callsign of KA1HOT this week on a popular Internet site. The purpose of the hijack was to defame two individuals who have been critical of Karol Madera, VE7KFM. Shortly following the first hijack, a second hijack occurred, also perpetrated by a man, posing as a woman. More defamatory comments ensued. Fortunately, both frauds were discovered in short order and traced to men who have previously echoed Karol Madera's malicious defamation.

As if on cue, Madera's regular supporters joined the thread in defense of Madera. One of them, Ed 'Junior' Oswald, W3DUB, a pimply newcomer to amateur radio, called for the thread's immediate shut down. As usual, Oswald's wishes were ignored.

Next, it was notorious identity thief and liar, Whitney Tritch's turn at bat. Tritch, N3ZV, was revealed to be a hypocrite with a sad history. Last October, in 2007, Tritch was discovered stealing a sick and elderly man's identity for the purpose of posting defamation at the same website.

Tritch and Oswald were previously banned from the website, while Madera remains banned. Mark Morgan, KB9RQZ, is permanently banned for repeating malicious lies on the website. It is apparent that Madera and his small band of deluded sycophants will leave no lie untold as they attempt to create havoc and ruin the reputations of decent and law abiding netizens.

FLASHBACK: Karol Madera, VE7KFM invites Junior Oswald, W3DUB (formerly KB3JGU) to Canada for a menage a trois with Madera and David Tolassi, WA1BHV.

FLASHBACK: Whitney Tritch, N3ZV was banned from QRZ.com for stealing the identity of a sick and elderly gentleman.


William F. Crowell, W6WBJ, appeared before Judge Arthur I. Steinberg by speakerphone on April 2nd at a prehearing conference in Washington, DC. Crowell has made uncomplimentary remarks about Riley Hollingsworth, calling Hollingsworth "an incompetent idiot" with "no understanding of Part 97" and "a bluffing bullshit artist." Competence certainly seems to be an issue in the Crowell case, however, most objective observers agree; Riley Hollingsworth's competence is not at issue, nor is it in question in this case.

Crowell's Motion to compel the Bureau to answer his first set of interrogatories was Dismissed. His Request that the ALJ take Judicial Notice was also Dismissed. In addition, two emails from Crowell to the Judge were Stricken. Crowell's Motions, Petitions, and emails were found to be improperly filed and therefore procedurally defective. Although Crowell's Petition to appear by speakerphone was previously Dismissed, the Judge reversed his earlier decision because the Commission had no objection to Crowell appearing by speakerphone at the April 2nd conference. However, this is not a blanket approval to appear by speakerphone at subsequent conferences. Crowell will bear the burden of proof in his struggle to renew his FCC license.

The Strange Case of Karol Madera's Ally, Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan (kb9rqz blog photo) is the President of the ARRL affiliated, CCRAA amateur radio club in Michigan's upper peninsula. Morgan identifies himself as a bisexual Jewish amateur who is into bondage, domination, and sado-masochism. He has been accused of flooding newsgroups with thousands of nonsensical messages over a period of years, using several different screen names.

Sometime in November, 2007, Morgan accused several individuals of offering to seel him a 9 year old boy for the purposes of sexual gratification. Morgan reported these individuals to various agencies, without the slightest bit of evidence regarding their involvement. Then he published the names of the individuals in multiple venues. He continues to do so today. We rush to clarify that ALL of Morgan's allegations against innocent parties are completely unfounded.

Morgan, (self-described "ally of Karol Madera, VE7KFM") reports that a man named Brad (presumably the President of the K3CR amateur radio club at Penn State University) has contacted him regarding the lies he posted about K3CR on his blog.

"Mr. Morgan; It seems that someone is taking an interest in this, at least at our end, and has taken the opportunity to simultaneously email all of our officers and the Dean's office in relation to these allegations. Thank you for the information that you have provided. If this doesn't go away soon, I'm sure we will be in contact again."

Morgan has utterly failed to apologize for publicizing false allegations about K3CR and numerous others. In fact, Morgan has even attempted to confuse the issue by blaming our site for reporting the facts. Unfortunately, to add insult to injury, Morgan continues to publicly malign multiple others for involvement in a child sex crime.

Morgan also implicated the FCC's Riley Hollingsworth in his fabrications. The circle of lies appears to be growing ever larger. Morgan has made these statements in the context of his role as President of CCRAA. Apparently he fails to realize that promulgating falsehoods about others could lead to large civil suits, for himself and his radio club. Should the false allegations be found to have been made maliciously, parties could be held responsible for triple damages, plus court costs and attorney's fees.

In addition, Morgan's actions may mean he could be impeached as President of CCRAA, if 2/3 of CCRAA members present at a club meeting agree that lying, and spreading unwarranted and malicious defamation and unproven allegations have brought disgrace upon the club. See CCRAA bylaw 4.c for details:

4.c A member or associate, bringing disgrace to the CCRAA, can have participation rights revoked by a two-thirds (2/3) written ballot of those members present at a regular membership meeting.

Morgan insists that someone is harassing him, but rather than gather facts and real evidence with the aid of law enforcement, Morgan foolishly and recklessly defames and lashes out at anyone he suspects could be his online tormentor. Morgan, a resident of 17366 North River Rd, Chassell, MI 49916 (Morgan blog photo) apparently has much to answer for.

We will continue to follow these bizarre and unfounded allegations, made by Mark C. Morgan, President of the ARRL affiliated Copper Country Radio Amateur Association, Inc., P.O. Box 217, Dollar Bay, MI 49922-0217.

Bill Crowell -- Denied!

'Request(s) Denied!' Bill Crowell (W6WBJ) filed a petition to permit him to appear at all pretrial conferences before the FCC by speakerphone. That request has been denied by the Presiding Judge on the Judge's own Motion. According to Judge Steinberg, the motion was not officially or properly filed with the Commission, and, in an apparent slap at Crowell, the Memorandum Opinion and Order said, "In addition, it is not the function of the Office of the Administrative Law Judges to file documents on behalf of parties."

Next, Crowell's request for documents was also denied and dismissed, also on the Presiding Judge's own Motion. Crowell submitted a long list called "A Request of Documents and Things for Inspection, Copying and Photographing," however, section 1.325(a) of the Commission's rules allow for discovery from any party except the Commission, and this includes the Enforcement Bureau.

Trouble in Paradise?

Todd Daugherty, N9OGL has criticized Karol Madera, VE7KFM, apparently claiming Madera has attempted to interfere with the operation of his internet site. Daugherty claims Madera wrote to him, demanding that numerous posts be removed from Daugherty's blog. Daugherty reports Madera became angry following his refusal to accede to Madera's demands.

Karol Madera's good friend Todd Daugherty is back on the Internet and he is apparently threatening a federal official with something worse than what Usama bin Laden perpetrated on 9/11. See Daugherty's threat, below. The FBI and Taylorville, IL Police have been notified. Please read a Letter to the Editor, regarding Daugherty's threats.



Madera Refuses to Remove Defamation

Gordon Benjamin wrote: "I no longer visit that website. I have asked and asked him to remove any and everything pertaining to me from his web site, but he refuses. In fact, he became very nasty because I wouldn't share private emails with him that I had from others. I had to set up a blocker to automatically reject any emails from him. He told me that if I stopped saying bad things about him, he would remove the articles pertaining to me from his web site, but so far has NOT kept his word... No big surprise there."

Benjamin's words are reminiscent of many other reports we have received from former "friends" of Karol Madera. Here are a few of the statements in our archives: "He can't be trusted... He's a liar who practices at extortion... Nothing he told me had any bearing on the truth... He used me, then when I told him I didn't like him twisting my words for his benefit, he sent me disgusting profanity filled email... He is a horrible man. He sent us the most disgusting sexually graphic letters. We had to obtain police protection. After that, he tried to become a barrister, but he was never accepted into the law society." These are just a few of the many reports we've received from from fellow students, colleagues, and those formerly on speaking terms with Karol Madera. One correspondent said, "He's as slippery as a greased teflon snake."

VE7KFM On Track to Lose Another Account

One Moderator told Madera, "We will not allow you to hijack a thread for soapbox diatribe." Another told him "Please stop... you have violated your user agreement with this and the (other) accounts... No further replies unless they are on-topic please." Ironically, Madera has accused others of posting under assumed names.


24 year old Lindsay Buziak, a real estate agent from Saanich, BC was brutally murdered in early February. Ms. Buziak worked for RE/MAX CAMOSUN. The constabulary in British Columbia believe she may have been lured to the empty home where she was murdered, by a woman (or by a man disguising his voice) on the telephone. Police have been made aware of disgraced, former real estate agent, Karol Madera's grudge against the Victoria Real Estate Board (VREB) and other female real estate agents working for RE/MAX/CAMOSUN.

Madera is not a realtor or a lawyer. It is a matter of public record that Madera was actually tossed out of the VREB and barred from entering the premises. He was also barred from using the VREB computer system after the Board reported Madera to police for making threats against them.

After the VREB Solicitor notified Madera that he was persona non grata at the VREB, Board members told police that Madera sent them disgusting, homoerotically oriented messages. Madera sued the Board (and lost) regarding his ejection from that body. He was Ordered by the court to pay VREB members $1,000 each, plus court costs and costs associated with appearing in court. See our lawsuit repository page to learn more about Karol Madera's longstanding grudge against the real estate profession.


After an absence of nearly a month, Karol Madera's friend, Todd Daugherty has returned to the Internet with a scathing attack against Riley Hollingsworth, following receipt of another letter from FCC Enforcement on January 29, 2008.

The FCC told Daugherty, "Your response to the Enforcement Bureau received on November 6, 2007 was insufficient and contradictory, and indicates a misunderstanding of the Part 15 power limits for unlicensed stations. For example, you stated that your power levels were in compliance with Part 15 of the Commission's rules, yet in statements made in 2006 and 2007 describing your shortwave station "Omega One" you stated that you were operating at 5 watts, then 10 watts and later 50 and 100 watts."

Daugherty believes the FCC was calling him a liar in their most recent letter. Responding to the FCC in his Blog, Daugherty, (writing in all caps) called FCC Special Counsel for Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth, a "FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT" and "A STUPID FUCK." Daugherty went on to tell Hollingsworth to "TAKE YOUR ENFORCEMENT LETTER, AND SHOVE THEM RIGHT UP YOUR ASS!!!"

Apparently, Daugherty is disturbed because the FCC rejected his previous license applications. Daugherty referred to FCC personnel as "YOU FUCKING COCKSUCKERS AT THE FCC" and told the Commission he would ignore any further letters from them. Daugherty indicated that if he received further communications from the FCC, he would sue them. Daugherty's actual words were, "BTW, ANY MORE WARNING LETTER I RECEIVE I WILL IGNORE. PLEASE BE WARNED YOU KEEP THIS SHIT UP I WILL SUE AND YOUR BITCH BOYFRIENDS FOR HARASSMENT."


Madera has stolen copyrighted items, using them for his own nefarious purposes. See our inventory of stolen items here. Madera has also apparently misappropriated the names of two internationally recognized businesses.

The book, Buying a Home, is published by the Realty Research Group which is a limited liability corporation (LLC) registered in Virginia by Captain David G. Rathgeber. Madera, who also calls himself "Captain," apparently hijacked Rathgeber's business name, even though Madera is not a real estate agent.

Attorney's for Radio Canada International have contacted Industry Canada regarding Madera's continued misuse of their registered trademark, Radio Canada. In addition, B'nai Brith has called the lack of enforcement action against Madera "a disappointing response -- when in fact there have been trials and convictions of note recently with dedicated and well trained police/crowns." Karol Madera's response to their concern was this: "B'nai Brith, I've got some weapons in the house. Don't come by after sunset."


Prosecute man for Web posts, Senator urges. Senator Colin Kenny says a man under RCMP investigation for incitement and facilitating terrorism ought to be arrested and charged. Those familiar with Karol Madera and his habit of calling on al Qaida to murder Americans have remarked that this matter bears a striking resemblance to Karol Madera's case, which has also been under investigation by RCMP. Mr. Kenny is a Liberal Senator, and the chairman of the Senate National Security and Defence Committee. CMS readers are urged to contact Senator Kenny in order to familiarize him with the Madera case.

Karol Madera, VE7KFM, interfered with multiple DX stations on 14275 kHz as he joked about his interference with David Tolassi, WA1BHV. Madera called his antics "CB radio at its finest." He told Tolassi they were on "Channel 19." Madera was also heard testing a tone generating device over top of many DX stations. Eventually he was forced to yield the frequency as literally dozens of stations called him a "loser" a "lid" and a "mental defective." Madera responded with his signature homoerotic obscenities, leaving the frequency the better for his absence. He repeated the performance the folling day and was once again met with jamming, catcalls, and noise making devices. This behavior has been more or less constant, since 2005.

Meanwhile, William F. Crowell (W6WBJ) a man Karol Madera calls "my good friend Bill" has received a Hearing Designation Order from the FCC. The Order states, in part, "The record before us indicates that Crowell has apparently willfully and repeatedly engaged in and continues to engage in unlawful Commission-related activities, including, but not limited to, intentionally causing interference and/or interruption, transmitting music and one-way communications, and using indecent language on amateur frequencies. Based on the information before us, we believe that Crowell’s apparent past and continuing course of misconduct raises a substantial and material question of fact as to whether he possesses the requisite character qualifications to be and remain a Commission licensee. Accordingly, we hereby designate his application for hearing."

Bill Crowell Case Heats Up: In the case of W6WBJ, on March 7, the FCC filed an objection to Crowell's first request for documents. The FCC called Crowell's document request "fatally flawed" and "procedurally defective" while simultaneously asking for the summary dismissal of the request.

On the same day, the FCC also filed a Motion for a prehearing conference, requesting an Order staying all discovery until the requested conference could be held and all issues raised in their Motion could be resolved. The FCC said Crowell has, in effect, filed over 300 interrogatories, the number and scope of which they called "excessive" and "outrageous." The Bureau estimates that upwards of 80% of Crowell's interrogatories are objectionable, because they are irrelevant, call for legal conclusions, and/or are in the nature of requests for admissions. The FCC had no objection to allowing Crowell to participate in a prehearing conference via speakerphone on April 2, 2008, but they opposed a blanket grant regarding future appearances. Read the documents here, here, here and here.

Many of Karol Madera's "good friends" have received Warnings from the FCC and/or other federal authorities. A January, 29, 2008 letter to Todd E. Daugherty of Taylorville, IL was sent in reply to Daugherty's response to an FCC Warning posted in October, 2007.

The FCC told Daugherty, "Your response to the Enforcement Bureau received on November 6, 2007 was insufficient and contradictory, and indicates a misunderstanding of the Part 15 power limits for unlicensed stations. For example, you stated that your power levels were in compliance with Part 15 of the Commission's rules, yet in statements made in 2006 and 2007 describing your shortwave station "Omega One" you stated that you were operating at 5 watts, then 10 watts and later 50 and 100 watts." The FCC went on to inform Daugherty that the penalty for violations of 18 U.S.C. S: 301 include monetary forfeiture (fine) or imprisonment, or both.

Another FCC letter went to Madera's friend Joseph F. Goldberg, MD of 153 Ocean Drive, Tavernier, FL. Dr. Goldberg, 62, illegally used the callsign EA1AET (among others) on 14.275 mHz. Calling himself 'The Pirate of the Caribbean,' Dr. Goldberg often spoke with Karol Madera of Saanich, BC, in violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. Section 301.

Violation of this federal law carries criminal penalties including monetary forfeiture (fine) and imprisonment. Monetary forfeitures normally range between $7,500 and $10,000. The FCC told Goldberg, "This is the last warning you will receive regarding such operation." We were unable to reach Dr. Goldberg for comment at his office at 91555 Overseas Hwy, Suite #3 Tavernier, FL.


Polish neonazi immigrant desecrates gravestones in Jewish cemetary. Mariusz Wdziekonski, a Polish immigrant who has been in the United States for four years, was involved in the neo-Nazi movement in Poland, police said. If convicted, Wdziekonski could face up to 10 years in prison for this hate crime.

The book Fear. Anti-Semitism in Poland after Auschwitz by Jan Tomasz Gross is an interesting examination of Polish anti-semitism after World War Two. We are certainly able to see this mechanism in action when we listen to the bigoted and anti-semitic recordings featuring Polish immigrant Karol Madera. Gross illustrates with eloquence and shocking detail that the anti-semitism did not cease when the war ended. “After all the millions dead, after the Nazi terror, a good many Poles still found it acceptable to hate the Jews among them. . . . The sorrows of history multiply: a necessary book.” –Kirkus Book Reviews

British Columbia seeks to deport Polish sex offender. The federal immigration minister finds this Vancouver man is too serious a risk to remain in Canada and must be deported because of a long history of rape, uttering threats, unlawful confinement, fraud and drug offences.


Many listeners will no doubt recall Karol Madera's anti-semitic diatribes recorded by the Center for Media Studies. Madera is a Polish immigrant to Canada who has called on al Qaida to murder Americans. Madera has often discussed Jews and other minorities in derogatory terms while beaming his signal toward the U.S.A with a very powerful shortwave transmitter having an effective radiated power of 15,000 watts.

Recordings of Karol Madera appear to confirm his ties to Nazi ideology. Listeners report that Madera sounds exactly like a neonazi, whether discussing sterilization, euthanasia, eugenics, or engaging in hate speech in general.

More recordings of Madera's disgusting rhetoric can be found in our "recordings" section, which has a link at the top of our main page.

The strange saga of Karol Madera's good friend, Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, and his run-in with the FCC grows more bizarre by the day. Daugherty has threatened what might be interpreted as a denial of service attack against a federally protected computer system at the FCC.

In a rambling, obscenity filled, public demand letter, Daugherty threatened to flood FCC servers with email. Daugherty has also begun making physical threats against those commenting on his Blog. Daugherty wrote: "WHAT YOU FACE OR NEED IS ASS KICKING...TO PUT YOU BACK IN PLACE WHERE YOU FUCKING BELONG...ALONG WITH REMOVE OF YOUR FUCKING LICENSES.." At this time we recommend readers contact the Taylorville, IL police department to report these threats, at (217) 824-2211. We also recommend you contact abuse@consolidated.net to report threatening activity, apparently originating from Todd Daugherty's use of Consolidated services, possibly originating from ip address which Daugherty reports belongs to his neighbor.

Daugherty previously reported he is using a neighbor's wi-fi account to access the Internet, since all of his previous ISP's were "taken away" thus depriving him of his "free speech." Again, the Internet account Daugherty uses may carry an ip address of owned by Consolidated Communications Incorporated.

According to recent communications intercepts, Karol Madera, VE7KFM has reported that his good friend Dr. Joe Goldberg has been exposed as the radio pirate known as EA1AET. Goldberg, a resident of Tavernier, FL has apparently been using the call illegally for a number of years, and until recently, he was able to fly under FCC radar without being noticed. As previously reported, Goldberg has been reported as illegally identifying himself as EA1AET, KZ8O, ND8V, and others on 14.275 as well as interfering with legitimate and legal operations while acting as the straight man for Madera's circus act on 14.275.

To his credit, "Dr. Joe" discouraged Madera's affiliation with al Qaida, and he occasionally chastised Madera for calling on al Qaida to murder Americans. Nevertheless, piracy is illegal, and Dr. Joe, Pirate of the Caribbean, is expected to contact the FCC to permanently swear off radio piracy in the future, in order to put the affair well and truly behind him.

EA1AET is, in fact, the 4th pirate known to be affiliated with Karol F. Madera of Saanich, British Columbia. Several individuals associated with Karol Madera were recently contacted by the FCC regarding piracy. Among them, Todd Daugherty, a self admitted pirate, was recently warned about his operation on 13.556 mHz and other frequencies; David Castle who was warned by the FCC on January 9th, and; Brandon Duke who was warned about piracy in 2007, prior to his incarceration by the State of Colorado.

Meanwhile, Karol Madera's good friend, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) would like to send a message to the FCC. Daugherty received a warning letter for the illegal operation of a radio station on 13.556 and 6.950, among other frequencies. Daugherty told the FCC he built his own transmitter and operated according to part 15 rules, however, Daugherty's previous statements about the actual power output of his station cast considerable doubt on the truthfulness of Daugherty's response to the FCC.

Karol Madera's good friend David Castle, the former WA9KJI, received a Warning from the FCC about unlicensed operation and interference. Castle, now apparently a radio pirate, lost his FCC license permanently following his failure to schedule an appearance before an Administrative Law Judge to answer numerous allegations of illegal operation. Karol Madera previously urged Castle to physically assault federal Agent Riley Hollingsworth, but Castle wisely ignored Madera's advice.

Readers will recall that Madera threatened the U.S. Ambassador to Canada with physical violence. That act brought Madera to the attention of CSIS, RCMP, FBI, and the U.S. State Department's Diplomatic Protection Service. Canada failed to take action against Madera in 2005, and since that time Madera has become familiar to thousands for his disgusting, homosexually oriented tirades, his affiliation with al Qaida, and his numerous threats on 14.275 mHz.

Regarding Madera's good friend David Castle: On January 9, 2008, the FCC told Castle, "You have no authority to operate Amateur radio transmitting equipment on any frequency. Such operation is a violation of Section 301 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C. Section 301, and carries criminal penalties including monetary forfeiture (fine) and prison. Monetary forfeitures normally range from $7,500 to $10,000."

On January 12, 2008, Karol Madera (VE7KFM) delivered a lengthy educational lecture on the topic of fellatio. He was attended by his friends David Tolassi (WA1BHV) and Whitney Tritch (N3ZV). Readers may remember Tritch as the man who was banned from a popular internet site after he stole an elderly mans callsign. Tritch stole the other man's ID in order to post supportive messages regarding his friend Karol Madera. He was cautioned by the U.S. Attorney regarding this incident.

David Tolassi is an amateur who was asked to retest by the FCC. Tolassi formerly held an Advanced class license. He is now a General class licensee. According to numerous reports, Tolassi threatened to murder two men. Tolassi also threatened to mail one of the men a box of tarantulas. Tolassi recently reported that he was visited by the FBI and the Vermont Sheriff's department. Further enforcement action is widely expected following completion of the investigation involving David Tolassi.


On a pirate radio bulletin board, Daugherty announced to his pirate peers that his station was on the air in July, 2006, on both LSB and U.S.B. In the same post (July 2006) Daugherty said he was also operating on 6.950, which he also failed to disclose to the FCC.

On August 19, 2006, on the pirate bulletin board, Captain Bohemian, questioned Daugherty's truthfulness when he referred to Daugherty's station, saying "it looks like omega one has a strong signal into wv for the better part of the day...I fail to believe this is coming in from a legit part 15 tx....I don't know why this bothers me, perhaps I'm just tired of people who try to feed me ****."

Daugherty told the FCC he was using a dipole cut for 13.556 at three feet above the ground, and running according to part 15 power regulations (a formula that translates into less than 4.5 milliwatts into a half wave dipole) but Daugherty told fellow pirates he was using a sloper, 30 feet above the ground, with 100 watts output.

Some experimental beacons can be heard in the 13.553 to 13.567 MHz band, running either CW or QRSS (very slow CW). The 7.5 milliwatt EIRP limit corresponds roughly to 4.5 milliwatts into a half-wave dipole. On August 22, 2006, Daugherty told fellow pirates, "Were running 100 watts, but at 17.5 meters (which is below the 30 meter requirement are signal is only 2,000 uV. what the people are hearing in the other states is all audio. the audio at the station is what is giving the station the distance not the power." If Daugherty was using 100 watts into a half wave dipole, as he said he was, then he was using more than 99 watts over the legal limit for a typical 13.556 mHz station run in a legal manner under part 15 FCC regulations. [Daugherty's spelling, grammar, and technical errors are as copied from the original]

Daugherty's problems with the FCC are far from over. He has apparently failed to answer completely and truthfully, which in itself is a violation of of the Commission's rules. Daugherty was advised in a letter from the FCC, that knowingly and willfully making any false statement or concealing any material fact in reply to the inquiry is punishable by fine or imprisonment under 18 U.S.C. S: 1001; and 47 C.F.R. S: 1.17.

Daugherty was also advised that failure to respond appropriately to the letter of inquiry would constitute a violation of the Communications Act and the Commission's rules.

In a separate matter, not yet a matter of FCC inquiry, Daugherty was recorded on 14.275 mHz referring to his fellow amateurs as "fucking cocksuckers," saying, "fuck you up the ass with a fucking razor laced dildo, you fucking pricks".

As noted, the FCC has not yet contacted Daugherty regarding his obscene and indecent language on 14.275 mHz; nor has the FCC contacted him regarding his own prior admissions, which he failed to include in his sworn response to the FCC under penalty of perjury. Daugherty's admissions were that he used 100 watts on 13.556 and 6.950 mHz and 50 watts output power on 27.185 (channel 19) in the Citizens Band radio service.

Finally, Daugherty has engaged in defaming his fellow amateurs and FCC Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, which, along with other items under consideration by the FCC, might be considered a character issue and a primary indication that Daugherty lacks the requisite character required to hold an FCC license.

Sadly, Karol Madera's good friend, Todd Daugherty has reacted to his FCC Warning Notice in an extremely immature and unbalanced manner, which is highly reminiscent of his Canadian mentor. At his Blog, Daugherty has severely defamed Special Counsel Hollingsworth and alleged complainants. We leave you, the reader, to ponder Daugherty's character, as you peruse these excerpts from Todd E. Daugherty's Blog...


Whitney Tritch, another good friend of Karol Madera's, spent the two days prior to the New Year talking to Madera on 14.275 mHz. Tritch finally seems to realize his bogus complaints to various organizations have fallen on deaf ears and it seems he now intends to spend his free time supporting Karol Madera on the air. Readers may remember Whitney Tritch as the man who turned himself in to the U.S. Attorney for committing a U.S. Code, Title 18 violation. Tritch admitted to the world that he stole an ill and elderly man's identity in order to post online defamation.

Terry, K7FE, a keen-eyed administrator at qrz.com, discovered Tritch's computer intrusion and theft of the identity of Robert Cheek, of Pittsburgh, PA. For that offense, Tritch reported that he had been banned from that website until 2008. The U.S. Attorney's office told Tritch that he must refrain from engaging in such violations in the future [under penalty of prosecution, fine, and imprisonment related to U.S.C, Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 47, subsection 1030(6)(A) pertaining to fraud and false statements, which may also be considered 'character issues' under 47CFR part 97 related to retention of an FCC license].

Useful Idiots

Karol Madera cultivates and uses a couple of handfuls of the naive and easily led at any given time. For further reading The Razor features an interesting article on the concept of useful idiots in politics and otherwise.

Speaking of useful idiots, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia has warned Karol Madera's friend, Whitney Tritch, N3ZV, that further illegal acts may subject him to arrest, fine, and/or imprisonment. Tritch turned himself in and admitted violations of U.S. Code, Title 18, after it was discovered that he had obtained access to a computer system by using a fraudulent password in order to pose as an elderly Pennsylvania man. Hopefully Tritch has learned his lesson. If there is a next time, his victims have promised to press charges.

Karol Madera's good friend and self admitted Pirate Broadcaster, Todd Daugherty was in the news recently. Ragnar Daneskjold, Editor of Pirate's Week, had this to say: "Anime is not my thing, pedophilia anime is definitely wrong. I dislike anybody facing prosecution for radio activities. Those individuals who are far outside societies norms in other aspects of their lives typically bring the attention of the authorities for one reason or another. In other words, Karma's a bitch." And here is an excerpt from the Free Radio Network (quoting This Week in Amateur Radio) about Todd Daugherty's pirate bust.

Murder With an SKS Rifle

The killer in the Nebraska mall mass murder on December 5, 2007 reportedly used an SKS rifle. Center for Media Studies readers may recall that Karol Madera's friend, David J. Tolassi of Barre Vermont, referred to an SKS rifle in the summer of 2007. Tolassi told listeners that he was going to "pay a visit" to a complainant in the case against him and Tolassi mentioned an SKS rifle during the exchange. Previously, Tolassi had said he was going to mail him venomous spiders, and have a contract taken out on him, and it has been widely reported that Tolassi said he planned to murder the FCC Special Counsel and another man at the 2008 Dayton amateur radio convention. Tolassi's violent rhetoric increased following a visit he said he made to Karol Madera in the summer of 2007. Tolassi is currently under investigation by the FCC, the FBI, and the Vermont Sheriff's Department.

Out of Prison

Brandon Duke, KD0BSH (formerly KC0UWS). Duke is scheduled to be out of prison in December, 2007 and he's expected to be on probation for the following two years. Brandon Duke received a letter from the FCC which indicates that in order to resolve enforcement issues against his license, the FCC has allowed him to take 'time off' from Amateur Radio for the period of one year, retroactive to July, 1, 2007. If Duke operates Amateur Radio transmitting equipment at any time during this cooling off period, he will be subject to enforcement action, which may include revocation and fines ranging from $7,500~$10,000.

Meanwhile, Todd Daugherty, (N9OGL) another man who quotes Karol Madera frequently, has received an FCC WARNING NOTICE and Request for Information, dated October 16, 2007. Madera (not a lawyer) counseled Daugherty to ignore the letter. The FCC has alleged that Daugherty engaged in radio piracy on 6950 and 13556 kHZ.

A third friend of Madera's, David Castle, the former WA9KJI, has already lost his FCC license for failing to file an appearance for his Hearing to discuss alleged slander, interference, harassment, and criminality, among other things.

And speaking of slander, harassment, and criminality, a fourth friend of Karol Madera's, David J. Tolassi (WA1BHV) has reported that he was investigated by the FBI and Vermont Sheriff's Department. Radio enthusiasts anticipate action by the FCC (and other agencies) against Tolassi following a widely reported threat to murder two individuals targeted by Karol Madera. At a minimum, it is expected Tolassi will lose his FCC license as a result of his threats and ongoing harassment.

On November 9, 2007, Karol Madera, who physically threatened the U.S. Ambassador to Canada as well as several complainants against him, told convicted felon Donald Anderson "Wouldn't it be nice if we also had (Tom Whatley's) death certificate, then I will definitively be able to tell you, Donny, that he's dead." Previously, Madera defamed Whatley's wife, a REMAX broker, calling her a "real estate bitch who probably gives out nooners." When Mrs. Whately (who was listening) appropriately disregarded his disgusting defamation, Madera said "Listen - knock out your front teeth there honey, and I'll give you some polish sausage to munch on."

The conversation above is similar to Madera's conversation with David Tolassi. Madera told Tolassi to shoot them all. "After having met vicariously, from a distance only... shoot them all David, shoot them all, but don't waste the little nuggets..." Tolassi is under investigation for threatening to murder individuals at Karol Madera's request.

Karol Madera's online defamation group posted at Yahoo, has disappeared. This group was Madera's second attempt to play host to a defamatory website in the United States. Members included Joseph J. Italiano, Edward D. Oswald, Karol F. Madera, Claude A. Plymale, Joseph F. Goldberg, and others.

Ed Oswald (KB3JGU) is the latest of Karol Madera's friends to be banned from amateur radio's most popular website. Hopefully, Junior will reconsider his ill conceived actions and seek out a mentor who is not referred to as a "fruitcake" by U.S. Federal agents.

Developing... Joe Italiano, N9PH, of Maryville, IL is listed on a private website as being the President of the Illinois Chapter of the highly secretive North American Man-Boy Love Association. If true, this explains his close relationship with Todd Daugherty and Karol Madera, both of whom have a 'less than wholesome' reputation in the amateur community.

We have received word that Karol Madera's young friend Brandon Duke, KC0UWS, is due to be released from jail, possibly as early as mid-December, 2007. Duke said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had several questions regarding his relationship with Karol Madera and certain acts which Madera asked him to perform when he was on the run from Colorado authorities in South Carolina and Florida. In exchange for Duke's cooperation, Duke's attorney negotiated a reduced sentence and a one year suspension from radio in lieu of much harsher penalties.

Karol Florian Madera called a man a piece of fucking American shit after he was labeled a pedophile by a U.S. citizen on October 29, 2007. An objective analysis of U.S. court cases indicates that in the U.S., the label probably fits. Madera often solicits underage females for sex. His concern is only that they be of legal age in Canada (14). A person of Karol Madera's age would most certainly be labeled a pedophile and arrested, were he to be apprehended in the U.S. for soliciting 14 year old children (male or female) as he has done on several occasions. Note: proper names have been edited out of this obscene audio clip to protect the innocent.

Things are looking worse for friends of Karol Madera. On October 29, 2007, Karol Madera's good friend Todd Daugherty, reported that he had received a WARNING NOTICE from the FCC. The Commission told Daugherty it has information that Daugherty has operated unlicensed radio stations on 6.950 and 13.556 MHz and that the station's exceed authorized power limits. Daugherty's application for "Langley Park Telecommunications" was previously rejected. The FCC told Daugherty that direction finding signals indicated that transmissions were made from his location on 13.556 MHz in November 2006 and that the information before the Commission raises serious questions regarding Daugherty's qualifications to retain an Amateur license. Not only that, but his actions could be a violation of the Communications Act of 1934 and 18 U.S.C. § 301, subjecting Daugherty to a forfeiture, imprisonment, or both. Daugherty was directed to provide additional information and documents regarding the period between January, 2006 and the present. Daugherty must answer the questions in a signed affidavit, under penalty of perjury. The FCC letter did not mention Daugherty's large collection of images of virtual children being raped by adults.

On a final note, listen to Karol Madera urge the self-admitted pirate radio operator, Todd Daugherty (N9OGL), to continue airing obscenities, slander, and filth on 20 meters shortwave: "I like it Todd; I like it very much; don't stop now Todd!"

Whitney Tritch, N3ZV, committed an act of illegal computer intrusion on October 25, 2007. Tritch admits he impersonated an elderly man by stealing his online identity in order to post defamation about other radio operators. Tritch stole the identity of CW and DX legend Bob Cheek, W3VT. Several individuals referred to Tritch's identity theft as "despicable" and "cowardly" and at least one man who has been repeatedly defamed by Tritch refused to accept what he called Tritch's "half-arsed" apology. Tritch is another friend of Karol Madera who has committed a crime in defense of the Canadian who says he hopes al Qaida murders Americans with roadside bombs. Among those defamed by Tritch were Delray Beach, Detective of the Month, Tom Whatley and Special Achievement Award Winner, Riley Hollingsworth. The latest episode of fraudulent behavior by a close friend of Karol Madera's is reminiscent of the occasion when Karol Madera posted a fraudulent "testimonial" from a deceased man named Leo Winter. The FCC and FBI were notified regarding this latest episode of internet fraud.

Another fraud was also discovered on October 25, 2007, when Karol Madera, VE7KFM, was caught in the distribution of yet another lie in a long series of lies. The picture on Madera's page, was discovered to be a stolen and cropped picture from this website. The picture archive has been removed to prevent Madera's further theft of material under copyright.

Edward Oswald Jr. (KB3JGU) admitted willful and deliberate interference on 14.275 mHz in a post on qrz.com titled 14275 bad freq? on October 20, 2007, Oswald wrote (and we quote): "My favorite is tuning up while the cuckoo from Kalamazoo is spouting his usual nonsense." The reference to interference occurred even as Oswald hypocritically criticized the FCC for "a lack of enforcement." Oswald is often chastised by other amateurs for being an unabashed Madera supporter who has consistently sympathized with Madera while minimizing his threats of violence, racism, and affiliation with al Qaida. Oswald, whose nickname is 'Howdy Doody' often whines about those who chide him for dwelling in his Grandmother's basement. However, it is apparent that Oswald brought the teasing on himself in April 2007, when he made remarks regarding his Grannie's chastisement.

Joseph J. Italiano (N9PH) of Maryville, Illinois who was delisted and recently banned, nominated Karol Madera for Amateur of the Year. He was lampooned at another website due to Italiano's "close" relationship with Madera.

An audio recording of a Vermont man, also a friend of Karol Madera, who threatened to murder two men, one of them a Federal Agent, has been furnished to U.S. Federal authorities, along with affidavits regarding the threats. The Center for Media Studies has called for the arrest of the perpetrator and the swift revocation of his amateur radio license.

Karol Madera continued to threaten a Pennsylvania man as he and his good friend David J. Tolassi of Vermont discussed killing Crows on October 7, 2007. Madera said, "I think you should shoot them at every opportunity." Madera continued his threats, saying, "When I meet Brian, there are going to be two sounds -- me hitting him and him hitting the ground." Later, after a man called them barbaric, knuckle-dragging, neanderthals, Madera told Tolassi, "I think you disgusted Doug with your blood thirstiness for killing Crows... maybe he'll forgive you if you bring down the chief Crow."

Karol Madera's good friend Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) often rants obscenely on 14.275 mHz. Daugherty says his collection of Japanese Anime cartoons featuring virtual children engaging in intercourse and sodomy with adults is perfectly legal, however, the use of obscenity and profanity on public airwaves is not.

Daugherty's rant was described as "a complete meltdown." Some amateurs referred to it as evidence of a " serious mental condition." Others commented that he appeared unstable, and that such behavior may mark him as being unsuitable for continued FCC licensure. Tom Whatley simply informed Daugherty that the frequency was occupied. That's all it took for Daugherty to unleash a stream of rank obscenities. Listen to excerpts of N9OGL's rant here.

The FBI has been informed that Karol Florian Madera has joined his friend David in making what appear to be threats of grave violence against a Pennsylvania Amateur. On Wednesday evening, October 3rd, 2007, Karol F. Madera, who has previously threatened the American Ambassador to Canada, said (and we quote) "Brian, you American psycho, we're gonna find you one of these days, and we are going to put a fence post up your rectum -- roughly sharpened -- for your enjoyment." Madera then addressed anyone listening, saying, "go piss up a rope, pound sand, suck off Riley, those who are offended."

Radio blogs have reported that a Vermont amateur named David has threatened to murder Riley Hollingsworth with a hand gun. According to the source at the blog, David said over and over again that he can't stand Hollingsworth and he intends to "pop him with a 22" and put "a bullet through his head." David also purportedly said he plans to murder a Pennsylvania amateur with a 9mm pistol. David made the terroristic threats and described the murder plot to another radio operator on 3.910 mHz on Sunday, September 30, 2007. Karol Madera has previously made threats against the U.S. Ambassador which were investigated by RCMP and the U.S. State Department. Madera also recently told an amateur to shove a roughly sharpened fence post up Hollingsworth's rectum. Madera is a known correspondent of the aforementioned individual.


Karol Madera has returned to shortwave radio, on the 20 meter band, after an absence of nearly three weeks. For the duration of his absence, there were no reports of jamming; threats; obscenity; or affiliation and support of Usama bin Laden's, al Qaida. However, upon Madera's return he immediately launched into a tirade where he discussed U.S. involvement in the Middle East, saying, "I hope al Qaida shoves your teeth out your assholes." Madera's hate-filled diatribe created an immediate backlash, with dozens jamming his signal. There is no apparent end in sight, since Industry Canada seems to have no intention of disciplining Karol Madera for his on-air activities, and the Crown has thus far declined to prosecute Madera, despite numerous allegations that Madera has broadcast threats and hate propaganda for nearly two years, via his radio station in Saanich, British Columbia.


According to numerous reports, WA1BHV was heard mocking the death of recently deceased and much beloved amateur, Ruberd Lloyd, K4RUB. Mr. Lloyd, of Enterprise, FL succumbed to the effects of a long illness last week. However, that didn't prevent David J. Tolassi, of Barre, Vermont from disrespectfully mocking the man, even as Mr. Lloyd's wife, family, and other mourners grieved at the Florida funeral home housing Mr. Lloyd's ashes. Amateurs called Tolassi's display "absolutely sickening." Comments on web-sites have indicated that Tolassi's, threats, slander, and current display of gross indifference to other people's suffering are all reasons that indicate why Tolassi's amateur radio license should be revoked. Following WA1BHV's 3 year hiatus from 20 meters, Tolassi was warned by the FCC that further enforcement issues would lead to institution of revocation proceedings against his license.


Joseph J. Italiano (N9PH) of Maryville, Illinois is now banned, as well as unlisted at the most popular amateur radio website in the world. Joe recently nominated Karol Madera for Amateur of the Year. He was lampooned at another website due to his "close" relationship with Madera. Analysis of Madera's candidacy yields the following information: In sixty open topics referring to Madera which were read by more than two-hundred-thousand (200,000) readers, a mere .003% had favorable comments regarding Karol Madera.


David Castle, a man Karol Madera calls 'mi amigo gringo', has lost his bid to renew his FCC license. Castle has been the subject of FCC Enforcement complaints for a number of years. He is no longer a licensee as his license renewal application was rejected with prejudice.


Todd Daugherty, N9OGL a man Karol Madera calls "my good friend Todd" complained recently about being thrown off the internet due to his self-described obsession with uploading images of virtual children engaging in sexual perversions. Daugherty compared these images to the art of the renaissance. Madera and Daugherty have much in common. Madera asked a man recently if his 14 year old daughter had big hooters. Madera specified age 14 because that was the youngest age child he could legally inquire about in Canada. In the United States, a man of Madera's age, engaging in sexual relations with a 14 year old, would likely be listed as a pedophile and charged with rape as well as endangering the welfare of a child. Madera and Daugherty also share similarities in diction whilst operating their radio stations. Whenever Madera, Daugherty, and their companions appear, jamming and anarchy ensue.


VE7KFM was advised that he was interfering with a hurricane emergency advisory bulletin on August 19, 2007 as Hurricane Dean battered Jamaica. Madera responded with obscenities. Madera's correspondent, Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, berated one of the stations who asked Madera to stand by, calling him a "stupid fuck" and "a stupid whore.".


Karol Madera unsuccessfully tried to jam 20 meters on August 9th, 2007 Madera often jams 20 meters with the assistance of a bootlegger/pirate station identifying as EA1AET. Listen as a station calls the pirate a bootlegger. The same pirate station has also previously identified as KZ8O and ND8V. Madera acknowledged that the station has been identified as a pirate, but, as with his operation with another pirate (KC0UWS) who is now in prison, Madera continued to jam legal stations with the pirate while reading defamatory statements from his web page.


On August 6th, 2007, self-acknowledged pirate Todd Daugherty, N9OGL, visited 14.275 mHz to speak with Karol Madera. Todd Daugherty's Blog has been inundated with comments labeling him a pedophile (and worse) apparently due to his fondness for uploading images of virtual children engaging in various sexual perversions. Daugherty says even though his taste in "art" is legal, he has been kicked off every internet service provider in and around Taylorville, Illinois, including the public library, because he insists on uploading the images. Daugherty, apparently furious with those he imagines have complained about his activities, ranted obscenely, saying, "Fuck you up the ass with a fucking razor-laced dildo you fucking pricks, I'll be broadcasting here until I'm allowed back on the internet." Listen to a recording of N9OGL. Daugherty says Omega One Radio and The N9OGL Show can also be heard on 6950 and 13556 kHz with a power output of 100 watts and on 27.185 (CB channel 19) with a power output of 50 watts.


On July 22, 2007, David J. Tolassi sounded angry that he was asked to respond to the fact that he made statements involving threatening to visit a man, bringing with him an SKS rifle, and threatening to mail the man a box of spiders, as well as other threats of an assorted nature. Tolassi said, "I had to go and stand tall before the man and explain stuff, and it was really embarassing, and they're going to have to pay for that." "They're absolutely going to have to pay for that." Tolassi continued, saying, "...and that website, that stupid website, I said one time I'd crack it; well we're gonna crack it. We're gonna crack that website. It's gonna go down. It's gonna fail."

In related news, Doug Gerry (NR5T) informed listeners that complaints about David Tolassi's threats of violence were sent to the FCC from a non-existent person. Gerry advised Tolassi that he should sue the FCC if Tolassi receives a citation, because, as Gerry told Tolassi, "I'll tell you what; you're going to win this case, because here's Riley Hollingsworth acting upon and moving on information from a person who doesn't even exist. What do you think is going to happen David?"


Several stations have criticized VE7KFM for what they called deliberate interference to a station on Pitcairn Island. Madera transmitted on 14.275 mHz without asking if the frequency was in use while the DX station was operating on 14.277 mHz. Madera's signal is known to be one of the dirtiest and widest on the 20 meter band, often filled with hum, distortion, and odd popping sounds all of which are usually caused by improper engineering, and/or poor operating practices. Madera also says he has bugs in his amplifier.


On the evening of June 29, 2007, Karol Madera described lying to a senior officer, fraudulently advancing himself several ranks, and fraudulently obtaining a steward and other military courtesies to which he was not entitled. On the brink of discovery, rather than tell the truth, Madera left the military base so that his lie would not be discovered. This is one example, among many, verified by Madera himself, that illustrates the fact that Karol Madera is both a fraud and a liar. It is no surprise that so many witnesses provided full and complete particulars and furnished original statements or affidavits at Madera's Law Society hearing on whether he should be allowed to become a barrister. Madera was not admitted to the law society in British Columbia, or anywhere else.


In the past week Madera discussed religion and race relations. He referred to the Catholic Pope, saying, "I buggered the Pope's boyfriend" and "Don't negroes have the right to call each other nigger?" Madera has frequently referred to people of color and Jews in particular in derogatory and racist terms. He has been recorded calling a Jewish man "hooknosed and dark" and a man from Trinidad "a suckboy" and "a little darky" and "common as dirt." He called the same man a "Jigaboo" and he also called an African American from Michigan an "uncle Tom." Madera, recently agreed with fellow racist, K5BLB about so-called "faggots and queers" who objected to Madera's racist language. Madera says he has "special permission from the Canadian government to use as much power as necessary to get his message out."

Karol Madera has often been called Canada's most vocal racist. An FCC official dubbed Madera "a fruitcake, a very poor operator, and several fries short of a happy meal". Statements attributed to Madera have also been described by a member of the Canadian government as "tasteless, combative, stupid, and mean spirited." Madera has often engaged in slander, libel, racism, threats, and anti-American rhetoric. He has also said (many times) that he hopes al Qaida kills Americans with roadside bombs.


Karol Madera has been speaking with yet another individual who has used a call sign that does not belong to him. Readers may recall that Madera also spoke with Brandon Duke, KC0UWS. Brandon Duke was contacted by the FCC regarding those allegedly illegal communications. An operator is currently under investigation by the FCC. He says his name is Joe and that he is located in Islamorada, Florida and that his callsign is EA1AET. However, official records in Spain, researched by Spanish radio operators in that country, indicate that EA1AET is registered to Maria Teresa Sagrado Garcia, in Salamanca, Spain.


David Tolassi (WA1BHV) recently told Karol Madera he is not into large bosomed women and that he is disapponted in his wife Jane's physical attributes. Instead, Tolassi told Madera he is into heinies. Madera, who has mentioned that he likes women with boyish looks, asked a man if had a daughter with big hooters, adding that she should be at least 14 years old. In the same conversation, Madera made anti-semitic comments, and at one point warned B'nai Brith that he had weapons in the house telling them not to visit after sunset. Frequent listeners will note that this is not the first time Madera has engaged in anti-semitic rants. Tolassi was in complete agreement with Madera when Madera called FCC Enforcement Official Riley Hollingsworth a "Pussy-whipped individual from the faggot communications commission who was probably "in the Gettysburg bath house." Tolassi added a few rambling and nonsensical remarks of his own, to which Madera replied, "David, I think you've been smoking some heavy shit today."


On June 6, 2007, Karol Madera called on al Qaida to destroy Americans with roadside bombs. Shortly afterward, he called for the creation of a provisional wing of al Qaida. Madera injected his signature brand of racism into the mix, telling listeners he is white, blue eyed, blonde, and over 6' 2" tall. Madera continued, saying, "If the provisional wing of the IRA was good enough for the Irish, the provisional wing of al Qaida should be good enough for the darkies among us."


On June 5, 2007, Karol Madera made a racist threat directed to Tom Whatley, a Detective in the DelRay, Florida Police Department. Madera said, "May a Darky blow your head off some evening, but may there be enough light so you can see the flash." This remark came seconds after he threatened Whatley with unspecified consequences for attempting to make a call using his radio. Apparently, Karol Madera does not like policemen. He targets several law enforcement officers on his web pages, and he advocated the shooting of RCMP officers following the tragic murder of four RCMP officers in Alberta. Madera's threats against officials in American government have escalated in recent days. See the items below for more information.


On June 4, 2007, Karol Madera told David Castle to shove a roughly sharpened fence post up the rectum of the FCC's Special Counsel, Riley Hollingsworth, Esq. This, after Castle was summoned to Washington, D.C. in a Hearing Designation Order adopted May 23, 2007. The FCC letter to Madera's good friend David Castle referenced slander, harassment, indecent language, and intentional interference. Madera has a long history of advocating violence against Americans and U.S. public officials, including the U.S. Ambassador to Canada. U.S. officials and numerous Canadian complainants have been repeatedly frustrated by the failure of Canadian officials to act against Madera.


"If you had an equitable draft, where everybody's son and daughter would be literally sent to the infantry, and to the front line, I would wish all of you, without exception, roadside bombs, because you need to be taught a lesson and you need to suffer the consequences of your misguided actions... but equitably"


Listen to excerpts of the FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth's discussion about the Canadian Fruitcake on 14.275 mHz at the Dayton Hamvention on May 16, 17, and 18, 2007. Hollingsworth described the Canadian in question as a "fruitcake" and a "poor operator" who is "not taken seriously." He went on to call the situation an international problem that the U.S. has no control over. He told his standing-room-only audience that Canadian rules and laws are more lax than those in the U.S., and he asked U.S. amateur operators to report violations and then to find a useable frequency in order to enjoy their radio privileges. Hollingsworth also warned Americans with upcoming renewal dates that enforcement action will be taken against their licenses. The Center For Media Studies is in complete agreement with Mr. Hollingsworth. There is no need for U.S. radio operators to contribute to what is essentially an embarrassing Canadian problem.


Karol Madera physically threatened the U.S. Ambassador in December, 2005. His threats resulted in investigations by the U.S. State Department, RCMP, and other agencies. Since 2005, Madera has affiliated with known criminals; called on al Qaida for support; wished Americans more roadside bombs; advocated lobotomies and castration for Jews; referred to African Americans as "Little Darkies", "Jigaboos" and "Uncle Toms;" and said President George W. Bush should be rendered to the Hague where he should be hung following a speedy trial.

Madera routinely offers blatant disinformation and slander on the air, while defaming others on his crude and nonsensical webpage. All this without offering any substantive proof for his bizarre statements. He has made thoughtless, crude jokes about the victims of the horrific Virginia Tech massacre, and referring to Americans in the Iraq war, Madera said, “The sooner you get your teeth kicked out your asshole, the better.” Referring to President Bush's leadership, Madera said, "This has got to stop. I realize you Americans have been fed shit for the past six years, but this is well beyond the pale, even for people who can't reason and chew gum at the same time." Madera's history of violent threats renders his continuing focus on George W. Bush increasingly disturbing.


A few days after the Virginia Tech massacre, Karol Madera joked about the murders, discussing the "cowardly students" at Virginia Tech who "failed to protect themselves" with David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV. Madera went on to say, sounding gleeful,

"I was happy that 9/11 happened altogether -- you know, turning of the screw a little further." Madera then underlined his hatred for the United States by describing Americans as "crass, transparent liars," adding other insults, too numerous to mention. Tolassi, WA1BHV (formerly KC1ZQ and KB1EVE) has had continuous involvement with FCC enforcement officials since at least 1999. Tolassi's antics have been fodder for newsgroup humor and other commentary for at least 8 years.


The FCC has warned David J. Tolassi, WA1BHV (ex-KB1EVE), of Barre, Vermont, that he's risking a substantial fine if he continues to violate the conditions of his 2004 license renewal. After a series of 'enforcement issues' relating to the operation of KB1EVE, the FCC renewed Tolassi's General class ticket in January 2004 on the condition that he refrain from 20-meter voice operation for three years. Following up on allegations that Tolassi had violated the prohibition, FCC Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth wrote the licensee February 23. 'Information before the Commission indicates that you have violated the condition of your license by operating voice on the 20-meter amateur band,' Hollingsworth said. 'Please be advised that if the condition is violated again, you will be issued a monetary forfeiture (fine).' Hollingsworth noted that fines for such unauthorized operation typically range from $4000 to $7000. In late 2003, the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) referred Tolassi's renewal application to the Enforcement Bureau for review as a result of the 'enforcement issues,' which, Hollingsworth says, involved inappropriate on-the-air behavior. To resolve the situation, Tolassi agreed to stay off 20-meter phone until February 1, 2007, in exchange for having the FCC renew his license. In 1999, Tolassi, formerly KC1ZQ, failed to pass the Advanced class examination after being summoned by the FCC for retesting, and his license class was downgraded to General. The FCC issued KB1EVE, a call sign appropriate for a General class licensee in March 2000. Tolassi obtained WA1BHV last May through the vanity call sign program.


Reports were sent to the FCC, FBI, Vermont State Police, and local police in Barre, VT, due to numerous reports that David Tolassi issued death threats and discussed visiting a Pennsylvania amateur with an SKS automatic rifle. According to listener reports, Tolassi is firmly behind notorious al Qaida supporter, Karol Madera. Recently, Tolassi also phoned a colleague of a Pennsylvania man in an apparent effort to locate him. This, after Tolassi also said he was going to hack this website and mail the man a box of spiders. Tolassi has also commented publicly in a tasteless and crude manner about his wife's sexual attributes. Further terroristic threats and/or potentially criminal act(s) such as stalking or harassment perpetrated by David J. Tolassi should be reported to the Barre, VT police department (802) 476-6613; the FBI (518) 465-7551; and the FCC (717) 338-2502.

[Brandon Duke]


The young fugitive from justice (captured in May, 2007) who announced he was living with Karol Madera, was jailed in Myrtle Beach, SC, pending extradition to Longmont, CO, according to sources in that state. CMS readers may recall that Brandon Duke was cited by the FCC for malicious interference and speaking to Karol Madera on 20 meters without benefit of license. Young Mr. Duke was arrested for numerous fraudulent internet scams involving stealing from radio amateurs. Mr. Duke was infatuated with Karol Madera, often emulating his affected diction, and calling himself "Radio Colorado." Click on the audio icon above to review clips of Madera and Duke interfering with communications on 14.275 mHz.


The following revelation will come as no surprise to the readership of this page who already recognize British Columbia Law Society reject Karol Florian Madera as a fraud, liar, and hate monger. To date, Madera has failed to respond to numerous complaints regarding copyright violation, theft, defamation, and lies posted on his website, hosted by Shaw in Canada.

However, Karol Madera, VE7KFM, has perpetrated yet another fraud upon the public, this time by publishing a so-called 'testimonial' from Dr. Leo Winter Jr. As usual, Madera failed to adequately perform due diligence before publication. The problem with Madera's false and fraudulent testimonial, dated April 19, 2007 is that Dr. Leo Winter, Jr. has been deceased since March 26, 2002.


Karol F. Madera has often attempted to intimidate witnesses against him by writing threatening email, signing himself "Karol F. Madera, LL.B." It can now be revealed that Madera is not a lawyer at all, despite Madera's frequent threats alluding to his "knowledge of the law". In fact, Madera's potential career as a lawyer was thwarted over 14 years ago by "Very full and complete particulars including the names of witnesses and original statements or affidavits" indicating Madera's lack of fitness to be called to the Bar. "With respect to many of the particulars given by counsel for the Law Society the conduct to be inquired into was very specifically described." Interested readers can visit the website of the British Columbia Law Society, which discusses part of the story.


Karol Madera told a Jewish man that his God, YHWH (Jehova) is dead. Madera went on to say his own God (Christ) if not dead, is ailing, and that Allah is in the ascendancy. Madera also said, "I wouldn't want the yarmulke lobby (Jews) to have nearly as much power as they have in the states. They already control a lot of our media, which is part of the problem George."


Karol Madera attacked a 15 year old boy last night (1/25/07) VE6WTF. The boy, Kyle Kindjerski, is a 15 year old from Alberta, Canada. Young Mr. Kindjerski has complained to RCMP about Madera and he has informed The Center for Media Studies that he plans to follow up with a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission about Madera's on-air racism and bigotry. In a related note, Madera also attacked the witness who advised the youngster to call the RCMP, saying, "he will know what a victim is."


On January 25, 2007, Karol Madera of Saanich, BC was maudlin and slurring his words while admitting he was drinking alcohol. He spiced his monologue with obscenities, aimed at a complainant, whom Madera said he would like to circumcise. At times Madera appeared to be weeping as he recalled his father, the late Maciej Madera of Toronto. Referring to American soldiers in the field, Madera said, "The sooner you get your teeth kicked out your asshole, the better."


Karol Madera said he wished an American radio amateur with heart problems would have a coronary followed by death last night (January 25, 2007). Madera, who often slurred his words as he hurled insults and obscene curses, said, "Tom, if you're listening, I hope you have a coronary and die."


Following an episode where it was suspected that Karol Madera posed as George J. Zardecki, N9VTB, on the popular website QRZ.com, Zardecki was banned from using that website along with his friend Karol Madera. Apparently, the tip-off for QRZ administrators was the fact that "Zardecki" used Canadian spelling, spent most of his post talking about Madera's 'accomplishments' and posted the URL to Madera's obscene website several times.


Amateur radio stations engaged in communications containing threats, obscenity, profanity, indecency, and/or jamming and deliberate interference, have no protection afforded them under U.S. law. According to 47 CFR, Part 97. Transmissions that seriously degrade, obstruct or repeatedly interrupt a radiocommunication service operating in accordance with the Radio Regulations are not protected under U.S. law.


"They're a bunch of fucktards George. It's a contraction of retard and an admittedly obscene word." Later Madera advertised what he calls his hate speech, saying, "I insult everyone ... even Hispanics... drop me an email."


VE7KFM viciously attacked yet another American radio operator on January 2, 2007. Mack Walls (W4MAC) is a gentle and soft-spoken amateur who simply asked Karol Madera to stop using obscenities on the air. Madera responded, saying, "You have shit-for-brains, because you're American."

Madera continued, "Your reasoning is reasonably logical, but only if you have shit for brains Mack, but that's redundant in at least three ways. One because you have shit for brains, without more; two because you are from the fourth call district; and three because you're American. So, I rest my case, Mack."

Madera also recently attacked elderly radio operator (W8PHZ) because he objected to Madera's use of obscenities and graphic descriptions of Madera's desire to have sex with "colored women." Industry Canada (Victoria) has allowed Madera to use his radio station to threaten others; to use racial and ethnic slurs; and to use obscenities on 14.275 mHz for over a year, with no relief in sight for 2007. Madera's station has been repeatedly jammed, presumably due to his use of obscenities, racial and ethnic slurs, offensive sexually oriented comments about women and other men's wives, his stated desire to see al Qaida use roadside bombs against Americans, and his ongoing campaign of defamation against Americans in general.


Karol Madera today (12-28-2006) called a Jewish man "dark and of the hook-nosed variety" and Madera added that he could tell the man was "good in Jewish engineering." On the previous day, Madera belittled the man's wife, saying he liked her, even though she had "small tits."

Later, Madera described a man from Trinidad as "a DP, a Darky, and a Suck Boy." Madera continued with his oft-repeated, Nazi-inspired theme of lobotomies, eugenics and euthanasia. Madera also prescribed sterilization and castration for so-called mental defectives. He named two minorities for his proposed plan, one of whom is a Jew, the other, an Hispanic man, both from Florida.

Karol Madera distributes Hate Propaganda over short-wave radio. Here he describes a Jewish man as being dark and having a hook nose. Next, Madera describes a Jewish man with Bipolar Disorder, saying, "his appendages should be removed."Next, Madera describes a man from Trinidad as "a little darky, and a DP, who is common as dirt." Later, Madera discussed doing a lobotomy and a circumcision on one of his perceived enemies.Finally, sounding like a Nazi, Madera said, "A little snip-snip and they won't leave their progeny to trouble the next generation."


Karol Madera suggested today (12-27-2006) that "mental defectives" like a Jewish man in Miami, FL either be put in an asylum, or that lobotomies, eugenics and euthanasia be "brought back" to be employed against them. Madera also suggested that the proposed asylum have the slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei" over the door to the entrance. The slogan, "Arbeit Macht Frei" (work shall set you free) was placed at the entrances to a number of Nazi concentration camps, Auschwitz, Dachau, and Buchenwald in particular. Listen as Madera discusses "Arbeit Macht Frei."

While discussing purchases with a Jewish man today, Madera congratulated him for paying "the sum of zero dollars and zero cents," saying that went "hand-in-glove" with his "religious persuasion." Karol Madera has often made anti-semitic remarks and promoted eugenics, euthanasia, or a 9mm bullet to the back of the head for the people he calls "mental defectives." Listen, as Karol Madera makes denigrating remarks about a Jewish man's wife, and then " his religious persuasion."

See Rudy Brueggmann's website for his pictorial essay on The Meaning of Arbeit Macht Frei.


Karol Madera who has proposed a final solution involving "eugenics and euthanasia" for "American mental defectives" has cultivated a friendship with Brandon Duke, a thief from Colorado. Duke recently jammed two frequencies near Longmont Colorado with his version of a song called Stripped, by the German group Rammstein. In April 1999, the media reported that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two boys who perpetrated the Columbine High School massacre, were fans of Rammstein, and had declared it to be one of their favorite bands. Rammstein has been criticized by the German media and the Anti-Defamation-League. The German media has compared Rammstein's lead singer's rolling Teutonic r's to Adolf Hitler's diction.

The music video "Stripped" by the German group Rammstein is located here.

Karol Madera's violent speech about roadside bombs for his critics and his calls for "eugenics and euthanasia" and/or "a 9mm bullet to the back of the head" for people he calls "mental defectives" have been compared to the speeches of Adolf Hitler. In fact, some people have jammed Madera's transmissions using Hitler's voice, perhaps due to the fact that Madera's viewpoints are similar to those of Aldolf Hitler in many ways.


Brandon Duke of Longmont, Colorado was Karol Madera's partner in a recent episode of malicious interference on 20 meters. Duke became a fugitive from justice, on the run due to failure to pay restitution for a spate of thefts he committed in an interstate fraud scheme which was conducted over the internet. Duke stated he was living with Karol Madera in Canada. Brandon Duke's amateur radio license (KC0UWS) was recently cancelled by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

Duke is notorious for selling stolen property.

Duke was recently enrolled in the Partnership for Active Community Engagement program (PACE) which partners the local Mental Health Center with the Sheriff's Department, Probation, the Health Department, and the Justice system. The PACE program provides an integrated treatment and diversion program which reduces jail time for a targeted population of mentally ill offenders, most of whom have co-occurring substance abuse problems.

Duke of Longmont, Colorado, and Madera were recently recorded engaging in illegal communications on 14.275 mHz. As of March, 2007, Duke has reported that he is now living with Karol Madera. The recording is located here. Here is a photo of Duke posing with what appears to be an assault rifle. The Longmont, Colorado police department is requesting information about an intruder who broke into a home with a baseball bat, assaulting an Afican American man. It is entirely coincidental that a picture of Brandon Duke is posted alongside this police sketch. UPDATE: As of Summer, 2007, Brandon Duke is in jail.


Karol Madera has (again) been recorded sympathizing with al Qaida. The day after Thanksgiving (11/24/2006) Karol Madera, directing his comments to Americans in general said, "A pox on all their houses, may al Qaida shove their teeth out through their asshole."

Listen to Karol Madera's hate propaganda here:


Karol Madera retaliates against complainants again -- Madera said, "I know about C4 buddy, and I wouldn't wish it upon you, but I would wish a #6 detonator up your rectum. It would do just enough damage, for just long enough for you to remember the error of your ways, for say a day or two, before you expired, very, very, slowly."

Listen to Karol Madera's violent threats here.


The Center for Media Studies has learned that the apology issued to Karol Madera by the Southgate Amateur Radio Club was coerced, and obtained by making threats directed toward the webmaster of that internet site. Madera has also made threats to numerous other webmasters. If you are a webmaster who has been threatened by Karol Madera, provided the details are verifiable, CMS would like to publish your account. Contact CMS via the email link at the bottom of this page.

Read more about Madera's coerced apologies here:


Glenn Hauser of the DX Listening Digest has demonstrated journalistic integrity and courage in the face of threats by the internationally infamous hatemonger, racist, and bigot, Karol Madera. Please see the letter and and explanatory notes, here.


In a written statement, a staff member at the Canadian Radio-Television Commission identified Madera's activities as Hate Propaganda in probable violation of Canada's Criminal Code that ought to be brought to the attention of the RCMP. Madera directs his commentary toward the U.S. (which he calls Stupid Land) with an effective radiated power of 15,000 watts. Promoting genocide, Madera has said that citizens of the southern United States are "a good argument for eugenics and euthanasia."


An independent human rights commission based in London, UK has named Karol Madera as one of nine individuals in the America's who 'promote stereotypes, bias or acts of hostility towards Muslims.' Madera frequently attempts to terrorize or intimidate those who complain about his racism, obscenity, discrimination, and threats by wishing them roadside bombs. Madera refers to Muslims as "ragheads" and has often identified his radio station as al Qaida control.


Recently a Center for Media Studies contributor visited the town of Saanich, British Columbia, an industrial and lower middle-class residential neighborhood adjacent to Victoria on the the island of Vancouver. While listening to 14.275 mHZ, the contributor tracked the on-air signal of a person repeatedly identifying as "Radio Canada." Fortunately, he was able to take some excellent pictures of the studios of "Radio Canada" while the station was in full operation.

Madera identifies himself as "Radio Canada."

The antenna

A modest shack

Another view

The attic operator's position. The untidy radio shack (literally) is in very poor condition, in dire need of paint, lawn maintenance, and a new roof. Cars that look as though they've not moved for decades rust upon the weed-strewn lot. Madera is not affiliated with Radio Canada at all.

Karol Madera has publicly referred to homosexuals as "faggots, blasphemers, and corn-holers;" Muslims as "ragheads;" and an African American gentlemen as "Uncle Tom," "Darkies," and "Jigaboo." Referring to an African American woman he says, "Once you go black you never go back." He calls the FCC the "Faggot Communications Commission." He refers to Americans as "Right Wing Wackos" and about a man with Native American heritage, who has complained about his hate speech said, "I wish him a small roadside bomb, just powerful enough to make a mess of his lower extremities, so he will need to pee through a straw, and have time to think about the error of his ways."


The Canadian Human Rights Act defines a discriminatory practice as any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt by reason of the fact that that person or those persons are identifiable on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination.

Madera identifies his radio station as "al-Qaida Control" and he publicly stated the United States deserved the attacks of 9/11. He also stated he would give al Qaida a large donation to the mosque of their choice if they would eliminate his detractors. Madera constantly harasses a disabled veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, calling him "Rambo Dan, the mental defective, paranoid schizophrenic man from Anus-Town Alabammy." Referring to a sightless man, Madera said, "The little shuffler; he's not only blind; he's deaf and he's dumb." Referring to a Jewish man with Bipolar Disorder, he said, "It's a pity another Miami resident wasn't snuffed, as he richly deserves it," and "Beware of mental defectives in large numbers. At some point we have to say God Bless the NRA, shortly after the pop-pop-pop sounds."


As of this writing, Karol Madera was under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Hate Crimes Unit due to numerous complaints regarding victimization of the mentally and physically disabled, war veterans, the elderly, and various racial and ethnic minorities. Madera refers to RCMP as the 'Royal Incompetent Police.' Madera referred to four Mounties who were tragically murdered during a drug raid, saying, "He [the perpetrator] decided he had enough of being persecuted by these guys, so he decided to take them out, and he did. He took out four of them. So, you know, once in awhile that has to happen."


On October 11, 2006, Madera was heard on-the-air advertising his hate speech. By the next morning, his hate propaganda had been removed from the internet and his email account revoked.


Many Polish-Canadians have expressed the view that Karol Madera is a disgrace to Canada and to the radio fraternity. A few of their comments concerning Karol Madera are here.



Karol Madera's hate speech was removed from Yahoo/Geocites following numerous complaints from Madera's large group of victims, most of whom have physical or other disabilities. Madera has especially targeted the disabled, as well as those whose race, ethnicity, or political beliefs differ from his.

DX Listening Digest

Karol Madera was featured in an online forum known as The DX Listening Digest. Glenn Hauser discussed Madera's foul mouth, various threats, and the fact that Mr. Hauser received many testimonials that the items posted here about Karol Madera's activities are all true and verifiable.


Karol Madera, while delivering on-air slander about other amateurs, complained to Tom Peterson, a QRZ moderator, saying, "Make sure that QRZ does not post anything related to my name or callsign. This is not a threat, but I can assure you that if my name is brought up in a derogatory sense, something is likely to boil over." As of summer, 2007, Madera began taking out of context quotes from qrz.com in an attempt to bolster his credibility.

Free Republic

Karol Madera was also featured on an online forum known as Free Republic. The post discussed Madera's threats against the U.S. Ambassador and the fact that Madera routinely wishes American's "roadside bombs" in the name of al Qaida.

Trucker's Report

Madera attempted to publish an advertisement for his hateful manifesto under the name U.S.AMA (as in Usama bin Laden) but he was quickly banned from that website. The Trucker's Report is the latest online forum to ban Karol Madera. The moderator called Madera's words "offensive" and he went on to say that Madera is "well known for his threats against America."

Ham Forum

Madera posted his hate speech under the pseudonym CDN at a website catering to radio enthusuasts. The post was removed within a day of its appearance.


The Business Practice and Consumer Protection Authority of British Columbia (BPCPA) has investigated Karol Madera and have decided to remove his business listing and phone number from their directory and website at the next update of their webpage.


Even the very liberal Toronto Star's celebrated columnist Jim Travers privately called Madera's tirades against America, "not very neighbourly," and worse, Travers called them "apalling."


Madera was a co-host on the International Amateur Radio Network's call-in and talk-show until the author of that show (Glenn A. Baxter of Maine) was issued a fine for $21,000 by the Federal Communications Commission.

See the $21,000 fine issued to Madera's American co-host, Glenn Baxter

David Tolassi, WA1BHV, formerly KC1ZQ and KB1EVE, failed to pass an Advanced class examination after being summoned by the FCC for retesting, and his license class was downgraded to General. Tolassi is alleged to have caused deliberate interference to communications in progress. Tolassi has a reputation for harassment, libel, and slander, and he was asked to leave 20 meters for a period of three years because he engaged in communications contrary to the basis and purpose of amateur radio. See the article entitled "FCC TELLS VERMONT HAM THAT FINE IS NEXT STEP" hosted by the the ARRL.

Brandon Duke (KC0UWS) operated his station without the proper license and facilitated Madera's malicious interference to other stations. Brandon Duke is currently in jail for a variety of criminal acts in Colorado.

An FCC notice regarding Brandon Duke

Donald Anderson now N4TAT, formerly W4JYZ, of Warner Robbins, Georgia is also a supporter of Karol Madera. Anderson has stated that he was convicted of a felony for possession of a large quantity (9 pounds) of cannabis, and that he is guilty of murdering children in Cambodia. Anderson has also been the subject of FCC enforcement activity in the past.

An FCC letter to Donald Anderson

George Zardecki's (N9VTB) license to transmit was under enforcement review, but the FCC eventually granted his license for another term, with the following proviso:

"You are encouraged to keep in mind the best interests of the Amateur Radio Service as a whole at all times that you are operating, and to remember that all frequencies in the Service are shared. Actions such as name calling, slander, and juvenile fights over who was on a frequency first, can only lead to the disintegration of the Amateur Radio Service as a whole."

An FCC notice to George Zardecki

Another FCC notice to George Zardecki

An FCC Denial regarding a Zardecki demand

Sidney Mahan (K5BLB) also supported Madera. The FCC warned Mahan, saying, "We continue to receive complaints and monitoring information on the operation of your station, particularly regarding profanity, obscenity, broadcasting extreme racial slurs, deliberate interference and failure to properly identify." The FCC finally threatened to take Mahan before an administrative law judge, following Mahan's repeated use of the word "Nigger" on the air.

A Newsline article regarding Sidney Mahan

Todd Daugherty (N9OGL) supports Madera by re-posting Madera's defamation at his various blogs. Daugherty is a self-acknowledged pirate who uses obscenities on air, who also posts animated pictures of children being raped by adults on the Internet. When we contacted FCC requesting an investigation regarding Daugherty's character issues, including Daugherty's characterizing an FCC Enforcer as a Nazi on an internet forum, the FCC responded on April 3rd, 2006: "No, not worth it. he's a fruitcake. And if I worried about everything that piopped up onthe internet about me I'd never get anythign done. The positive side is that every minute it took him to make this was a minute he wasn't on the air."


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